The speech
in its entirety,
in Portuguese:
By Brazzil Magazine

The picture on page six of your March issue is really in poor taste. I hope that model
isn’t as young as she looks. My copy of Brazzil was delivered to another apartment
in my building by mistake. If someone else saw that photo, it could cause me serious
embarrassment, or worse.

I wish you’d be a bit more tasteful. Showing degrading pictures of women isn’t an
"enlightened Brazilian attitude to sex", it’s more to do with economics. Your
magazine, and Brazil, is worth so much more!

B. M.
San Francisco, California

What Brazil
Taught Me

I discovered your magazine when visiting the Website of the Brazilian Embassy
Information Service. I am greatly looking forward to my first issue. I must say that
browsing through your latest issue on the Net, really has encouraged me. It is wonderful
to see just how wide the Brazil fan club stretches. I had no idea that samba schools of
the magnitude described ever existed outside of Brazil.

It is just great to see that my passion for Brazil is shared by so many others. I love
everything Brazilian starting with the timeless bossa nova to samba to Carnaval to
bromeliads to Rio in all its magnificence to the Pantanal and Fernando de Noronha. Why?
Who knows, maybe it is just the spirit of Brazil and that mystical, magical thing that is
Brazil. Try explaining those feelings to most people, they don’t understand. I think that
when you visit Brazil something captures your spirit and fills it with a permanent
celebration of life feeling, i.e., it is great to be alive and live life to the fullest!

Good luck with the magazine and thank you to the Brazilian embassy for making those of
us on the other side of the world aware of Brazzil. Enclosed please find my check
for a year’s subscription. I have already subscribed on the Net.

Leigh Nieuwouldt
Skeepoort, South Africa


My current subscription did not expire yet. However, I am enclosing a check in advance
to renew my subscription to show how much I appreciate receiving your magazine. I look
forward to its arrival every month. Brazzil is diversified and has something of
interest for everyone who is interested in the history and development of South America’s
largest nation.

The historical and biographical articles provide a great deal of information about the
people and topics discussed. The information Brazzil provides does a lot to advance
greater understanding of Brazil by people of different nations and cultures. Keep up the
good work!

Donald J. Slazinski
Ann Arbor, Michigan


With the increased interest in ecologically and culturally rich regions of the world,
such as the Brazilian Amazon, I believe that readers are eager for thoughtful introduction
to new peoples and ways of living. Thus I am submitting the enclosed essay, about my visit
to a Caboclo family in the Brazilian Amazon, for your consideration. My writings on
Brazil have won the Society for Humanistic Anthropology’s Ethnographic Fiction Prize and
been published in The Journal for Humanistic Anthropology.

As a writer and cultural anthropologist, I crafted this personal essay with a concern
for emotional and cultural detail. My knowledge of Brazilian culture comes from the many
months that I lived and studied in the Amazon as a Vassar undergraduate and a Watson
Fellow and is further grounded by my studies at Yale where I recently completed my Masters
of Philosophy in Cultural Anthropology. My writing experience includes master level
workshops at New York City’s 63rd Street YMCA and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference as
well as publication in Out of the Cradle: An Uncommon Reader.

Simone Isadora Flynn
New Haven, Connecticut

Soft Spot

I don’t have a computer so I can’t e-mail you, but I want to let you know how very much
I love and am enjoying my subscription to Brazzil. I very much appreciate the
articles about the economic, political and social climate/changes happening.

I confess, however, that Bruce Gilman’s interviews with and articles about musicians
are of special interest to me. I fell in love with Brazil and her music in the ’50s when I
saw Black Orpheus. I’ve never been the same. Thank you. Keep it going.

Gabrielle Martin-Neff
San Diego, California


Congratulations to Bruce for the Sérgio Santos’ article. Very Good !

Adalberto Carvalho Pinto (Beto)
Brasília, Brazil


I just love Brazzil. Congratulations and keep up the great work! I have been
sending the magazine to Brazil after I read it. A friend of mine has a language school in
Paraguaçu, state of Minas Gerais, and he loves to get them.

Danville, California


The short stories by Adelaide Bouchardet-Davis are just great for readers like myself
who are not fluent in Portuguese. Each one of her sentences offers me a chance to practice
and review Portuguese grammar and which rules I have forgotten many years ago.

William Hicks
Beverly Hills, California


Daniella Thompson’s article "Rio When It Drizzles" just blew me away. Thanks
for some great reading. What I like reading most about in Brazzil and other books
and mags on Brazil is Rio, and specifically, Rio’s many neighborhoods. Santa Teresa is a
favorite subject and so is anything that has to do with the Centro area. (I’m curious
about the oldest parts of Rio that are still standing, that haven’t been torn down for
condos and tunnels). I love to read about the "real" neighborhoods, where real
people live, rather than the usual touristy stuff about the beaches, museums, churches,
hotels… Next time Daniella travels to Rio may she write us another one! Abraços.

Toninho, San Francisco


I enjoyed Daniella Thompson’s descriptive article "Rio When It Drizzles" very
much. She is such a wonderful writer. I felt as though I had taken the trip with her.

Elizabeth Fairchild
Littleton, Colorado


I’m interested in reading your magazine in general. Specifically, I’m looking for hard
to find Hermeto Pascoal and Milton Nascimento albums. I’ve had no luck with on-line CD
catalogs. Can you help me?!!

David A. Justh
New York, New York


I beg for your assistance to do a short editorial for me on my missing father. He has
been missing since 1955 when he left Spain. I unfortunately do not speak any Spanish and
am not able to access the web sites in Spanish. We are desperate to show him his
grandchildren. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Severo Cernadas Mourelle is asked to
contact me.

Jennifer Cernadas
Johannesburg, South Africa


Are you interested in translations of Brazilian poetry? I have published several such,
and can contribute, especially Mario Quintana and Orides Fontella.

John Howard
São Paulo, Brazil


Thank you for giving a piece of Brazil to us far away Americanos. I travel to
Rio several times a year and one day plan to move there! Your magazine helps keep in touch
with issues that concern us all. I am very interested in trade, American-based volunteer
organizations, and the rain forest. Thanks for taking the time and show Brazil for what it
is, a beautiful place with beautiful people all with so much potential.

Sonja Smithson
Via Internet

About the

Yours is a very informative magazine. We are considering going to Brazil as
missionaries to street children and orphans in either Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, mostly
Rio. Would it be possible for us to ask you some questions about street children? We would
really appreciate your feedback as you seem to know a lot about these issues and sometimes
it is hard to get really accurate information from where we are.

Our questions are: 1) Is there a very big problem with street children in Rio and São
Paulo still? Would there still be a need for foreign missionaries as the Brazilians seem
to be really rallying behind this cause? 2) We have a one year old baby. How is the health
care situation in these cities? How safe is it to bring the baby into these cities?

Daniel and Winnie Scott


I want to congratulate Kirsten Weinoldt on her article on Ilê Aiyê. I am married to
Izabel, a Black Brazilian lady. We are trying to do our best here in Australia to promote
black global culture. Please see our web page Azeviche.com.au. It will be upgraded with
new material in a few weeks regarding our next annual Azeviche Festival of the Orishas. We
are always looking for great teaching/musical/spiritual talent to bring to the festival,
if you know of particular people.

Ralph Lindsay


I found Brazzil while looking for info about Clarice Lispector. Excited to read
some of the other women writers I learned about while here… Did you devote an entire
issue to women authors?

Peter Christensen
Portland, Oregon

for Lins

I just came across Brazzil while searching for sheet music of Ivan Lins. Still
haven’t found any. If you know where I may find some please let me know. Thanks so much…

Ken M. Rogers


I am an aspiring freelance writer who would like to learn more information about
submitting articles. Last May I visited Brazil for approximately one month. The majority
of my family resides in Brazil, in a town called Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro. During my
stay, I kept a journal about what I did, the things that I’ve witnessed and my thoughts on
different issues. From this journal, I can generate articles from sports to way of life. I
am currently in the process of putting in the finishing touches, and transferring it from
my handwritten journal to print.

Timothy Marciano Grant
Via Internet


Alô, friends, I am looking for an audio software called Autotune, that I got at the
site Antarestech, however it’s incomplete because it is lacking the diskette key. If
someone can help me sending this key I’ll thank you so much. Really I can’t pay 600 reais
for the diskette at a buyer. Please, help me.

Gildo Simões
Aracaju, Brazil


I would like to order a gift subscription for my new Brazilian friend Antônio. Espero
que sua revista mate as saudades que ele tem do Brasil. Está ótimo ler Brazzil,
aprender e gozar mais desse país sem igual. Esta é minha décima ordem. Muito obrigada.

Kim Stephens
Austin, Texas


Fiquei encantado ao conhecer este site com tantas informações para as pessoas de
língua inglesa a respeito das coisas do Brasil. Parabéns! Sou sociólogo e
pós-graduando em educação sexual pela UDESC, em Florianópolis/SC e webmaster do
GLSSITE http://www.glssite.net, que é um site sobre
educação sexual para gays, lésbicas e simpatizantes que aos poucos vai sendo conhecido
pelos amigos deste idioma. Deixo-lhes o meu abraço cordial à equipe.

Roberto Luiz Warken
Florianópolis, Brazil


Acabo de receber sua revista e fiquei um pouco triste, aliás bastante triste em não
ver mais assuntos em Português. É tão mais gostoso ler sobre o Brasil em Português. Se
meu pedido fizer alguma diferença gostaria de ver novamente reportagens e histórias em
Português. Muito obrigado novamente pela revista, é ótimo saber da

Luiz Rover
Hampton, Iowa

And Fast,

Por favor, gostaria de pedir um favor muito importante, estou realizando um trabalho
escolar sobre o livro História da Riqueza do Homem de Leo Huberman e gostaria se
possível fosse enviado para mim o resumo deste livro (uma síntese). Por favor se
possível me enviem o quanto antes. Se for possível o envio apenas por carta eu vos dou
meu endereço postal.

Fernando Todarelli

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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