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Brazil Decries UN’s ‘Democracy Deficit’

The Security Council suffers from a “democracy deficit” and needs to include more permanent and non-permanent members from Africa, Latin America and Asia, Brazil’s Foreign Relations Minister Celso Amorim told the United Nations General Assembly.

In an address to the first day of the General Debate of the General Assembly’s 60th session, Saturday, September 17, being held at UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Amorim said the composition of the Council’s current membership is a “perpetuation of imbalances that run contrary to the very spirit of multilateralism.”

At last week’s World Summit, member states failed to agree on how to reform the Council but committed to keep working on the issue and to review their progress at the end of this year.

Along with Germany, India and Japan, Brazil was a member of the so-called G4 that expressed their desire during the lead-up to the Summit to become permanent members of the Council.

Mr. Amorim said no Council reform will be meaningful unless the numbers of permanent and non-permanent seats are expanded to include more developing countries.

“It is not reasonable to expect that the Council can continue to expand its agenda and responsibilities without addressing its democracy deficit,” he said.

Currently there are five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, each with the power to veto decisions – and 10 non-permanent members, which are elected on a geographical basis to three-year terms.

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  • Guest

    to the first two posters
    Democracy deficits are one thing, corruption is another and social inequity is yet another.
    Why do these people confuse such different concepts?
    History shows us non democratic and rich countries as well as poor and miserable but very democratic. Why the hell do these people get everything mixed up?
    We have corruption, but at least our president was elected with the majority of votes.
    Bush was elected eventhough he got less votes than his rival. Given this, it is UN-be-lie-va-ble that an american has the nerve to finger point a so called “democracy deficit” in any contry except his own.
    But wait, didn’t they ilegally (because the UN Security Council did not approve) invade two countries using “democracy” as an excuse?
    Actually, all they do is talk about democracy, how it is important and the world need it, but in the main international arena, which is the United Nations Organization, they act against anything that could be called democracy, putting pressure (I won’t say bullying) small central american countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, etc to vote according to their interests and by doing so they destroy these countries sovereignity (but when Bush goes to the stage, he loves to defend sovereignity, it is politically correct, you know).
    The main organ of the UN is the security council… it decides what is good for the whole world… every country or at least the biggest ones should have a say in this council, because that is the definition of democracy, right?? Wrong!
    You see, definitions, speeches, concepts, these are all beautiful things that we love to talk about, but we’d rather keep things as they have been since World War II, with only 5 countries on the security council, being one of them England, america’s loyal puppy.. because it is very democratic.

  • Guest

    Hush….American Amoebas!
    The UN as it is now, it’s an american instrument that assist those white housesavages further their politics of war.

    Short live the chimp, G.W. Bush.


  • Guest

    So true…..
    …the comments from the above forum member that the next article is confirming
    the Brazilian Democracy Deficit…..!!!!!!!!

    Is Amorim now saying that he wishes to introduce the same corruption…health, educations, …to the UN…as is the case now in Brazil ?????

    Is Brazil an example of what the UN should do?????
    Should the UN take Brazil as a teacher…of World Democracy ?????????

    Why dont you clean your many own problems before wishing and trying to teach lessons…to the world ?????????

  • Guest

    Curious that a top Brazilian official in your government is talking about a Democracy Deficit in the U.N…as the first Democracy Deficit…is in Brazil itself …with corruptions to the roots, social inequities, lack of basic education and health…etc etc

    You are the champions of so many…wrong things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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