Pressured by the US, Mexico Imposes Visas on Brazilians

Beginning on October 23, all Brazilians travelling to Mexico will have to have a visa. The decision was made by the Mexican government.

The visa requirement suspends a bilateral agreement which has been in effect since February 2004. Under that agreement, the only people needing visas were tourists who were going to stay in Mexico more than 180 days, or businessmen staying over 30 days for the signing of contracts or documents.

Itamaraty did not comment on the decision, calling it a sovereign right of the Mexican government. However, under the rules of reciprocity, Mexicans will now need visas to visit Brazil. Many believe Mexico was pressured by the United States to impose the new measures.

Meanwhile, the Mexican embassy in Brazil denied that Brazilians will be subjected to special rules, such as having to obtain what is known as a “high security” visa which is used to reduce the flow of emigrants to the United States.

A note from the embassy called the measure a step dealing with tourism and commerce, while taking into consideration “the human and economic costs” of the use of the Mexican border for illegal entry into the United States.



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    It is a Constitutional law to reciprocat
    There is no way to change this Law. If a Country requires Visa for Brazilians , Brazil will require Visa from citizens of that Country. No even the President of Brazil can change that. Brazil never does it unilaterally. Mexico will lose a lot more than Brazil, but has to bend to US Republican Party interests.

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    Appropriate decision by Mexico
    I don’t get that last comment, are you for or against the visa requirement? I personally am for it because many Brazilians are risking their lives to become illegal immigrants to the U.S.

    I also believe it is childish and petty for Brazilian authorities to respond the way they do to rules and regulations of other countries. They are basically saying, oh yeah, you’re going to _______ to us, well we’ll do it right back to you, even with no real reason (i.e. the fingerprinting of Americans-were they seriously worried about American terrorists?). The Brazilian Government really has other things they should be concentrating on besides playing “nany-nany-boo-boo” and sticking their tongues out at other countries.

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    good job USA!
    Wow…this sounds familiar…remember when the american pilot got in trouble for fliping the photographer off in the airport after the U.S. made the rule that all Brasilians had to be fingerprinted and photographed to enter the U.S.? Im american and I say…leave Brasil and Mexico alone!!! D-Unit.

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