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Brazil’s Supreme Gets Case Against Speaker of the House

The wheels of justice continue to turn in Brazil. Even though the Brazilian Speaker of the House, Severino Cavalcanti, remains secluded in his official residence for a second day, reportedly pondering his political future his case has arrived at the Supreme Court.

Cavalcanti seems torn about what to do. Resign?. But, resign what? The presidency of the Chamber of Deputies? Or his seat in the Chamber of Deputies to avoid expulsion?  Under Brazilian legislation, as a federal deputy he can only be tried by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, a report by handwriting experts on the concession contract extension that Cavalcanti is accused of signing only after the concessionaire agreed to pay bribes and kickbacks in order to continue operating restaurants and snack bars in the congressional office building, has been delayed until next week. Cavalcanti says he did not sign the document and that his signature is forged.

Undeterred by the handwriting expert report delay, Cavalcanti’s accuser brought forth a much more damaging document on Wednesday – a check made out to, and cashed by, one of Cavalcanti’s secretaries. That check has practically sealed Cavalcanti’s immediate political fate: he will probably have to resign from something.

And if he ever does go on trial before the Supreme Court, it now looks like he could be charged with extortion and active corruption.

Agência Brasil


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    …can anyone really explain the Brazilian legislation……:

    – Jefferson was investigated by the CPMI and ousted by his peers !
    – Cavalcanti is being investigated by the CPMI but can be tried only by the Supreme Court !!!

    Quite contradictory……

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