After three years of success with inflation brought to its lowest level
in 40 years there are few skeptics left who doubt the efficiency of Plano
Real. The plan, however, still has major challenges ahead, namely the reduction
of the budget deficit and sustained growth.

By Brazzil Magazine

I would like to renew my subscription to Brazzil. The magazine is worth much
more than it costs. The problem is the mixing of filthy stuff with the excellent material
you publish. Have you thought about offering an edition with and another one without
filthy stuff and naked pictures? This way we would be able to have the magazine around the
house with children or in my case with a modest American wife. What can we do?

Jack E. Wyant 
Grandview, Washington

and Rape

I was casually perusing the July ’97 issue of Brazzil at the Brazilian Consulate
in Chicago when I came to the interesting and well written article: "Green
Piracy" by Alessandra Dalevi (one complete with addresses, lists and appropriate
vignettes). The author clearly presents Brazil’s case against biopiracy and the
pharmaceutical rape of a very biodiverse biosphere called Amazônia.

It’s a shame that the indigenous natives—who knowingly or unknowingly shared their
valuable medical secrets to the outside world—receive little if any compensation
or credit. The natives generosity (or the theft of the medical knowledge) helps soothe and
cure some of the medical aches, pains, and woes.

I applaud the author, the article (it should appear in all major newspapers
around the world) and your magazine. One that I now want to subscribe to.

Prof. W. D. Curran 
South Holland, Illinois

The Whole

I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic magazine and your liberal approach
in publishing articles that present a wide panorama showing not only Brazil’s positive
side but also the country’s economic and sociologic problems.

Victor M. Gutiérrez 
San Ysidro, California

Keep Drumming

I think Brazzil is great. I have gotten so much from your magazine that I don’t
know where to start. I am a drummer in a youth bateria in San Francisco. We
"specialize" in Afro-Brazilian rhythms and I would like you to print more
articles on baterias from Brazil. I am 15 years old and I think I will be reading
Brazzil for a long time. Muito obrigada.

Elizabeth Silva 
San Francisco, California


It is difficult to believe, but I’ve just found two friends who do not know about Brazzil.
Both will be celebrating their birthdays this month, so, please, rush a one year gift
subscription to both of them. Keep up the good work.

F. Ruecker 
Long Beach, California

Lessening the

I love your magazine! I work for a radio station in San Francisco and I play a lot of
Brazilian music. I’ve been a big fan of Brazilian culture for many years, but I’ve never
been in Brazil. Your magazine brings me a little closer.

Robert Lehr 
San Francisco, California

to Brazil

Hi, there. I study English at a school called Cultura Inglesa here in Brazil. Somehow
my teacher got an article from your magazine and now I am very interested about Brazzil.
I would like to know more on how to subscribe so I can receive your publication.

Felipe Hirai 
São Paulo, Brazil

We Are

I have subscribed to News from Brazil and Brazzil for several years.
Lately, my issues are coming very late in the month. It is the 21st and I just received
this month issue. This has been the case for most of 1997. One of the main reasons I
subscribe is to use the calendar of upcoming events for the current month. If I do not get
the current month’s issue early in the month, the calendar is not useful.

David A. Mason 
Albany, California

Faster, Please

I’m so happy to receive your magazine, but there is always a but. I receive it pretty
much by the middle of the month, and we get to miss a lot of good stuff from the Calendar
at the beginning of the month. So, please try to send it to me earlier.

Maria Lara Carvalho 
San Diego, California

Nagging Doubt

Please find enclosed my check for two subscriptions. I was wondering if any of your
articles have covered the shocking (to me) adultery laws which are still in effect and are
used by particularly vengeful cornos (cuckolds). I wonder if any man has been
convicted of this crime. I hope you can shed some light on this serious issue and I am
looking forward to my new subscription.

Suzanna Lowell 
Los Angeles, California

To Keep 
in Touch

I would like to subscribe to Brazzil. Our Brazilian Club here in Kansas is
planning to publish a newsletter directed to the Portuguese students in the area. I hope
your magazine will bring us some ideas and keep us updated on what is happening in Brazil.

Mariana Nissen da Costa Paiva 
Lawrence, Kansas

Wanna Talk

Finally, I found it! What a marvelous little place is your WEB site. I was fascinated
by your magazine. I want to subscribe to Brazzil. By the way, I tried to get into
your chat room, but I received a message saying: illegal operation. So I gave it up.

Via Internet 
E-mail: saudade@sprynet.com

Painless Pining

You all go a long way to erase my saudades of Brazil. Thanks.

Margaret McGuan 
Los Gatos, California


I enjoy reading Bruce Gilman’s articles about music on Brazzil. The history of choro,
for example, was great. I play acoustic music (mandolin and guitar) of all types and I
love Bahia and bossa nova (Tom Jobim and Jacob do Bandolim are heroes). Keep up the great

Pat McClintock 
Chicago, Illinois


I read Bruce Gilman’s article on Carlinhos Brown after searching for it on the WEB. It
is very well written and gave me some insight into his career that I was not aware of.

I recently returned from Europe and was very fortunate to have been able to attend two
of Carlinhos’ concerts, one in Switzerland, and one in The Netherlands. I must say, I have
been to hundreds of concerts and seen probably thousands of performers, so needless to say
it has gotten very difficult to impress me. Then came Carlinhos!

His show in Montreux (along with Gilberto Gil & Djavan ) was one of the most
incredible and exciting musical experiences of my life! The energy, the quality of the
musicianship, the sheer entertainment and love of performing that was evident, was nothing
short of amazing.

I would like to obtain any additional information you might have on him, and I am very
interested in learning when he will appear in California. Take care and keep up the good

Mark D. Swanson 
Via Internet 


And what do 
you think?

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