Demonstrators Call Killing of Brazilian in London State Terrorism

Approximately 20 members of agriculture-related groups participated today on a protest at the British Embassy in BrasÀ­lia, Brazil’s capital, against the killing of the 27-year old Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, in London, mistakenly thought to be a terrorist.

Menezes lived legally in London and was shot at the subway, last Friday, July 22, by police officers searching for the terrorists responsible for this month’s city attacks.

Protesters placed flowers and candles in front of the Embassy. Two signs were placed at the Embassy’s wall. One of them said “Jean Charles de Menezes – one more victim of the State terrorism.” The other asked for British troops to leave Iraq.

The protest was organized by Via Campesina, an international non-governmental organization that fights for rural people’s rights worldwide, plus the Brazilians Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST), and the Movement of Small Farmers (MPA).

According to the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Brazil, Peter Collecott, Menezes’s body will be repatriated in the next days. He lamented the death of the Brazilian, but asked for understanding. “It is important to understand that the situation in Great Britain is very difficult now.”

The Ambassador affirms that England respects international norms, but the country is going through a critical moment, now, as authorities are having to make tough decisions to combat suicidal terrorists that may be walking around London’s streets.

Peter Collecott said he sent a letter of solidarity to Jean Charles’ family. According to him, the police will define the value of the indemnity for the “death of an innocent”.

Agência Brasil


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    According to him, the police will define the value of the indemnity for the “death of an innocent”.

    Brasilians police?

    Cuidado do imposto do gringo!!!!!

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