After Meeting London Mayor Lula Keeps Mum About Brazilian Killed as Terrorist

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met London Mayor Ken Livingstone at Buckingham Palace Wednesday, with anger still simmering over the police shooting of an innocent Brazilian man mistaken for a suicide bomber.

Neither side made any immediate public comment after the private meeting on the second day of Silva’s state visit to Britain.

It was likely the President raised last year’s killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, which sparked intense anger in Brazil. London police shot de Menezes on a subway car in July, two weeks after deadly attacks on the city’s transport system.

Police have apologized for the killing and British prosecutors are considering whether to charge any of the officers involved.

He received a lavish ceremonial welcome from Queen Elizabeth II Tuesday, and was the guest of honor at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Britain and Brazil are "good friends and allies with a common history," the queen told guests in the palace’s 19th century ballroom.

"We have been friends in troubled times … sharing a common vision of the sanctity of democracy and the rule of law," the queen said.

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    Sorry For my Impoliteness
    I am sorry for insulting you. You seem to be a well educated human been.

    Returning to your comparison. It is clear that Brazil is suffering from a disease called poverty. When a country is poor, their inhabitants do steal and kill in a brutal way. As you self said in your previous post.

    If it is true about your story of the Brazilian running from the police, ok, I will have to admit you are right.

    But I do not believe that. The media annouced different stories about this matter. There were tremendous contrast between them!!!

    I believe that what the English officers did, can be named TERRORISM!!! Just like the arabs did with the metros in England.

    How on earth can England spend billions of pounds to fight a war abroad and at the same time try to safe money at home combating terrorism.

    If they had investigated the situation before start killing, They would not have killed the inocent Brazlian.

    If they had killed an innocent Arab, I would have understood it.

    Because Brazilians have never terrorized people abroad. At least I never heard somenthing about them doing that.

    So once again: Comparing killings by criminals is something totally different than killings by well paid officers of innocent people.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    and no shithead!!
    I’m comparing the killing of an innocent brazilian by british police with the murder of hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians, brazilians and otherwise, that take place here in brazil every year!!

  • Guest

    and for you..
    the unfortunate even took place in a time of TERRORISM in London!!! He LIVED in the same building as some of the suspected terrorists, and according to reports, ran from police. The outrage that brazilian politicians has was comical at best!!! Their own police murder their own citizens as well as people from other countries with IMPUNITY!! Why isnt their rallies in front of the embassies and consulates from those countries??

    Pretty difficult to take one seriously for such an argument where at least the situation justified the “paranoia” of the moment. Here, folks just outright get murdered….and you hear NOTHING!

  • Guest

    Think before spouting such moronic argum
    This previous guest does not know what he is talking about.

    I will therefore explain the difference between the situations he is talking about!

    You shithead should not be willing to compare murders by criminals and one pointless killing by English officers, which occured in a busy English subway.

    That is ridiculous. I wonder where you are from or in which world you are living?!

    I suppose you are from Europe or the USA. If I am right, let me give you a advise. Do not go to the Favelas in Rio to take pictures (morbid sightseeing) and at the same time expecting to be well treated. Wake up!!!!

    But if you are in Copa Cabana you will be welcome and receive an outstanding treatment. And you can be sure that the police will not shot you in the head 7 times.

    So for the next time give me a break and do think before stating such nonsense in this site.

  • Guest

    I would hope so!!!
    You would certainly hope he would keep his mouth shut!! Unless he wants every leader from every country that has one of their citizens murdered in Brazil to throw it in his face!!

    They already went through this, blew it completely out of proportion, especially when you know the reality that takes place in Brazil with policemen and they way they “treat” and murder people.

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