Imports Rise and Exports Fall in Brazil

Brazil’s trade surplus (exports minus imports) amounted to US$ 985 million last week, 26.1% less than the previous week’s surplus of US$ 1.333 billion, which was an all-time record in terms of weekly results.

The shrinkage was caused by a 9.47% decline in exports and a 6.98% increase in imports. The country sold US$ 2.426 billion (as against US$ 2.680 billion the week before) and bought US$ 1.441 billion (as against US$ 1.347 billion).

The overall trade surplus stands at US$ 2.698 billion for the month and US$ 22.369 billion for the year, 34.10% more than the US$ 16.681 billion surplus registered during the same period last year.

Altogether, exports come to US$ 59.433 billion (up 23.8%), and imports, US$ 37.064 billion (up 18.4%).

These general figures were announced today by Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade.



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  • kelly

    this is a dumb website

  • kelly

    stupid website
    this website was really dumb. I like wiki answers even though they lie theres is more true than yours. have a god blessed day

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