New York’s One-Million Crowd Celebrates Brazil

Brazilian Day in New YorkIn 1984, near 46th Street, known as the street of the Brazilians in New York, a group of Brazilians got together to celebrate and to feel closer to their native land on Independence Day. That’s how Brazilian Day in New York was born.

From that small start it grew fast and every year it drew more and more people, who also started coming from all over the US. Brazilian Day in New York has become today the biggest Brazilian event outside of Brazil.

At least one million people are expected to show up to celebrate with the Brazilians this year, with caravans coming from all over the US. New York Police’s last year numbers showed that around 1 million persons went to Little Brazil throughout the day.

Twenty five blocks will accommodate those expected to attend Brazilian Day in NY, to sample the food available, buy things made in Brazil, be part of the spontaneous Brazilian joy and last, but not least, to enjoy the bands that are brought from Brazil specially for the event.

This year two major Brazilian groups will be featured. Chitãozinho & Xororó, Brazil’s top country duo and Banda AraKetu, the Afro-Brazilian axé beat from Bahia.

Several Brazilian famous actors will also be present at the event, specially invited and presented by Globo International TV.

Brazilian Day will have two stages this year. The main stage will be located at 43rd with 6th Avenue and the second stage will be on 46th and 5th Avenue, with shows starting at 11 am.

At 3 pm, the event will be officially open, with Patti LaBelle singing the American National Anthem and Fafá de Belém, coming from Brazil specially for the occasion, will sing the Brazilian Anthem.

The Brasilians Newspaper and the Brazilian-American Cultural Center (BACC) promote Brazilian Day in New York. TV Globo, Brazil’s number one and the world’s fourth TV network, joined in and will be taking images of the event to 63 countries.

What: Brazilian Day in New York
When: September 4, 2005
Where: Little Brazil – 46th Street and Ave. of the Americas
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