Venezuela’s Telesur Is on the Air. Next Attraction: TV Brazil.

The idea is for Latin America to take a look at itself and promote integration at the same time through a regional television network. The network is Telesur, which went on the air this Sunday via satellite with programming in Portuguese and Spanish.

With its headquarters in Caracas, the network is being financed by Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Cuba, where it has offices. It also has reporters in Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

“It is a different look. It is a Latin American look at Latin American reality. We have an information agenda totally different from what we get from the North,” explains Aram Aharonian, the Telesur director general.

“Multinational networks all send the same image of us. We only make the news when there is a disaster. Up there they see us in black and white. And here we are, a continent full of color, bursting with diversity and plurality.”

Meanwhile, Brazil is moving ahead with its plans for an International Public TV Channel (TV Brasil) that will broadcast news from the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of government to all of South America.

The idea is integration through the exchange of information, ideas and experience.

TV Brasil is scheduled to be on the air in the second half of this year, following two experimental broadcasts covering the 5th World Social Forum, in January, and the recent South American-Arab summit

Agência Brasil


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