Brazil’s Darling Exports Lingerie to Americas, EU and Arab World

Darling Lingerie from BrazilDarling, a Brazilian maker of lingerie, entered the Arab market almost two years ago through a distributor in Tripoli, Lebanon. The company commercial director, Davis Castro, believes that the region has potential for growth as a destination for company products.

“Arab upper-class women wear the best brands and Darling lingerie’s profile is luxury and glamour,” stated Castro. “We have been exporting to Lebanon the same collections we sell here in Brazil, and in the same modelling,” he added.

According to the executive, Darling exports around 10% of production. Of the total exported, 15% goes to Lebanon. The Lebanese distributor buys from the company three times a year and each order varies from around US$ 60,000 to US$ 70,000. “It is a strong market and has great chances of growth,” he said.

The products exported to the Arab market are in both the company brands: Darling, of more luxury products, with lace, embroidery, transparencies and pearls, and D Basic Darling, which are items turned to daily use. “Arab women prefer more colorful items,” declared Castro.

According to the executive, although the company’s main focus is not the foreign market, it exports to Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Portugal, Canada, Romania, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Japan and Lebanon. “We try to work with just one client in each country so that they may have exclusive rights,” stated Castro.

Over 50 Years

Darling was established in 1949, in the city of São Paulo, the largest city in South America. The company has a built area of 10,000 square meters and employs 460 people. The productive capacity is 250,000 items a month.

The industry has over 10 collections of lingerie sets, made out of micro suede, and the products are sold at shops specialized in the sector throughout Brazil.

Foreign sales of Brazilian underwear to the Arab countries have presented growth. According to figures supplied by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, last year exports of panties, bras, corsets and nightgowns to the region generated US$ 476,600, an increase of 72% when compared to the previous year.

From January to July this year, exports to the Arabs have already generated US$ 302,000. In total, Brazil exported US$ 21 million in products of the kind last year, 26.5% more than in 2003.

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