Let’s skip the genitalia

As a Brazilian Woman I must inform you, since you may not be aware,
that we have brains besides breasts. I find your magazine informative and
have given subscriptions to my American friends, yet I feel incensed with
your continuous coverage and pictures of nude and semi-nude women.

Since you have women subscribers you should give us equal opportunity
and publish pictures of nude men. Why not? If hanging boobs give your male
readers a bang, hanging penises would catch the female eyes, don’t you
agree? There are thousands of women in Brazil worth writing about and they
are not those who drop their clothing to get attention. There is no reason
whatsoever to continue honoring those bimbos when there is so much to write
about the real Brazilian women and our culture.

Gaúcha With Brains
Vera F. Visnowski
Alturas, California

Old and young together

Having recently visited Brazil, I was shocked and delighted to see,
among other things, a lack of a generation gap that is all too prevalent
in American culture. Parents, grandparents, children and young adults do
things together in ways you just can’t see in this country anymore. Also,
the sexes seem to get along with far less conflict than here in the US.
Maybe the gender gap is less there? I don’t really know but I think this
is a good subject for future stories.

A. J. Mendiola
San Diego, California

Brazzil sighting

I was surfing the Net looking for anything and everything when I came
across your magazine. I would love to receive it now. I lived in Brazil
for a year as a foreign exchange student and I fell in love with that country.
I hope to be able to return there someday soon to live there.

But since I am in college I cannot even afford to go back to visit my
wonderful family and friends there. My only contact has been the mail and
the occasional phone call. I live in Wisconsin and the only news I receive
about Brazil is when something really major occurs. I am very excited
about receiving my first issue.

Betsy L. Schrank
Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Toon SOS

I accessed your magazine on line because my little brother (11 years
old) is doing a research for school in order to participate in the “Sciences
Open Market” on Communications, specifically cartoons and comic strips,
and the chosen title by him and his friends is “Turma da Mônica”.
One of the questions they have to answer is Cascão’s and Cebolinha’s
date of birth. Thus, I wonder if you would not mind providing me this information.

Cilaine Verônica Teixeira
São Paulo, Brazil

A Rio fan

I am from Brazil and I have just found Bruce Gilman’s two articles on

choro (“Pixinguinha Lives” and “Choro, Chorinho,
Chorão”) at Brazzil on line. They are very interesting
and I would like to know if your magazine has published other articles
on samba and choro music. I am building a WEB site about samba and
choro during my free time and I am having some trouble finding information.
Sure I should go to some places here in Rio, but I work all day. I don’t
know if you can help me, but thanks anyway.

Paulo Eduardo Neves
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Spreading pleasure

Hi, I have been traveling to Brazil quite a lot. Brazzil is a
source of great joy for me thanks to all the interesting information in
the magazine. I am going to Brazil again for Carnaval in 1997. By the way,
do I need a visa to enter Brazil this year? In 1995 I did not need one.
I’m a Swedish citizen. Keep up the good work.

Olov Harlin

Send them all

I picked up a copy of Brazzil at the Brazilian Independence Day
festival here in San Francisco. I enjoyed the issue very much. I have three
articles on Brazil which would do well on your publication. I am offering
a brief description of each one, so that you can pick the one (or all three)
that most fits the needs of your magazine. I have been published in Greensboro
, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Raven’s Chronicles (a
multi-cultural publication), Brooklyn Review, Michigan Quarterly
and elsewhere.

Kathleen de Azevedo
San Francisco, California

See Brazzil June ’96

I have been reading your publication with great interest. It is truly
first rate and helps out those of us who don’t speak Portuguese. There
are a number of personal ads in each issue, but I haven’t seen any “agencies”
advertise. Do you know of any marriage or introduction agency in Brazil
that specializes in introducing Brazilian women to American men? If so,
please provide me with contact information.

Thomas Graff
Richmond, Virginia

Is there lawyer in the house?

I have been a subscriber for a couple of years, love the mag, but I
need help and I don’t know how to find it except by asking someone there.
Right now, I am in the process of buying a house in Fortaleza. I have an
attorney there (on some other stuff) and friends who are helping out, but
I need to find an attorney here (or someone knowledgeable) who knows the
safest way to be sure that the deposit and purchase price are secure until
the documents are verified. Your attorney advertisers deal with immigration
primarily. How do I find a Brazilian attorney who knows how to pull this
off safely? I can be contacted at luvbrazil@aol.com

Mike Brown
Fullerton, California

For longing’s sake

Thank you very much. I really enjoy you magazine. Dá pra matar

Curtis M. Romey
Quincy, Massachusetts

Till 2006 A.D.

I keep letting my subscription expire. Please accept the enclosed check
for $30 for the next 10 years, or however long you think it’s worth.

William Carlyle Koelsch
Pasadena, California

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