Brazil Uses Soccer Imagery to Vaccinate 16 Million Against Polio

Consolidated data from the first phase of Brazil’s National Vaccination Campaign Against Child Paralysis, which had as its slogan “Win Another One, Brazil,” reveal that more than 16.3 million children 5 years old or less were vaccinated throughout the country.

This corresponds to a 94.6% coverage. The second phase of the campaign is scheduled for August 20.

The coverage in 16 of the 27 states was 95-100%. In nine states and the Federal District, it was 90-94.9%. Amazonas was the only state in which the coverage was less than 90% (84.8%).

This year’s campaign publicity is inspired by soccer. The idea is to associate the success of the vaccination strategy with the efforts of a huge team, that is, the Brazilian nation.

The slogan in the first phase was “Win Another One, Brazil.” The publicity for the second phase will bear the phrase “Let’s Reinforce the Victory, Brazil.”

To ensure the success of the campaign in the first phase, 439 thousand professionals were mobilized, backed by 39 thousand automobiles and 2.5 thousand boats to transport the teams and materials.

US$ 9.9 million (22.8 million reais) were invested in the polio vaccination campaign. Of this total, US$ 4.9 million (11.4 million reais) were used to purchase 27.9 million doses of Sabin vaccine.

US$ 2.7 million (6.4 million reais) will be transferred to state and municipal health funds for the operationalization of the campaign, and US$ 2.1 million (5 million reais) will go to pay for publicity.




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