Brazil’s Textile Industry Making Eyes at Russia

The Brazilian textile industry should close out the year with sales of US$ 22 billion. But only 10% of that will be export revenue. The sector trade association (Abit) has been hard at work for the last four years trying to do something about that.

Abit has held an average 150 events annually – in Brazil and abroad – to promote their goods.

They successfully reversed a trade deficit – it was over US$ 1 billion in 1997 – and expect to have a surplus this year of US$ 600 million.

“The fact is that we can compete in international markets. And that does not just translate into export revenue. It means better quality goods for the domestic consumer, as well,” says Fernando Pimentel, the Abit director.

Pimentel goes on to say that at the moment Abit has its sights set on Russia which is seen as an emerging market with rising purchasing power where consumers are interested in fashion. Right now Abit has a large exposition in Moscow.

This fair is not so much for immediate sales as it is for contacts and future business, says Pimentel. “We need to be focused on what people need and desire,” he explains.

The exposition, Moda Brasil-Russia, was organized by the Export Promotion Agency and will take place this week.

It is expected that some 1,500 potential buyers will visit it in the areas of fabrics, footwear, jewelry and perfumes.

Agência Brasil
Translator: Allen Bennett



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