Brazil Expecting 80,000 from Around the World to Hospital Fair

A delegation of sixteen representatives of the medical product industry in Egypt arrived yesterday in São Paulo, the capital of the southeastern Brazilian state that goes by the same name, to participate in the Hospital Fair, to take place between June 14 and 17.

This is the first time that the businessmen participate in the event, the most important in Latin America for equipment, services and technology for hospitals, laboratories, clinics and doctor’s offices.

This year’s edition will count on approximately 1,000 companies, in an area of 60,000 square meters in the pavilions of the Expo Center Norte, in the capital of the state of São Paulo.

For this year, over 80,000 visitors connected to the medical sector are expected, among them hospital administrators, doctors, laboratory technicians and nurses. The participants will come from various Brazilian states, and from countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

“Our main objective is to know the Brazilian market,” explained Amgad Kalaf, vice president of Enteplin, a producer of metal products for laboratories.

“To us this is an important step, as we are used to dealing, buying, selling and cooperating with representatives of countries like Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea or Denmark, and we never thought that Brazil – or the countries in South America – presented a market in the medical area,” stated Rizk Hanna Rizk, a director at Apparatus Company, which specializes in the production of furniture for the medical and hospital sector.

Businessman Abdel Moneim Al Kamar, from Merry Moon, a producer of orthopaedic products, is also enthusiastic about the fair.

“We may cooperate in various areas. Latin America offers many options in terms of medical products that may be imported by Egypt at more convenient prices. The possibilities for trade exchange are great, both with regard to raw materials and with regard to semi industrialized products,” stated Kamar.

The trade mission was organized by the Association of Egyptian Exporters.

ANBA – Brazil-Arab News Agency –



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