Brazil’s Bank Workers End Longest Strike Ever

Assemblies of Brazilian bank employees in 22 capitals decided to halt a strike that lasted over thirty days, the longest in the history of the category. The union in the state of Acre is meeting today to decide whether to continue the strike.

Florianópolis, in the state of Santa Catarina, was the only capital in which bank employees voted not to return to work, but they are holding a new assembly today.

According to Vagner Freitas, President of the National Confederation of Bank Employees (CNB), the decision to suspend the strike represents another attempt to “crack the intransigence of the bankers and reopen negotiations.”

The CNB wants to hold a new round of negotiations with the bankers before the strike is judged by the Federal Labor Court (TST), next Thursday, October 21.

That same day the National Day of Struggle is also set to take place, for which the Confederation has indicated the organization of protests and strikes all over the country.

According to Freitas, “if the proposals are not good for the workers, the strike should be resumed.”

Bank employees are asking for a 19% raise, a bonus of US$ 525 (1,500 reais), a profit-sharing quota equal to one month’s salary plus US$ 420 (1,200 reais), and payment for the days lost as a result of the strike.

The National Federation of Banks (Fenaban) holds to the proposal it made on September 8: an 8.5% raise based on the salaries paid in August.

For employees who receive up to US$ 525 (1,500 reais), an additional fixed value of US$ 10.50 (30 reais) is being offered, over and above the 8.5% raise.

Agência Brasil
Translator: David Silberstein



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