The Dream Is Dead. Most Brazilians No Longer Trust Lula.

Most Brazilians (52%) no longer trust their President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. A poll by the Ibope company released this Tuesday, August 23, during the prime-time news show Jornal Nacional from Globo TV reveals how the corruption charges involving the ruling PT party have seriously damaged the President’s image.

In June, when the crisis had just started, only 38% did not trust Lula. In July, that number had already climbed to 42%. On the other hand. the number of those who continue trusting the President has been declining month after month. In June,  56% of Brazilian had confidence in Lula. In July the percentage had fallen to 53% and now only 43% still put faith in their leader.

As for the President’s work and his administration, there was a less dramatic fall. In June the majority (55%) approved of the President, while 38% disapproved of him. Now, there is a technical tie between both sides, with 45% approving of the government while 47% disapprove of it.

The poll’s margin of error is 2.2% up or down. The government is evaluated as regular by 38% of Brazilians, but the number of those who consider the Lula administration bad has increased by 9%: it was 22% in June and went up to 31%. The percentage of people giving positive evaluation to the government went down from 35% to 29%. 
Serra Would Defeat Lula

If the Brazilian presidential election was held today, the mayor of São Paulo and Lula’s opponent in the previous election, José Serra, would defeat president Lula, by 44% to 35%.

This is what shows still another Ibope poll taken from August 18 to August 22 in 143 Brazilian municipalities. Once again the error margin is 2.2 percent.

In a simulated election between Lula and Serra there would be a technical tie between both in a first round.  Serra would be the winner of a runoff, however. Something unexpected: Serra also showed a good performance in the Northeast, the region where Lula hails from and where his name is still highly respected.

In a confrontation with Anthony Garotinho, former Rio governor, Lula would win by 40% to 31%. And, if the dispute was against the governor from São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, the President would again win by a margin of 42% to 31%.


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