Son Abducted by Mother to Brazil Can’t See US Father Even After Mother’s Death

Sean Goldman with father On June 16, 2004 David Goldman said goodbye to his son, Sean, at Newark Airport, in Newark, New Jersey. He didn't know it at the time but his wife, Bruna, was in the process of abducting Sean and taking him to Brazil with no intention of ever returning.  In the United States and under international law, this is called kidnapping.

Brazil is a participating member in an international agreement known as the Hague Treaty, which deals with several issues related to international child custody including custodial kidnapping.  As per this treaty, Sean should have been returned to the United States for a hearing to determine a custodial agreement.

Instead, Sean's mother retained Brazilian lawyers who successfully sought a Brazilian custodial award for the mother simply on the basis that Brazilian law favors the mother.  This was accomplished in spite of the Brazilian Central Authorities stated position that Sean should be returned to the United States.

The case took a bizarre turn when Bruna Goldman divorced David in Brazilian court and preceded to marry her lawyer, João Paulo Lins e Silva, and expert in international family law, including child custody cases. Soon after, Bruna died suddenly during child birth.

Upon hearing of Bruna's passing, David Goldman immediately flew to Brazil to seek custody of Sean.  Much to his surprise, "temporary" custody was awarded to Lins e Silva on the basis that during this difficult time, the child needed his familiar surroundings. No mind that these surroundings were familiar because of the fact that he had been illegally kept there for nearly two years.

For four years, David Goldman has fought a desperate and expensive legal battle for custody of his son, first against the mother Bruna and now against João Paulo Lins e Silva and his father, Paulo Lins e Silva, an internationally known lawyer.  During that time he has never been permitted to see Sean.

This legal battle has generated several acts on the part of the Lins e Silva's. They have delayed at every possible step.  They have fought to have all information pertaining to this case banned from Brazilian media. They have defied Federal Judiciary visitation orders. They have counter sued David Goldman, claiming that his public interviews have damaged their international reputations.

David Goldman's friends have created a website that publishes news and history of this tragic story. There are also email addresses and contacts of people who need to be constantly reminded that this situation must end for the sake of this child and his father. 

People are invited to visit and see what they can do to help.

Stephen Wash is a friend of David Goldman and can be reached at


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  • Anon

    After seeing this story again for the second time, I’m beyond outraged! I just wish for David Goldman we all could do something to help him get his son back. I can’t believe America is letting this injustice take place!

  • O.B.

    UAU, I am chocked to see how ignorant people can be like this Ch.C. which has no knowledge about what he/she is saying. You better know what you are writting before you post such informations like that. Your knowledge about other cultures just proves that not just you but also a lot of people from this culture are complete ignorant about what happen on their surroundings, and guess who pays for that: Yeah, the economy. For your knowledge Brazil is a very prosperous country that is growing economically each day and right now is the best country in the world for investments. What you said about woman having 4-6 children proves again you don’t know what you are talking about, the average children for family are 2-3 kids, and believe you or not, Brazil is one the most countries thats plays a good role for child support and alimony rights. My advice for you my dear, go and get yourself an education and stop being self-centered.

  • A.L

    Son Abducted by Mother to Brazil Can’t See US Father Even After Mother’s Death
    I saw your comments about this case, and I completely think that you are just discriminating Brazil instead of thinking rationally about the case. Unfair cases lcan happen anywhere, even here in your country. You don’t know what reasons took her to leave the marriage and never come back again, she and her son could be suffering some kind of abuse from him. In my case my ex left me in the middle of the night when I was sleeping to leave with another woman, becoming then very abusive and trying to destroi me and his own baby daughter. He used to say to me and everybody about his love about his family, without knowing about his evil plans, I completely trusted him. After he was gone I trusted again on attorneys that had no mercy and only thing I saw was corruption. After three years my ex never showed any interest to see his daughter, or even paying for his obrigations, but he won’t give me her custody. I can’t keep up with my life here anymore and can’t live because of his cruelty of not even signing a travel permission. This is only a very few things not to even mention the worse ones he has done to me and his daughter and that I had to go thru here in your country. And you say about Brazil?! Can’t believe it.

  • Atlatwill

    Joao Paulo Lins e Silva
    Joao Paulo Lins e Silva should absolutely sent straight to hell!!!

  • Sparkle

    I Agree and I’m An American!
    written by Sparkle, June 14, 2009

    I agree with you Marcelo!! Many Americans are hightailing it out of the country while singing the good ole praises of the US. Yet many can’t wait to get the hell out. Northern California looks like Beirut with the mentally ill parading the streets in old dirty blankets because the heartless American system of capiitalism will not finance their stay in a mental hospital. America is the ONLY industrialized country in the world where you have many homeless and sick because the bigwig capitalists here don’t want a universal healthcare system. Many Americans lose their homes because they can’t pay medical bills and this is where the wolves of capitalism come in. They can collect a free house, resell it and make big bucks. If the US had healthcare like other nations they could not benefit off the misery of those in foreclosure.

    Also Americans are hypocrites. I am an American but honest enough to admit this is not the land of golden opportunities. American men are flocking to Brazil in droves to get away from us “big, fat, ugly, loudmouthed” American women. Do you really want to live in a nation where most people are fat, ugly and badtempered? Americans don’t even want to screw each other. They would rather flock to Brazil and Asia to engage in sex with beautiful goodtempered persons unlike themselves.

    All over the US people are falling out over the economy and eating themselves even fatter and uglier. As soon as I can scrape up the money I too will be purcashing a permanent visa to Brazil. I’ve had it with the fat, ugly Americans and their constant whining and bitching. I say let the boy stay in Brazil because in a few years when he is a grown man he will be among the scores of American men hightailig it to Brazil to meet and marry a beautiful Brazilian woman (like his mother) to get away from these f-cked people here.

  • jaci

    Answer to….
    continued from above….

    I just realised that I made some English mistakes above …sorry about that but I am not only a manipulating sex- beast Brazilian woman that use poor men to obtain what I want but I am as well a human being that even though speaks five languages fluently some time mistakes!!!

  • jaci

    Brazilian women answer to Adrian Plata
    First of all I what to send my sympathy to David Goldman for all he is going through .I can only imagine what must like to lose someone you love and not be able to have it back and how frustrated he must feel. I am Swiss-Brazilian who before had to deal with Brazilian low and I know how hard must be for him to deal with the bureaucratic Brazilian low but to everyone that does think like our,I loved a Brazilian girl but my love was not corresponded that is why I hate Brazilian women, friend above ; in Brazil we have as well lows that must be respected despite of À¢€œwe do what feels good attitudeÀ¢€Â.

    I am sick and tired of these sexually deprived men and jealous suppressed women who speak ill of us Brazilians only because they cannot bear our natural sex appeal, freedom and self confidence to do what we want without hypothetically hiding it.

    My massage to you is LET YOUR SELF GO ….translated in Portuguese RELAXA E GOZA

  • Adrian Plata

    continued from above….

    You see… someone needs to point out where all this comes from, I mean, what is happening with Sean Goldman…: A Prominant Lawyer from Rio, Family Law Lawyer no less, falls in love ( or likes having sex with ) a Brazilian woman who came to the US, got married got pregnant becuase she could not stand the crime ridden city she lived in and decided that she wanted to go back when she found that in the US, sacrifice and hard work is what gets you forward… she went back to Brazil, justifying to herself and her family that she was “abused” because she was forced to “work” and “sacrifice” and because here in the US (Less so in the Garden State that is full of the descentants of the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island and have a Work Ethic made of Steel!) we don’t have maids because it’s not OK to exploit our lower class by paying them $100/month. So she goes back to Brazil and again, does what feels good, regardless of the pain that taking her child may have on her father…… or on her child for that matter! Then she uses what God gave her to influence the Lawyer to fall for her sex, so he would defend her…. what a love story that was. They you have the lawyer who for sex, and the feel good mentality, pulls his corruption strings to obtain what the comen hobbing his nob asks him to do…. Then the judges and everyone else involved is happy receiving cash or political favors to help out someone of the “Verde e Amarella” or another Brazilian….

    The whole story makes me wanna throw up.

    You Brazilian women (or men for that matter) supporting this woman and her F***** up lawyer need to realize a few things:
    There is such a thing as divine justice and Karma; Good does eventually win…. All the pain and suffering that this lawyer is imposing on the father AND HIS CHILD will not go unpaid for. He will pay, the world has a way of biting you in the ass for all the thing you do wrong to others. That saying in the Bible ” Do unto others……” does seem to have some veracity to it, after all it is in one of the worlds oldest books. …… I am sure you Brazilians have read it, you are such devout Catholics…..
    It seems like too much of a coincidence to me that a mother:
    that abducts her son from his father,
    then gives up the “putty” to one of the most prominent Family Law Lawyer in the country
    to make him fall for her and defend her case
    to take away her son from his father, his Dad, the one who is going to teach him how to kick a ball….
    and makes the father go through a hell on earth just to see his son…
    Then dies in Childbirth …by accident?..

    This only confirms to me that there is a God and he is watching and ….if I were Mr. Family Law Lawyer from Rio de Janeiro I would be more respectfull of the forces that be, and would really put that “feel good ” attitude on hold….

    Karma anyone?

  • Adrian Plata

    Brazil is the best place to live?????
    LIving in Miami you meet endless cases of Brazilian women who come here, get pregnant and do it for the papers, divorce, stay here for a while, then try to leave with the children. It is common knowledge that Brazilian women (sorry for generalizing girls) are very sexually liberated and understand that they can use this to get the things they want. Case in point, Bruna, Mr’ Goldman’s ex wife. Do you think it is a coincidence that she so called “fell in love” with a wealth Brazilian Family Law Lawyer? Do you see no relation to the protection she was trying to get from him and the way she went about securing it? Brazilian women utilize the oldest profession on the glober to obtain the things they cannot get otherwise. Anyone denying it (usually the Brazilian women themeselves) has a tough time proving otherwise. Any man going out at night can attest to the fact of how easy it is to get these women in bed…. sexually they are much more liberal than people in any of the cultures in North and South America. This brings about an attitude of, if it feels good , then do it….. which in turn is reflected in their society and in the way they deal with problems outside their country. Is there anyone who thinks Brazilian women are prudes? Come on guys raise your hands…..

    Then you have the Brazilians who support the cause of this new lawyer fellow simply bc he is Brazilian, to them it’s like rooting for the national soccer team or something…. like i said, if it feels good, then do it. This is a society which denies doing what is painfully right, because it is not socially accepted to go through sacrifice and hardship to obtian a worthwhile end result, it is more acceptable to have fun, live life, no worries, don’t save, don’t work hard, just enjoy yourself…… even if it is at the cost of another person…. that’s where their conflict with the rest of the world comes in, this is why their society is as it is. Corruption in the political spheres runs rampant… it is the “Viva Eu” mentality, which in turn is supported by the “feel good” theory. See where I am going with all this? Does anyone know where Brazil stands in a ranking of Corruption? Do your homework kids… .

    You see, a country that takes a month and half off every year has to have some sort of carry cost for having these values embeded in their society. The beautiful thing we outsiders see who travel to Brazil for carnival is great opportunity to have wild sex with liberal women who flaunt thier bodies in the street naked…. Carnival anyone?

    For those who say Brazil is the best place to live, I ask you, how many times have you been assaulted in the street? How many people do you know that have been assaulted? Can you walk in the street without fear that you are going to be murdured for your watch? Do you fear your children could be kidnapped at any time? Have you ever thought of coming to the US and getting pregnant so you could stay???? Answer honestly now… I can introduce you to a slew of Brazilian women who have…..

    For those who say Brazil is a country growing economically far beyond what other countries are in the region or outside the region for that matter: I ask you, do you really think it is because of your ethic to work hard, sacrifice to produce more than what you spend? Or is it because you live in a country that is blessed with natural resources to no end, in a time wehre natural resources are highly in demand bc there are more Asians in the world who want to eat? Again, answer honestly…

  • Erna

    There are many such stories. My grandson is one. Brazilian mother with a Brazilian boyfriend that abuses my little grandson and my son has no way of taking him out of harms way. My heart aces every day for my little grandson and watching my son agonize over his inability to do anything. The mothers extended family is now trying to take my grandson away from her,they stand a better chance that his own father, he has no rights in the eyes of Brazilian courts. But we dont have much hope that the court will take the mothers cousterdy away and award my son any rights to his son. My grandson has a US passport but it makes no diffrence.
    The childrean much suffer because of injust justice systems.
    Broken hearted grandmother

  • Jean

    Response to some of the FALSE speculation going on
    If there was ANY slight chance that there was any abuse going on between David and Bruna, she would have stated so when she was far away from him in Brazil, with the best lawyers in the country protecting her and the courts already on her side (in BOTH the United States and Brazil, we all know family courts always give the initial advantage to the mother when it comes to custody of a child). The court documents have been publicized and there is absolutely not even one instance where Bruna even hints that David was abusing her, so that is just out of the question. If that was the case that would have been the first thing her lawyers would have used to easily have all ties severed with David.

    In response to “momoftwo”: to say anyone who has a child with a Brazilian woman should expect them to go back to Brazil one day with the children is just ludicrous! As a responsible wife and mother, Bruna should have been HONEST and UPFRONT about her desires to move the family if she wished to do so. No parent should have to “follow” the other to any country to have to see their children. This goes for mothers, fathers, Americans, Brazilians, Italians, Puerto Ricans, Indians, etc. If a child is conceived, born and raised happily for four years in one place, NO ONE has the right to remove them without consulting the other parent. As for this particular case, I know for a fact David has spent over $350,000 in the past four years on legal fees and travel to Brazil for every single court hearing and opportunity to speak with consulate or anyone who was willing to help. The man has tapped into every resource he has to travel to Brazil and see his son.

    The mother is the one who acted immaturely and created a terrible situation for many people. It was irresponsible for Bruna to do that to her son. Plain and simple. She placed him in a negative situation and neither Sean nor David deserve to be punished for her selfishness. I have a child myself and I would NEVER think of uprooting them from their father, grandparents, school and friends because I missed home. She should have thought of that before she settled in the U.S. and if it really became too much for her, she should have tried to work something out with her husband before fleeing to Brazil. I am no longer in a relationship with my child’s father and I do have reason to basically hate him, but as a father he is loving and a part of my daughter’s life. I would never think of cutting off their relationship because of my own personal ill feelings towards him. A child’s relationship with their natural father is just as important as a mother’s and I have no respect for ANY parent who puts any of their own desires before the welfare of their child and the most important thing for a healthy child is to have a strong relationship with BOTH of their natural parents. This woman put her own wishes first, instead of trying to come to a resolution that would make everyone happy and keep her child’s life steady.

  • am

    Rios not that great just cuz brazil is” improving”
    Her name was bianchi, shes an italobrazilian. Brazil is the most italian country in numbers after italy.

    OB Ive been to Brazil and the economy is not that great. They sold expensive oil. Big deal! the world economy is melting down and brazil isnt protected because it exports energy and food to it. The rich people in Rio don’t have it that great its not all glamor. They have armed guards everywhere. Its a great economy for brunas family but they have bodyguards and fences.

  • AcS

    Well, after reading through the numerous comments, I felt a need to make one of my own. I am not going to sit here and “BASH” Brazil…. as it’s not the Country’s fault for this HORRIBLE INJUSTICE! It’s the fault of the Mother and the court system in Brazil. For Bruno to not only kidnap her son, but also deny any visitation between him and his father, it is harmful to his well being. Every child deserves to know his or her mother AS WELL AS his or her father. She deprived him of that right, and for that alone, she should be facing criminal charges. This poor man has gone to h*ll and back to try to FINALLY be apart of his son’s life again. With the amount of men in this world that deny the responsibilities of having children, it’s so sad to me to see this man that truly does wants to be in his sons life, continues to be raked over the coals by the Brazilian government. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this child is much better off with his biological father. Pictures and videos do a lot of justice, but above all, this man’s unrelentless fight to get his son back, speaks massive amounts about his character. Joao Paulo Lins e Silva is NOT Seans father, he does not have any true rights to him, and whether he was awarded temporary custody or NOT, he needs to surrender this boy to his real father. If only this man would think of how he might feel, if the same thing had happened to him with his newborn daughter. And the saddest part of all of this is Joao Paulo Lins e Silva is an attourney in Brazil who’s main practice is FAMILY LAW. Now either that gave him a HUGE advantage in this situation, or he’s just a complete idiot that can not practice what he preaches. I’m sadden and disgusted by this situation. My prayers will not stop until Sean is back at home in NEW JERSEY with his father. David Goldman is the ONLY person that has ALWAYS cared about Sean’s well being. Obviously his Mother didn’t, nor did his Maternal grandparents, let alone his unasked for step father. Please, lets stop the arguing, and lets try to figure out a way to help aid David in his quest to bring his son back home where he belongs!

  • JP

    Comment to Dyanna
    Dyanna, based on the logic of your posting I feel justified in proposing an equally surreal theory of Bruna. You never know what goes on in someone’s mind. Bruna could have believed that she was conceived by extra-terrestrial astro-dwellers from an an unknown planet in an unkown galaxy. When she abducte Sean, her parents contacted her and told her that she needed to take him to Brazil where the army of her home planet was soon to overtake and from there rule the world. Sean would be the new world leader, as Bruna discovered that she was a stellar princess, and he right all wrongs on our evil-ridden planet earth. Until she died, she was awaiting the glorious day of return and triumph of her supergalactic race. However, this never happened because she died (probably because the nemesis of her race in the universe discovered the plan and killed her before she could perform the welcoming ritual that was necessary for her to preside over in order for it to come to fruition.

    I know this seems far fetched, Dyana, but know this: Based on the FACTS of the Goldman case, my theory is just as likely as yours.

  • Jenny

    Comment to Dyanna,
    You clearly are unfamiliar with this case. Bruna always claimed that David was a wonderful father to Sean. You applaud Bruna?…for destroying her family?…and why are you sure Sean is being well taken of?……Should a kidnapped child be kept with the conspiritors just because they are being taken care of?..He should be immediately be handed over to his real father …and criminal proceediings started against the lawyer that Bruna married.

  • JP

    Comment to Renata
    Renata, it is tragic that you have experienced the troubles you did pertaining to your previous marriage, abuse, divorce and custudy battles. However, your situation and David Goldman’s case are apples and oranges. The FACTS fo the Goldman case make it clear that David and Sean are victims of Sean’s mother, the Brazilian government and court system. No country is perfect, but Brazil is unquestionably violating international law. This case, unlike yours, is a complete outrage. I think the people who attack Brazil as a country are rightfully angry at Brazil’s negligence in this case. It appears the Brazilian government and court system is honoring national interests above moral and international law. The fact that you are quick to defend Brazil, with no valid points in your favor nor factual support, belies the same sort of irrational nationalism that we have been witnessing in this case for 4 years. On a personal note, and I think many would agree with me, that if you believe that Sean’s mother did a good thing and that Brazil has upheld jjustice in this case, then I would say you should move back to Brazil. I say this because it appears to me that you do not share the unified and common values that we americans share in the US. David Goldman, in his unbearable distress, does not need you casting your own personal vendetta against american men in the face of this case. Be rational, use logic, and deal with your own case as needed; yet stop shaming yourself, and dishonoring David — along with America, and keep your inappropriate comments to yourself.

  • dyana

    You never know what goes on behind closed doors. David Goldman could have been an abusive husband. His loving dad facade might be an act. I applaud Bruna (may she rest in peace) for having the courage to leave. I am sure Sean Goldman is being well taken care of by Jao and should stay in Brazil where his mother is buried and where his sister and maternal family are.

  • Renata

    comments about brazilian abduction case
    I am Brazilian and I read about this case of David and his son Sean.
    Brazil is the best place to live and to raise a child because over there family really matters,unfortunally the mother died ,but I believe when she left without no intention of returning back ,she had her reasons and I admired her courage . I am divorded from an abused american men and our daughter is 9 years old now ,the only reason I didn’t have the same courage yet it is because I fear to loose custody and face jail .I’ve being fighting in court for 8 years now and I never lost custody of my daughterbut In american law it doesn’t matter if the father is a good parent or crazy or put the child in danger and unsafe environment he always gets visitation because is a biological parent and the courts sees that the child needs both in theire life even being abused and bad influence or arrested for drug possession and influency they still get a supervised visitations . Well all that is what I’ve been fighting for with my ex who says he loves his daughter but doesn’t do anything to change and for almost one year still didn’t start his supervised visitations beside not even comply with his child support on time ,it is always when he wants to pay and I have to live here ,without no family members and covered in a credit card debts . This father who says he loves his daughter put me in a situation 3 years ago that I was forced to move from the apartment I was living with my daughter because I had no more money to pay rent due to the fact that he didn’t pay me at that time for 2 years in a row and I was forced to live with a friend who helped us until I save some money to rent another place. I have a lot of more to share of how hard and difficulty it has being living here in a country where the law is all wrong regarding best interest of the child ,a lot of things should change here. In Brazil if the father is late only one day in child support he goes to jail, over here nobody do anything about it, the judge doesn’t even want to mix custody and child support in a hearing case. I don’t know how was the story in Seans mother case to make her live ,but going through what I go through I think she had many reasons . So for those people who are talking so bad about Brazil, they should try to really find out and get more information of what they are talking about. Brazil is a country where we live and enjoy each other , we know the meaning of love ,we have time for family and friends, and get together we are warm people ,not like here that people from the same family don’t talk to each other, are cold or not even spend time together and don’t have time for family ,everybody is too busy thinking about make more and more money that they forget about what family is about .I am here stuck in a country that I don’t belong and my ex doesn’t even see our daughter ,because if I go home to provide a better and safe life for my daughter I will be charge for kidnapping.

  • momoftwo

    I am divorced from a Brazilian man & have children with him
    The first thing that has to be considered is that when you agree to enter into marriage and have children with someone from another culture, you have to always keep it in your mind that they are not “home” and one day they will want to go home. Especially Brazilian women, in their culture they raise familys with all of their family: mothers, sisters, aunts, etc. So for a Brazilian woman to come here and marry & have a child.. that man had to know she would eventually want her home & family in Brazil. If it were me, I would have spent all the time in Brazil that I had to, in court, in the consolate. Get a job there, they hand out visas to anyone willing to come. If my children were taken to another country, that is where I would be too. He needs to remember she was their mother, children need both parents. As for now, 2 years later.. not seeing this child, not speaking the same language as the child (unless ele fala portuguese), what is best for this child? The childs life is a huge mess, and he (the child) is the only one thats going to suffer from the whole thing.
    Even though I’m divorced from my Brazilian husband, it is in our parenting plan how much out of the country time he can have per year & that I travel with them and stay with one of my Brazilian girlfriends in the same city.

  • Sam

    She was my Italian teacher in high school. I thought she was so nice. Evil evil woman. Also, not Italian….fraud.

  • forrest allen brown

    LA & OB
    looks like you 2 are doing dammage control .

    LA call the state attonery genral on your case he will be made to pay child suport to you and
    the child ,all laywers aer the same if you dont belive call the one whom has the boy staying in brazil
    give him the money and let him work if you dont feel you got a fare deal

    OB and whom are you working for the mans laywer also
    men from the north have kids there with women then move south or to another
    city to make money as they say send $50 reals back a month
    then go out and find another woman and do it again .

    if you do not belive this go down and ask the working grils near the beach
    and most are there to feed there kids that are being rasied by there mothers as the men
    dont pay a dime ands the courts play games as to who has the money or the best name

    as for the boy just pay a gunman to work out a deal that is
    how the brazilianz do it
    to the poor or gringoes

  • ch.c.

    Is this what he wants families to endure in his country?
    but…but….in Brazil males procreate children and then…RUN AWAY !
    That is one of the reason for their high rate of poverty….in a country not ranked as poor.
    In fact Brazil has the World Highest Poverty Rate…when measured on a GDP per capita. More simple and clear….there is not.

    The mom has 4 to 6 children from 2-3 or 4 fathers, Nooo income, Noooo alimony whatsoever !
    And even if she has job, guess how much she would earn due to her low or non education.


  • George F. Naryshkin

    I went thru a custody battle in the US. My child’s mother attempted to prevent me from seeing my daughter and the law allowed this injustice to go on. I cannnot imagine the pain and frustration this father is enduring. This sort of thing must stop. A man who particiapted in the unlawful kidnapping of a child is allowed to be with the boy, but not the natural father? Lula should be ashamed of himself. Is this what he wants families to endure in his country?

  • Ernest Barteldes

    Way too wierd
    This is a clear case of flawed justice. The mother should have immediately been arrested and extradited to the US.

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