Investments into Brazil economy should reach $15 billion this year,
almost as much as the amount invested the entire decade of the 1980s. With
all this money going into production, which has fueled a frantic rush to
build, buy or merge with local enterprises, some Brazilians have been asking:
“Is Brazil selling its soul to foreign capitalists?”

By Brazzil Magazine

I would like to thank with all my heart the contribution Brazzil is making to
help maintaining alive our culture in the U.S.. I know this is hard. Brazil is badly
represented in this country, but with your effort and your readers’ help we hope that a
growing number of Americans and foreigners will know more about our culture.

Maria Arreguy
Cupertino, California

A Helping

We obviously love Brazil and have written the guidebook Eat Smart in Brazil. How
can our staff make life easier for you? We do proofreading and writing as a part of our
daily existence.

Joan B. Peterson, President
Ginkgo Press, Inc.

Madison, Wisconsin

in Action

I would like to share with you and your readers an experience that gives you an idea of
the uncooperative nature of the Brazilian bureaucracy. This is, in part, the letter I sent
the Brazilian consulate in Chicago: "My wife is an artist from Rio. Her Brazilian
passport expires next January. Born in Spain, I am a naturalized U.S. citizen. We were
married in Boulder, Colorado, Dec. 31, 1996. On July 8, 1997 she received her permanent
visa status in the USA. Her married name is Morgana Xuna. She would like her married name
to appear on her new Brazilian passport

"All required papers for the passport renewal have already been sent to the
Brazilian Consulate in Chicago, including a notarized Marriage Certificate. But we were
told that she has to go personally to the Consulate. We live in a small town in South
Dakota. This trip would be a major inconvenience!

"Being the rules so stringent, I would say that you are pushing your citizens
toward abandoning the Brazilian citizenship altogether and opting for American citizenship
as soon as they can do that. It’s not that unpatriotic!"

Juan Xuna
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

E-Mail: Juan.Xuna@LodgeNet.com


I am renewing my subscription for another year. Please keep the wonderful news about
your country and beautiful people coming to my home. God bless!

Anthony Cicchino
Newark, New Jersey

That Will Be 
the Day

Thanks for a great magazine. I am not Brazilian but I have been interested in Brazilian
music and culture for years now. Your magazine keeps me up to date with the music scene in
Brazil and keeps me looking forward to the day that I can visit Brazil. I don’t want to
miss a single issue so I am renewing for another three years.

Brian Tanaka
Fountain Valley, California

Eager to Go

Thank you for the insightful magazine. I am anxious to learn anything I can about
Brazil. I am American and I am proud to say that I’m going to Brazil (for the first time)
to marry my beautiful Brazilian love! Keep up the good work.

Dr. Frank Sitzmann
Greenville, South Carolina


Sadly I cannot send a check without paying a ridiculous high commission to my bank here
in Germany. So I hope that you will accept cash payment and I’m looking forward to my
first issue of Brazzil.

Oliver Glier
Neu-Isenberg, Germany

Kudos from

Brazzil gives an example of the best way to let the Internet work the way it
should. Your magazine is just GREAT! I am very happy to see things on the WEB that are
worth seeing. When I find work in Brazil I will certainly subscribe. Thank you again.

Massimo Fabbrini
Bath, England

Note from Brazil

I recently got to read Bruce Gilman’s article about Pixinguinha (Brazzil, July
1996), the ultimate representative of Brazilian chorinho, and would like, above
all, to congratulate him on the excellent work. I work at JB Online. JB, which stands for Jornal
do Brasil, is opening up a new section on JB Online (http://www.jb.com.br)
entirely in English, called Brasility. I would like to ask your permission to include your
article on Pixinguinha in our page.

Daniel Aisenberg
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Call from

I am a big fan of Brazilian music, in particular bossa nova. I read with a lot of
enthusiasm Bruce Gilman’s article on Carlinhos Brown (Brazzil, September 1996). After
that, I bought his CD Alfagamabetizado and I thought it was very interesting. Some friends
and I are opening a mailing list about Brazilian music here in Italy and we need material
for a WEB page. Can you help?

Marina Beccuti
Turin, Italy

Appeal from

Please, send me information about Roberto Carlos concerts and orientation on how to
have a personal interview with him because I’m trying to meet singer Roberto Carlos since
1977. My intention is to make a wonderful project with his music in benefit of all the
world. I’m not lying or kidding, it’s a real dream. Please help me send directly to
Roberto Carlos a special message from a priest who loves his person and music. Thank you
for everything and God bless you always, again, again and again.

Father Germán Orozco Mora
Mexicali, Mexico

E-mail: catedral@sahuaro.mxl.cetys.mx


à Las Vegas

I am sending you the money for three subscriptions. We hope to open an upscale
restaurant/night club in Cleveland in September. It will be a Las Vegas upscale concept
replicating all possible Brazilian motif, menus, beverages and personality. I particularly
appreciate Brazzil’s copy on recipes, linguistics and cultural insights. Thank you.
We plan show entertainment nightly and really could use help finding self-contained
Samba-Carnaval-Dance Reviews to perform.

Joe Gadd
Aurora, Ohio

Stumbled on 

I would like to subscribe to Brazzil. Although I find it hard to believe, your
subscription price for the U.S. is only $3. I was introduced to your magazine through your
Internet site when doing research for a college paper. The articles I read were
informative and enjoyable.

Ron Dine
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Nothing on
the Bishop

I am currently conducting research into the life of Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, former
Bishop of Botucatu and Titular Bishop of Maura for the Roman Catholic Church, and founder
of Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira. From my research it appears that the important
events of Dom Costa’s life occurred between 1924 and 1950. Has Brazzil published
anything concerning either Dom Costa or the Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira?

Vaughn A. Treco
Olathe, Kansas
E-mail: friarvat@swbell.net

And what do 
you think?

Send us your E-mail: brazzil@brazzil.com

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