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Brazil and Australia Sign Education Accord

The Ministers of Education of Brazil, Tarso Genro, and Australia, Brendan Nelson, have signed a cooperation agreement yesterday allowing the two countries to exchange experiences in the area of education and enabling them to carry out activities in conjunction with each other.

The president of the National Commission for the Evaluation of University Education, Hélgio Trindade, points out that Australia is a continent with educational experiences similar to those of Brazil, “because it exists outside the centers of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere and is also situated in the Southern Hemisphere.”

According to Trindade, this is not the first time Brazil has signed cooperation agreements with other countries in the educational sphere.

In February Brazil and Guyana signed four cooperation agreements, especially in the areas of scholarships and school equivalence programs.

An agreement with Cape Verde will help that African country establish its first public university.

“This is all part of a process of exchange, cooperation, the sharing of experiences, and opening Brazil up to what is essential nowadays in every society: the qualification, improvement, and transformation of university education at all levels,” Trindade underscored.

Agência Brasil


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