Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

Best-seller Books, Plays and Movies

By Brazzil Magazine

Coração Brasileiro (Brazilian Heart)—The story of four friends who
keep their friendship from childhood to their forties. Written and directed by Flávio
Vilarinho, with Daniel Dantas and Cristina Pereira. Teatro Vanucci.

Um Certo Olhar: Pessoa e Lorca (A Certain Regard: Pessoa and
Lorca)—Actor Raul Cortez mix song and dance together with poetry by Spanish Federico
Garcia Lorca and Portuguese Fernando Pessoa. Directed by José Possi Netto. Teatro da Casa
de Cultura Laura Alvim.

Antônio—Monologue inspired by the fantastic word world of late
Argentinean writer Jorge Luís Borges. Dreamer lady finds a man ready to take her away.
Directed by Almir Ribeiro, with Helena Varvaki. Teatro do Museu da República

A Prosa do Nelson (Nelson’s Chat)—Twenty actors tell dramas and
tragedies portrayed by playwright Nelson Rodrigues in his writings. The texts were
selected and adapted by Luiz Arthur Nunes, Demetrio Nicolau and also directed Nara
Keiserman. Teatro do Planetário.

Gula (Gluttony)—Part of a project to stage the seven deadly sins.
Researched and written by Leonardo Sá, directed by Ana Kfouri. Espaço Cultural Sérgio
Porto. Text by close to 30 authors, including Clarice Lispector, Luis Fernando Veríssimo,
Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Beckett, Freud, and Günter Grass. Among the six characters
there is the "bad slim", the guy who overeats, but does not gain weight.

A Mais Forte (The Strongest Woman)—Drama. Directed by August
Strindberg, with Cesar Tavares and Renata Collaço. Two women talking on Christmas live
show how deceptive has been their lives. Casa de Cultura Margarida Rey.


Sabiá (Song-Thrush)—Two friends reminisce about the adventures they
lived together during the military dictatorship. Written by Paulo Faria, directed by
Eliana Carneiro and Paulo Faria. With Bri Fiocca, Nara Gomes and Manuel Boucinhas. Centro
Cultural São Paulo.

Dom Apocalipse 1,11—Inspired by the Bible. When in search of New
Jerusalem, John is visited by an angel who announces the end of the world and wants him as
witness. Directed by Antônio Araújo, with Joelson Medeiros, Kleber Vallim, and Luciana
Schwinden. Presídio do Hipódromo.

O Amor de Madalena por Jesus (Magdalena’s Love for Jesus)—The New
Testament’s story of Christ and Magdalena transposed to our days. Written and directed by
Leo Lama, with Adriana Londoño, Luciana Magiolo, and Paula Cohen. At TBC.

Amigos Para Sempre (Friends for Ever)—Monologue in praise of actress
Tônia Carrero’s career. Facts of her life mixed with poems of her friends including late
Vinicius de Moraes and Manuel Bandeira. Written by Tônia Carrero and Luís Arthur Nunes.
Directed by Luís Arthur Nunes. Teatro Renaissance.

Pequena História do Brasil _ 500 Anos em 50 Minutos (Short Story of
Brazil—500 Years in 50 Minutes)—Comedy. Text and direction by Tuna Serzedello,
with Maria Lima and Soledad Yunge. As the title says, a brief story of the country,
starting with the discovery and going up to the current Fernando Henrique Cardoso
administration. Espaço Cultural Inglesa.

Memórias de um Sargento de Milícias (Memoirs of a Militia
Sergeant)—Comedy. Classic text by Manuel Antônio de Almeida adapted and directed by
José Paulo Rosa, with Regina Pessoa, Rafael Burgath, and Zhé Gomes. A portrait of the
common folks during colonial Brazil. Teatro Lucas Pardo Filho.

Um Certo Faroeste Caboclo (A Certain Hillbilly Western)—Musical.
Directed by Paulo Faria, with Beto Magnani and Daniel Alvim. A landless peasant goes to
talk to the president and become a dangerous bandit. Inspired by a Renato Russo song.
Centro Cultural Elenko


Just-released American movies: Anna and the King (Ana e o Rei), The Story of
Us (A História de Nós Dois), Cookie’s Fortune (A Fortuna de Cookie),Velvet Goldmine
(Velvet Goldmine), Double Jeopardy (Risco Duplo), Inspector Gadget (Gadget – Inspetor
Bugiganga), Virus (Vírus), Toy Store II (Toy Store II), The Messenger – The Story Of Joan
of Arc (Joana D’Arc), The world is not enough (007 – O Mundo Não É o Bastante), Ghost
Dog (Ghost Dog), Cookie’s Fortune (A Fortuna De Cookie), The Winslow Boy (Cadete Winslow),

O Trapalhão e a Luz Azul (The Bungler and the Blue
Light)—Brazil/1999—Trapalhão Didi and an aspiring rock singer get into another
dimension trying to save a princess’s life. Directed by Paulo Aragão and Alexandre Boury,
with Renato Aragão, Dedé Santana and Christine Fernandes.

Iremos a Beirute (We Will Go to Beirut)—Brazil/1999—A woman
promises to choose among the youngsters from an indoor soccer team, who fell in love with
her, at the end of the game. But the game never ends and she is still undecided 20 years
later. Directed by Marcus Moura, with Giovanna Gold, Ilya São Paulo, Guilherme Karam,
Marya Fernanda Mota, Conceição Senna, and Cláudio Jaborandy.

Xuxa Requebra (Xuxa Waddles)—Brazil/1999—Nena, ex-student of a
dance school decides to prepare a group to win a dance contest and this way this school
from being bought by a drug trafficker. By Tizuka Yamasaki, with Xuxa, Daniel, Elke
Maravilha, Vinny, Fat Family, Terra Samba, Banda Cheiro de Amor, and Claudinho e Buchecha.

Mauá – O Imperador e o Rei (Mauá, the Emperor and the King)—Irineu
Evangelista de Souza, the Baron and Viscount of Mauá and his relationship with emperor D.
Pedro II. Brasil 1998, who is jealous due to his success. Directed by Sérgio Rezende,
with Othon Bastos, Malu Mader, and Paulo Betti.

No Coração dos Deuses (In the Heart of the Gods)—Brazil/1999—
A group of adventurers travel back in time while trying to reenact the gold-seeking
expedition of bandeirante Anhangüera in the 17th Century. Directed by
Geraldo Moraes with Antônio Fagundes, Roberto Bonfim, Cosme dos Santos, André
Gonçalves, and Mauri de Castro.

Os Carvoeiros (Coal Worker)—Brazil/1999—Documentary on workers
who make a living burning trees to make coal. Directed by Nigel Noble.

Santo Forte (Strong Saint)—Brazil/1999—A portrait of
religiosity among the dwellers of a Rio slum.

Nós que Aqui Estamos por Vós Esperamos—Brazil/1999—(We who
are here are waiting for You)—A memory-portrait of the 20th century as
seen by director Marcelo Massagão.



1 A casa dos budas ditosos, Luxúria, João Ubaldo Ribeiro. Objetiva, R$

2 Histórias brasileiras de verão, Luis Fernando Verissimo. Objetiva, R$

3 O testamento, John Grisham. Rocco, R$ 29.50

4 Ramsés, vol. 5, sob a Acácia do Ocidente. Christian Jacq. Bertrand,
R$ 30

5 A eterna privação do zagueiro absoluto, Luis Fernando Verissimo.
Objetiva, R$ 19.50

6 Musashi vol. 2, Eiji Yoshikawa. Estação Liberdade, R$ 48

7 Hotel Brasil, Frei Betto. Ática, R$ 19.90

8 Ramsés vol. 4, a dama de Abu-Simbel, Christian Jacq. Bertrand, R$ 30

9 O fantasma de Manhattan, Frederick Forsyth. Record, R$ 20

10 Um longo caminho para casa, Danielle Steel. Record, R$ 22


1 Notícias do Planalto, Mário Sérgio Conti. Companhia das Letras, R$

2 Chico Buarque, Regina Zappa. Relume Dumará, R$ R$ 15

3 O livro de ouro da mitologia, Thomas Bulfinch. Ediouro, R$ 29

4 As melhores piadas do Planeta e da Casseta também, vol. 3, Casseta e
Planeta. Objetiva, R$ 14

5 Ela é carioca, Ruy Castro. Companhia das Letras, R$ 33.50

6 A Viagem do descobrimento, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 18

7 Crônicas de um fim de século, Zuenir Ventura. Companhia das Letras,
R$ 25

8 Capitães do Brasil, Eduardo Bueno. Objetiva, R$ 24.50

9 Estação Carandiru, Drauzio Varella. Companhia das Letras, R$ 26

10 208 maneiras de deixar um homem louco de desejo, Margot Saint-Loup.
Ediouro, R$ 9.90


1 Assim é que se fala, Reinaldo Polito. Saraiva, R$ 24

2 Macroeconomia moderna, Gilberto Tadeu Lima e João Sicsu. Campus, R$ 39

3 O longo amanhecer, Celso Furtado. Paz e Terra, R$ 14

4 Globalização e globobagens, Paul Krugman. Campus, R$ 34

5 Ah, se eu soubesse, Richard Edler. Negócio, R$ 29.80

6 Economia global e exclusão social, Gilberto Dupas. Paz e Terra, R$ 27

7 De líder para líder, Paul Cohen e Frances Hesselbein. Futura, R$ 39

8 Marketing Digital, Marcio Chleba. Futura, R$ 22.50

9 A crise do capitalismo, George Soros. Campus, R$ 34

10 A globalização da pobreza, Michel Chossudovski. Moderna, R$ 22

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