Brazil’s Alagoas Opens Its 143 Miles of Unspoiled Beaches to the World

Japaratinga beach in Alagoas state, Brazil Alagoas state, in the Brazilian Northeast, is fast becoming Brazil's next six-star destination. The Northeast region's second-smallest state (27,767 sq km – 10.721 square miles ) has an impressive coastline relative to its size (230 km – 143 miles) which many say is the most beautiful in Brazil because of its coral reefs, myriad coconut palms, white sand, red cliffs and bright turquoise sea.

It has long been a popular Brazilian tourist destination, yet the opening of the international airport just outside the capital, Maceió, in 2005, with the potential of welcoming direct flights from Europe next year, has brought it to the attention of international investors for the first time.

Several major names in the real estate and tourism industry have chosen to invest in Alagoas in the last few years. Among the large scale ventures are, Itacaré Capital Partners, Aman Resorts, Radisson Hotels, Invest Tur (Six Senses and Txai Brands) and Multiplan.

Itacaré Capital Partners, the company behind Warapuru six-star resort in Itacaré, Bahia, announced in October 2007 the construction of a luxury condominium at Duas Barras on the southern coast of Alagoas, in the municipality of Coruripe. The venture is set in an area of 200 hectares along a 2 mile stretch of beach.

It will have 40 houses and 40 bungalow-type lodgings; the condominium will be six-star standard and its structure is similar to those found in the Caribbean and southern France. The initial investment in the first year will be 30 million Brazilian reais (US$ 19 million) and will total 100 million reais (US$ 64 million) by the end of 36 months. It will generate 800 jobs in the construction phase and another 500 positions after the start of the activities of the condominium.

Aman Resorts, which already has luxury intimate retreats in Thailand, Bali, India, Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean, has undertaken the construction of another six-star hotel in the south coast of the estate; the high level development which is under the responsibility of Construtora Gustavo Halbreich offers 6 km stretch of beach and will also have a luxury residential condominium as part of the resort.

Radisson Maceió is another new venture planned for Alagoas on the beach of Pajuçara, in Maceió. The five-star hotel will have 200 apartments and an 800-capacity events space, will receive an investment of R$ 40 million (US$ 25.4 million) and construction has just begun for completion in 2009. The hotel promises to be among the largest enterprises of luxury hotels in the state.

Invest Tur Brasil – Desenvolvimento Imobiliário Turí­stico S.A., operators and managers of high-standard enterprises in the tourism-oriented real estate industry, has undertaken a partnership with its Txai brand (Txai has a 5-star beach resort in Brazil near Itacaré, Bahia) and Six Senses.

Established in 1995 Six Senses is a resorts and spa management and development company, managing resorts under different brand names – Soneva, Six Senses Hideaway, Six Senses Latitudes, and Evason; plus Six Senses Spas and Six Senses Destination Spas.

Invest Tur first invested in Alagoas in September 2007, when the company announced the purchase of 2 million square meters of land on the north coast of the State. The Onda Azul project, with 2.1 km of beach, will be in the district of Barra de Santo Antônio famous for its natural beauty and coral coast.

The plans of the Invest Tur project involve the construction of the Green Wave Resort hotel and Green Wave Residence. 224 million reais (US$ 142 million) will be invested, with 51 million reais (US$ 32.4 million) for the Green Wave Resort and 173 million (US$ 110 million) for the Green Wave Residence. Invest Tur plans to start its activities for the five-star venture in 2009 for completion in 2012.

The president of ADIT Nordeste, Felipe Cavalcante, based in the state of Alagoas says, "The announcement of this partnership between Txai and Six Senses with Invest Tur is a determining factor for the affirmation of Alagoas as a potential high class tourist and real estate destination. The local government is focusing only on high-end real estate projects so the state receives the best developments in the country which add to its natural scenery.

It is wonderful to see that the natural beauty of Alagoas will be enhanced by all these top quality real estate projects. Such partnerships are serving to leverage the economy of the state and attract more attention from international investors."

Alagoas has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) all year round with an average of 50mm (2 inches) of rainfall, clear warm waters and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Most of the state is planted with coconut trees and sugar cane, with coral reefs forming swimming pools that are famous for snorkeling and bathing. There are over 230 km (143 miles) of unspoiled coastline.

The state lies between Pernambuco in the north and Sergipe in the south and has a population of 3 million. The capital, Maceió has a population of nearly one million.


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  • mariana

    Hey guys,
    You may never see this e-mail but here I go. I have lived in Maceio for more than a year, but I am from the south of Brazil.
    Yes, there are other beaches in the world which are gorgeous, but Maceio has an advantage, the beautiful prussian blue WARM water is so close to the city, it is almost unbelievable. Some beaches have clear water, others are milky blue because of the thousands creeks that pour silt on the shores, but just a bit of the coast the water is clear.
    I went to Bahamas, yes, the water there is better, but on land, people and culture of Alagoas is superior, or just maybe more real and happier? All Alagoas needs is to learn not to kill their beauty with ugly resorts, tourists traps, and most importantly, INVEST in sewer systems. Coruripe has done theirs recently. But the gorgeous beaches are on the north coast. Carro Quebrado is a must see!
    I did a beach safari from Maceio to Fortaleza and all the beaches (with exception of praia do Cupe in Pernambuco) fared much worse than the beaches in Alagoas.

  • Kristian

    good beaches
    There are good beaches in Bahia (ItacarÀƒ©, Trancoso, Praia do Espelho, Morro de Sao Paulo) and in Alagoas (one of the best ones is Carro Quebrado). I agree that city beaches are sometimes polluted.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    yes joao i have
    brasil has 1000 miles of water frount that you cant use as it is part of the mouth of the amazon ans several rivers
    and entry of ports , and military bases

    how about jacuma , was a good place tambaba nude beach booth in PB state

    also maceio mar hotel lagoa beach and the riverparaiba do sul river

    just south of natal are 2 real good beaches stay away from the clubs full of itailans ans costa and his minor hookers

    angra dos reis nice but home to one of the most dangers snakes in the world

    praia captain nikolas nice but tones of bugs and beach drunks and begers

    belem has praia do atalaia – saliopous PA

    there is a bunch more but most of you will never live long enough to see them

  • João da Silva

    [quote]7000 kms of beach, must be some great places in there somewhere[/quote]

    Actually it is around 5000 miles which equals 8000 kms (unless Forrest and Bo bought 1000 kms of the coast up in the North and raised the U.S. flag, without my consent).

    [quote]Ch C, I read a artcicle recently on some nice beaches in Uruguay[/quote]

    Yes there are. There is also a nice resort town called “Puenta del Leste” and we liked it.I wouldn’t be surprised if Ch.c and Forrest have been there too.

  • jon

    7000 kms of beach, must be some great places in there somewhere

    Ch C, I read a artcicle recently on some nice beaches in Uruguay

  • bo

    What about….
    raw sewerage? Most places here in the northeast simply dump raw sewerage directly into the ocean and even in “tourist” areas. Here in Aracaju there was an article just last week showing photos of raw sewerage flowing directly into the ocean…..and in a tourist area! Also stated that within the last couple weeks 7 surfers have contracted hepatitus!

    Maceio does have beautiful beaches, but I’ve never seen a beach here in Brazil come close to beaches such as Siesta Key.

  • forrest allen brown

    bill put down the beer bottle
    and look around you with clear eyes .

    i have been to more places in brasil than most brasilian and all tourstis .
    except the beach bars , topless bars ,and other things that little mined men come to brasil for .

    brasil has its good points some beaches are nice , others have a grate pontinal to be that way .
    but you have the poor build junk shacks on the beach serve beer to any one on them , never clean up there messes .
    up north you have the christmass winds that blow 15 t0 30 kts for 4 months look at the sand dunes they dont look that way because someone from the city piled them up .

    go to fortalaza the beach of the furture , as it is called wind and trash will peal the skin off your body .
    if you are a gringo near the club beach and go out to the beach at night with you wife or girl the police will come down a pick you up for having sex on the beach , even if you are not , just looking for a bribe .
    joao possao there beaches are nice but have killed the red reef and are working on the other one .
    recife , not bad but polution is way off the charts , plus you cant surf as the goverment built a new ship dock down the road in the
    only bull shark breading and laying grounds for 200 miles , now if you surf if the police dont get you the sharks will .

    the list is a long about what can happen to you on the beaches in brasil




  • Edward

    Dear Ch.c
    Alagoas has beautiful beaches. Do you know? Only by photos? No photos?
    Ok. Take a flight and go to see!
    Nothing less than caribbean beaches.
    You are right: there is no six star destination nowadays, however, this is a promise to the future.
    All Brazil is under construction. You mentioned Angra but the water of northeast cannot be compared to Angra, neither beaches!
    If you like the “hot” water of Europe beaches, ok! But considere a visit to the second most important reef of the world in Alagoas, if it is alive, it is not polluted!

  • Bill

    Dear ch.c,

    Probably you are ignorant about Brazil.

    By the way, you forgot the polluted beaches of California.

  • ch.c.

    Somewhat true ! Somewhat only…….
    Alagoas is sunny most of the year and have nice beaches.
    No doubt most of the companies mentionned build 5 or 6 stars hotels.

    But saying Alagoas has 6 stars BEACHES… definitely…..TYPICALLY BRAZILIANS HAVING NOT TRAVELLED MUCH…FULL OF THEMSELVES….and believing they are the navel of the world !!!!

    Go to Mexico…for 6 stars beaches and 6 stars hotels, or to The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Malaysia, Florida, California, Tunisia, Thailand, Santo Domingo, Cuba, St-Marteen, St-Barthelemy, Antigua, Turkey, Greece ….just to name a few !!!!
    and of course also France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morroco.
    And as newcomers or coming back shortly again, dont forget Algeria , Kenya, Ivory Coast, SÀƒ©nÀƒ©gal, Mozambique, Angola with pristines and unpolluted beaches !!!!

    Competitors abound with 6 stars beaches !!!!!

    Ohhhhhh… YOUR VIEWS……do you consider Southern Brazil haviong many 6 stars beaches ???????
    Because lets face it, with your apparent 7000 kms of beaches, most are heavily polluted with what you pour AT the beaches and IN the ocean. A clear example is Angra Reis, really beautiful but totally polluted like in many areas of SP and Rio !!!!!!!

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