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Brazilian Camargo Correa Join Swiss and Chileans in Airport Venture

Congonhas Airport parking lot in Brazil Camargo Corrêa, a Brazilian real estate developer  has joined Swiss company Unique, which manages the Zurich Airport, and the Chilean management and engineering company Gestión e IngenierÀ­a IDC to form A-port, a company that will operate in the airport sector.

The new company will be headquartered in the southeastern Brazilian city of São Paulo and will operate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The new company will invest in airport infrastructure expansion projects and in airport management concessions. The joint venture member companies, according to a press release issued by Camargo Corrêa, are references in their countries of operation.

A-port's portfolio already includes the airports that were previously managed by the Unique-IDC joint venture, in Chile, Honduras and Colombia. The portfolio also includes SAO Parking, holder of the concession for the parking lot of the Congonhas airport, in São Paulo, previously controlled by Camargo Corrêa.

The scope of action of A-port will include development, investment and management of existing or new airports, as well as of other opportunities in their vicinities, such as parking lots, hangars and premises for general aviation.

The Camargo Corrêa group is present in 19 countries, and is one of the most solid entrepreneurial organizations in Brazil, with forecasted gross revenues of 12.7 billion reais (US$ 7.1 billion) for 2007.

Unique is a publicly listed company. Besides operations in airports in Switzerland and Latin American airports, Unique, along with IDC, owns 17% of the Bangalore International Airport and is involved in the planning and construction of a new airport in India.

The Chilean Gestión e Ingenierí­a was established in 1994 by society Estorial Limitada. It pioneered participation in airport concession programs in Chile.



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  • Anonymous

    CH.C Ohh yeah, Brazilian flesh BBQ appeals to you ?
    Lives in Brazil
    Works for the Swiss Government at The Swiss Embassy.
    Full name to be disclosed after investigation is completed.
    Civil lawsiuts, pending outcome of investigations.

  • baba

    C.hc the human reject scam bag!
    It is not ME saying that your stupid imbecile is what the world is saying!!!
    TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL has something called FOLLOW THE MONEY. You should read it and see how Switzerland is doing. laugh laugh laugh. No wonder the UN has released their findings as Switzerland being one of the most mistrusted countries out of a list of 144 ??? Then add all the latest articles in this site about Yourshitty country lock of success in Brazil! laugh laugh laugh!!!
    Face it Ch.c you have no morals. You are just a big fat looser !!! Laugh laugh laugh

  • ch.c.

    continued for the idiots !!!!!
    Strange that every time I disagree or criticize Brazil and/or Brazilians….YOU accuse me of racism !

    But not once yet did I accuse you of racism toward my country or society….when YOU disagree or criticze us !!!!

    Is this due to the known Brazilian Inferiority Complexion !À‚¨
    Probably since you dont even read the rankings, or refuse to accept them and then manipulate them at your wish, despite these rankings put YOUR country at or near the bottom and OUR country at or near the top….of these many different rankings published just everywhere….including in Brazil !

    In my view, you are in total bad faith…or totally ignorants ! Worse yet…in my humble view…you are BOTH !!!!!
    And you just proved it once more ! 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    Furthermore…to the idiots Baba and Roberto !
    1) UNIQUE is a Swiss company, and nowhere in their site yet do they talk about “a new company” that will have its headquarters in SP.
    Could it be a new division only ? Probably….but just let the official news be published.

    2) As to the awards UNIQUE won on their service quality……dont be afraid just look at their site :

    Awards not won by airport management Brazilians companies….yet !!!! Guess why !


    Have you not put fuel tank right at the end of a landing strip…..creating the world largest BBQ ????
    Sorry…..but your smart safety engineers found it as a good idea !!!!

  • ch.c.

    To the idiots Baba and Roberto !!!!!!
    You should first look at the countries ranking on corruption….before opening your mouth not even knowing what you are talking about.
    Sadly for your statement but Switzerland shines at the top….in the lowest corruption on earth.
    That is not the case of Brazil as you may not know due to your total ignorance !
    Ohhhh and this ranking was not done by us….! sorry for you….idiots !

    This said, no doubt it is a bad idea. We will have less safety and far more flights delays and cancellations.
    And probably Camargo will try to corrupt the honest population that put us at the top of the ranking….not at the bottom like Brazil is.

    Thus….left me drift with a big smile….right inside your nose !!!!

    Probably you wont find the ranking although it is easy to find it.
    Afraid of the reality of my country ranking and Brazil ranking ?
    Only cheaters and liars are afraid of the reality.
    Prove me wrong….for once….if you can !
    More simple and honest….there is none !!!

  • Roberto

    Now Camargo Correa will be investigated for money laundry, environmental crimes and organized racism!!!! That’s great!!!

  • baba

    Why such a successful giant company like camargo correa wants to get involved with one of the most corrupted people in the world… Swiss that is. Don’t do it, you will be sorry!!!!!!

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