Brazil Promotes Its Other, Less Famous Rain Forest in the US and Canada

Ilhabela, Brazil The Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) is going to bring to Brazil, starting on Monday, 70 foreign tourism operators to learn about the Atlantic Forest region. The intention of the Ministry of Tourism, to which the Embratur is connected, is to promote Brazilian tourist destinations in the region.

The group, from Canada and the United States, is going to learn about 15 routes within the Atlantic Forest. They are also going to participate in the Adventure Travel World Summit, a global adventure tourism event, scheduled to take place between September 3 and 7, in São Paulo. This is the first time that the meeting takes place outside North America.

The foreign group brought by Embratur is formed of operators and also journalists. The Atlantic Forest routes presented to them will be from the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The routes will take place from August 25th to September 3rd.

They will, for example, walk along the North Shore of the state of São Paulo, go on trips in 4 wheel-drive vehicles and visit quilombos (villages established by former slaves).

They will visit historic cities, go on boat rides, dive at beaches and also take night hikes in the woods. The most visited places will be Ilha Bela, Ubatuba, Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande and Rio de Janeiro.

In the region of Castelhanos Beach, in Ilha Bela, for example, they will go hiking. In Ubatuba, they will go diving at Couves Island. In Paraty they will row kayaks in Saco do Mamanguá. The route should also include a traditional tour in Tijuca forest.

The meeting in São Paulo, in which the group is going to participate, is promoted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (Atta) and includes the participation, for the organization of the edition in Brazil, of the Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Companies (Abeta).

A research shows that 19.5% of the foreign tourists who visit Brazil have as their motivation nature, ecotourism and adventure tourism.




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