Small Brazil Companies That Export Are Few, But on the Rise.

The number of micro and small sized companies in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia that sold products to the foreign market went from 73, in 1998, to 113, last year.

In spite of the increase, the participation of the micro and small companies was of only 1.1% in the value of industrial exports from the state.

The information is in the research made for the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) and the Foreign Trade Studies Center Foundation (Funcex).

The research considered as a micro industrial company the enterprise with annual revenue of up to US$ 300,000 and up to 19 people working. Small sized companies are those with annual revenues between US$ 300,000 and US$ 2.5 million and 20 to 99 working posts.

Germany’s Fair

A group of 125 Brazilian companies participate as of this Saturday, October 8, at the Anuga, the largest foodstuff fair in the world. The Brazilians are going to the fair with support from the Brazilian Export Promotion Agency (Apex).

In the last edition, in 2003, the national companies settled US$ 58.275 million in business deals during the exhibit and returned with perspectives for settling US$ 628.420 million throughout the following 12 months. The aim for this year is to obtain an increase in 10% in the business turnover.


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