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Como Encher um Biquíni Selvagem (How to Fill Up
a Wild Bikini) — A comic view of loneliness in the big city. Boy wonder
Miguel Falabella wrote and directs. Starring Cláudia Jimenez.

A Dama do Cerrado (The Savannah Lady) — Written by Mauro
Rasi, Brazil’s most successful playwright at the moment. A comedy about
a woman who decides to tell her hairdresser about her secret lover, a politician,
and what happens after the revelation. Starring Suzana Vieira and Otávio

Ninguém Me Ama, Ninguém Me Quer, Ninguém
Me Chama de Baudelaire
(Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Wants Me, Nobody
Calls Me Baudelaire ) — Written and starred by Ivan de Albuquerque.
With participation of Leyla Ribeiro and Lúcio Mário Filho.
While getting ready to present a conference on Vampirism, a group of college
students is visited by vampires.

Roque Santeiro — O Musical (Roque the Saint Maker — The
Musical) — The love affair of Roque and the widow Porcina. Dias Gomes’s
play was forbidden during the military dictatorship. With Nicete Bruno
and Benvindo Siqueira. Bibi Ferreira directs.

São Paulo

Bar Doce Bar (Bar Sweet Bar) — Musical Comedy. A group
of friends discuss and sing their lives under the watchful eye of a caring
waiter. Written by Luís Alberto de Abreu, directed by Ednaldo Freire.
Aldo Avilez, Fernando Petelinkar and Tico d’Godoy star.

E Continua Tudo Bem (Everything is Still Swell) — The
story starts when a couple celebrates the 25th anniversary of their first
adultery. Written by Bernard Slade. Directed by Marco Nanini. Glória
Menezes and Tarcísio Meira star.

Trair e Coçar… É Só Começar (To
Betray and to Scratch… All you Have to Do Is Start) — The adventures
of a bumbling maid. Starring Clarisse Derzie and Roberto Pirillo. Written
by Marcos Caruso, directed by Attílio Riccó.

Vacalhau & Binho — Sketches based on Zé Fidelis,
an old-guard radio comedian. Carlos Alberto Soffredini wrote, adapted and


American films just released: Jeffrey (Jeffrey: De Caso com
a Vida), Ransom (O Preço de um Resgate), The Stupids (Os Babacas),
Balto (Balto), Hype! (Hype!), Extreme Measures (Medidas Extremas), William
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Romeo + Juliet), Dragon Heart (Coração
de Dragão), Daylight (Daylight), 101 Dalmatians (101 Dálmatas,
O Filme), Kansas City (Kansas City), Space Jam (Space Jam, O Jogo do Século)

Corisco e Dadá (Corisco and Dadá) — Brazil
— 1996 — The story happen in Bahia in 1927. Cangaceiro (backlands
outlaw) Corisco kidnap Dadá who is still a child. She will grow
up to love him and to be a real cangaceira herself. Directed by
Rosemberg Cariry with Chico Diaz, Dira Paes, Antônio Leite and Regina

Crede-Mi (Believe Me) — Brazil — 1996 — Experimental film
with Northern backlands people playing Thomas Mann’s The Elect.
Directed by Bia Lessa and Dany Roland.

Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso (Little Love Dictionary)
— Brazil — 1996 — A chance meeting between two youngsters develops into
a torrid love story. Directed by Sandra Werneck with Andréa Beltrão,
Daniel Dantas, and Tony Ramos.

The Pillow Book (O Livro de Cabeceira) — England/Holland/France
— 1996 — Led by a childhood memory — her father had written Happy Birthday
in her face — young lady wants to find a lover who will use her as a writing
pad. Directed by Peter Greenaway. With Vivian Wu, Yoshi Oida, and Ewan

Postman (Segredos Violados) — China/Holland — 1994 — Mailman
gets fired for reading people’s mail. The new mailman who takes his place
ends up doing the same thing. Directed by He Jian-jun. With Fang Yuanzheng,
Liang Danni, Pu Quanxin and Huang Xing.

Salam Cinema (Salve o Cinema) — Iran — 1995 — The big
commotion provoked by a casting call when 5,000 people show up willing
to play a role. Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbat. With Azadeh Zangeneh, Marvan
Keyhan, and Feizolah Ghashghai.

Stille Nacht (Confissões na Noite) — Germany/Switzerland
— 1996 — Husband cannot take when wife falls in love with a bisexual. With
Maria Schrader and Jurden Vogel. Directed by Dani Levy.



1. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares

2. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder

3. Novas Comédias da Vida Privada

Luís Fernando Veríssimo

4. Ponto de Fuga

Morris West

5. Contos para um Natal Brasileiro Several writers

6. Mas Será o Benedito?

Mário Prata

7. Não És Tu, Brasil

Marcelo Rubens Paiva

8. Cruzando o Paraíso

Sam Shepard

9. Carol

Patrícia Highsmith

10. Um Lugar Chamado Liberdade

Ken Follett


1. Notícia de um Seqüestro

Gabriel García Márquez

2. O Princípio Dilbert

Scott Adams

3. João Saldanha

João Máximo

4. Antônio Carlos Jobim — Um Homem Iluminado
Helena Jobim

5. O Rio do Meio – Lya Luft

6. Vislumbre da Índia – Octavio Paz

7. Crônica de um Repórter – Pedro Bial

8. Estrela Solitária – Ruy Castro

9. Conexão Manhattan – Lucas Mendes

10. Zico Conta Sua História


Self-Help/New Age

1. Sem Medo de Viver

Zibia Gasparetto

2. O Monte Cinco

Paulo Coelho

3. A Décima Profecia

James Redfield

4. Inteligência Emocional

Daniel Goleman

5. A Cura Através da Terapia de Vidas Passadas – Brian
L. Weiss

6. A Profecia Celestina

James Redfield

7. Muitas Vidas, Muitos Mestres

Brian L. Weiss

8. As Sete Leis Espirituais do Sucesso

Deepak Chopra

9. Almas Gêmeas – Mônica Buonfiglio

10. Só o Amor É Real – Brian L. Weiss

According to weekly newsmagazine Veja

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