PT Congressmen Call Scandal Betrayal of 52 Million Brazilian Voters

A group of congressmen from the left wing of the PT held a small demonstration on the floor of the Chamber of Deputies last night to repudiate what they are calling “a criminal campaign financing scheme.”

The act followed the explosive testimony by adman Duda Mendonça who told the Post Office CPI that undeclared money from a fiscal paradise in the Caribbean had been used to pay for PT campaign expenses.

In a note to the public, the group, consisting of 20 deputies and four senators, including senator Cristovam Buarque (PT-Federal District), who was Lula’s Minister of Education, called the scheme “an ethical affront,” which had betrayed “the hopes of 52 million voters, frustrating and stymieing the realization of the true historical commitments of the PT.”

The note also demands immediate action by the directors of the party and the removal of all those involved in the scandal.

“We demand action from the party. We believe the President owes the nation an explanation. We believe he is not involved, but he must tell the nation so,” said Ivan Valente (PT-São Paulo).




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