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Shock and Concern: Two Words to Describe Brazilians Reaction in London

Carlos Eduardo Goia, international relations coordinator of the Non-Governmental Organization, Global Justice, said in London that the reaction of Brazilians who live in London was one of shock and concern.

According to Goia, the reaction couldn’t have been worse. “Most of the Brazilians with whom I conversed were shocked and concerned. Most of the people with whom I talked, in the first place, were shocked by the fact that it was a Brazilian.

“In second place, the concern about the police having shot Jean to death, with some doubt whether he really ran away from the police.” Among people who were close to Jean, they’re upset about the assassination of an innocent person.

The representative of the Global Justice organization said that on Sunday, around 40 Brazilians protested in front of the British Parliament against Jean’s death.

Carlos Eduardo says that the British press has reflected the general opinion that the police acted badly. But, he affirms at the same time that the police has done a good job, excepting this case, and it’s doing everything possible when it comes to the terrorist attacks of recent weeks.

According to Carlos Eduardo, after the second terrorist attack on July 21, the British population is upset. He says that fewer people are using the public transportation system and that people are worried about another attack.

Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by the British police on Friday, July 22, when they mixed him up with the terrorists suspected of participating in last Thursday’s, July 21, attacks on the subway.

Agência Brasil


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    A investigation should take place as why he was shot 7 time, one shot wouldn’t of kill him, it did need more shots then one but 7 was a bit to much, so iam in favoure for an investigation but i don’t think the police officers should get punished!!

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    From the Amnesty Canada website
    Over the last ten months (Jan to October 2003) human rights violations and abuses by state officials have continued to rise. According to official figures, police killings in São Paulo rose 31% by September of this year with 664 civilians killed. Similarly in Rio de Janeiro members of the state police forces killed 917 by September, a rise of 36% on last year and more than three times the number killed in 2000. Many of the killings were unlawful and many of the victims were innocent of any crime.

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    I for one agree with much of what has been written here, stave for the fact that this lad was shot 8 times – 7 in the head – and there is a need for an investigation to see why. One shot to the head would have sufficed I reckon.

    Developed, civilized countries do need to conduct themselves accordingly although, granted, this war on terror does have all on pins and needles. Especially those charged with the task of tracking and eliminating these barbarians.

    I think Brazil is right to demand answers, as is the rest of the world. However, there is a growing sense that this is being turned into the cause-of-the-moment in Brasil, and it is obfuscating other serious matters.The PTs communications director must be loving this.

    A protest is set for Brasilia today. Why hasn’t O povo Brasiliero already stormed Brasilia demanding answers regarding the absurdly high rate of violence in Brasil?

    An investigation WILL be launched in the UK. That much we can be sure of. The NEED to protest in Brasilia will not aid at all. It serves only to vent and mobilize an already nationalistic country, and blind them to home grown problems even further. The families of all those whom have lost loved ones over the years in Brasil, and not a peep has been made, should be outraged.

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    Agree with Tim
    However it is more like 50,000 homicides a year and of course, lest Brazil forgets there were over 600 cold blooded murders in the state of Sao Paulo in 2004 by the police of what they said were known drug dealers but many were just poor homeless in the wrong place at the wrong time..A why did he run.?, This chap in London did not Stop when asked but then Brazilians generally don’t have a good sense of citizenship. Sad tale indeed!!!

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    If Jean WAS a terrorist and the police just let him get onto the train without shouting ‘STOP POLICE’ and then that train got blown up because Jean was a terrorist then the Metroplitan police would have been criticized about not stopping him or shooting him down.

    The police DID shout ‘STOP POLICE’ but Jean still decided to run onto the train. The police thought ‘ok he’s not stopping so he must be up to something to ignore us and run onto a train’, so the only thing the police could do was to chaste and shot.

    It is sad about what happening to Jean but if the boy had a bit of a brain you’-) think he would of stopped after all everyone in the world knew what had happen in London, so if it was an English, African, American or the queen running and ignored the police then they would of shot!!!!!!!!

    The London Metropolitan police are only doing their job and trying to make London a safer place for everyone

  • Guest

    Where is all the shock and concern over the 40,000 Brasilians, and the incredibly high number of tourists that are killed in Brazil each and every year?

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