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In New York, Lula Paints a Promising Brazil to Microsoft & Co.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met today, in New York, with around 15 representatives of companies that invest in Brazil, such as Shell, Microsoft, and Avon.

The president said that, at the meeting, he demonstrated Brazil’s investment potential to the entrepreneurs and affirmed that the country is at the point where it can grow, generate employment, and distribute wealth to the population.

“The economy will not be manipulated on account of politics. We made the decision that Brazil cannot squander the opportunity to become a country with a solid economy,” he said.

After the meeting, the president participated in the meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. In his speech, Lula affirmed that the Development Goals of the Millennium will not be achieved in the majority of countries, if current funding models and the small volume of international assistance resources persist. “There couldn’t be goals that are fairer or more relevant; our task is to carry them out,” Lula said.

In the president’s view, the Goals of the Millennium “affirm the need to expand the production of wealth, but universalizing the benefits.” Lula underscored that this expansion should be effectuated with environmental sustainability.

Lula emphasized the need to invest more in combating poverty and hunger, providing development opportunities to poor countries. “If the developed countries have the proper strategic clarity, they will perceive that this new attitude, this additional effort, is more than fair; it is absolutely necessary,” he declared. “Without it, I fear that world security and peace will become an illusion,” he warned.

The eight Development Goals of the Millennium – the elimination of hunger and extreme poverty; quality basic education for all; gender equality and protection of women’s rights; reduction of infant mortality; improved health care for pregnant women; actions to combat AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; environmental sustainability; and a global partnership for development – were endorsed by 191 countries in September, 2000. They are meant to be achieved by 2015.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Well said
    I agree, Michael.

    There is also the issue of open standards. In any country, and especially a poor one, it makes sense for dosuments to be available in a freely usable format – both reading and writing.

    Microsoft has shot itself in the wallet with it’s constant format changes in order to protect its monopolies. It was even prepared to cause incompatibility between versions of Word to break competitors products. Now it claims it has learnt the error of its ways and its new format will finally be open XML.

    The problem is that they are already extending that format: XAML anyone?

    Who these days is naive enough to trust Microsoft?

  • Guest

    plain dumb

    You should try using less ? and ! and more brain.

    Just because he favours Linux for government offices why would he oppose ‘investment’ by Mircosoft?

    Linux makes perfect sense for government as it keeps government budgets and red tape under control.

    Talking about having one of the world’s richest companies INVEST in your country has nothing to do with what software your government uses.

    If all you can do is try and point out discrepencies which aren’t discrepencies, why don’t you just give your fingers a rest.


  • Guest

    welll well……
    …just read again Lula official statements a few months ago….when he said exactly the opposite concerning Microsoft :.

    That their price price are too high, unjustified and unfair.

    And that he favors the open Linux for all his government offices, Brazilian corporations and personal PCs !!!!!

    Ohhhh yess…..sorry…but he said that while he was in Brazil. Now he says the opposite because he is in the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So where did he lie ? While in Brazil or while in the USA ????????????

    Looks like that Lula never remembers what he said earlier ! Same for corruptions…etc etc…!!!! Contradictory statements are his way of life !!!!!


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