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Alô? Madame!… — It all starts when two friends get a phone number that belonged to a palm reader and decide
to take the clients for themselves. By Marcelo Saback and Vinicius Marques. In Rio.


Burundanga, a Revolta do Baixo Ventre
— There’s panic in a small town when two swindlers passing for
military men talk about an impending revolution. Written by Luís Alberto de Abreu. Ednaldo Freire directs. In São Paulo.

Cabaret Filosófico — The theater becomes a bar where life’s existential questions start to be asked. Written
and directed by Domingos de Oliveira. Ana Borges and Frederico Eça star. In Rio.

A Comédia — Complicated and funny love-triangle. Maurício Lencasttre wrote and directs Viviane Dias,
Ludh Raposo and Gabriela Neri star. In São Paulo.

Como Encher um Biquíni Selvagem —
Written and directed by multitalented Miguel Falabella with Cláudia
Jimenez. A story of loneliness in the big city. In Rio.

O Livro de Jó — Inspired by Job’s biblical ordeal, the play discusses the divine power. Adapted by Luís Alberto
de Abreu. Directed by Antônio Araújo. With Maria Lima and Matheus Nachtgaele. In São Paulo.

Mary Stuart — By Shiller, directed by Gabriel Villela, with Renata Sorah and Xuxa Lopes. The dispute
between queens Mary Stuart of Scotland and Elizabeth I of England. In Rio.

Master Class — Maria Callas’s memories. Her career and marriage to Aristoteles Onassis. Translated by
Millôr Fernandes, the text was written by Terence McNally and directed by Jorge Takla. Marília Pera é Callas. In São Paulo.

Todo Mundo Sabe que Todo Mundo Sabe
— Another play from prolific and multitalented Miguel Falabella who
also directs it. A socialite struggles to avoid economic disaster. In Rio.





American films just released: Down Periscope (Por Água Abaixo), Flirting with Disaster (Procurando Encrenca),
Mission: Impossible (Missão Impossível), Nina Takes a Lover (O Amante de Nina), Up Close and Personal
(Íntimo e Pessoal), The Cable Guy (O Pentelho), Fargo (Fargo), Dunston Checks In (O Hóspede Quer Bananas), City
Hall (City Hall — Conspiração no Alto Escalão), Showgirls (Showgirls), Twister (Twister), Last Dance (A
Última Chance), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (O Corcunda de Notre Dame)

Cassiopéia, o Filme (Cassiopéia, the Film)
Brazil — 1995 — Computer animated adventure about the invasion
of planet Atenéia by intruders trying to steal their energy.


The Horseman on the Roof (O Cavaleiro do Telhado e a Dama das Sombras)
— France — 1995 — An independent French young lady and an
adventurous Italian horseman get romantically involved in a repressed
and plague-infested 19th century Europe. With Gérard Depardieu and
Juliette Binoche. Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau.

J’ai pas Sommeil (Noites sem Dormir)
— France/Germany/Switzerland — 1994 — Russian actress gets involved
in series of murders in Paris while trying to get a job in the French capital. Directed by Claire Dennis with
Katherina Golubeva.

Land and Freedom (Terra e Liberdade)
— England — 1995 — Director Ken Loach’s story about a youngster
who decides to join the Republican militia during the Spanish civil war. With Ian Hart, Rosana Pastor, Iciar Bollain and
Tom Gilroy.

Mil e Uma (One Thousand and One)
Brazil — 1994 — Special prize at the Gramado Festival. Filmmaker tries to
make a movie on artist Marcel Duchamp’s imaginary visit to Brazil. Suzana Moraes directs. With Giovana Gold
and Alexandre Borges.

Sombras de Julho (July’s Shadows)
Brazil — 1995 — Two families from Minas Gerais farmlands get entangled
in a dispute over land. Director: Marco Altberg. Ângelo Antônio, Othon Bastos and Lu Mendonça star.


Stonewall (O Lugar dos Meus Sonhos — Stonewall)
— England — 1995 — Nigel Finch directs Guillermo Diaz,
Fred Weller and Brendan Corbalis in this story about a New York bar which becomes a bastion for gay rights in the US.

The White Baloon (O Balão Branco)
Iran — 1995 — The dreams of a little girl whose only ambition is to get a
red fish as gift. Jafar Pahani is the director.








1. O Mundo de Sofia

Jostein Gaarder

2. O Corcunda de Notre Dame

Walt Disney

3. O Xangô de Baker Street

Jô Soares


4. Mas Será o Benedito?

Mário Prata

5. A Profecia Celestina

James Redfield

6. O Carteiro e o Poeta

Antonio Skarmeta

7. O Corredor da Morte V.I. (Duas Meninas)

Stephen King


8. Manhã, Tarde e Noite

Sidney Sheldon

9. O Corcunda de Notre Dame

Histórias Encantadas

10. Comédia da Vida Privada

Luís Fernando Veríssimo





1. Inteligência Emocional


Daniel Goleman

2. Almas Gêmeas

Mônica Buonfiglio

3. A Assustadora História da Medicina

Richard Gordon

4. Frases

Paulo Coelho

5. Blá, Blá, Blá Mamonas Assassinas

Eduardo Bueno


6. Anaw6kx Cabalísticos

Mônica Buonfiglio

7. Minutos de Sabedoria

Torres Pastorino

8. Guia New York — Compras

Kátia Zero

9. Encontros, Desencontros e Reencontros

Maria Helena Matarazzo


10. Só o Amor É Real

Brian L. Weiss


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newsmagazine Veja

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