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Brazil Exports 804 Soccer Players in 2005 and Makes US$ 1 Billion in a Decade

Between 1994 and 2005 Brazil exported soccer players to foreign clubs valued in over US$ 1 billion, reported the Sunday edition of O Estado de S. Paulo, one of Brazil’s main newspapers.

Furthermore the tendency is for the number of Brazilian players transferred to foreign clubs to keep increasing since in 2005 the value was 55% higher than in 2004.

Although the newspaper also points out that is was an exceptional period particularly with the sale of young star Robinho from Santos to Spain’s galactic team: Real Madrid in an estimated figure of US$ 18 million.

However 2006, a World Cup year, also shows an interesting surge with soccer players "exports" representing 25 million US dollars for Brazil, according to the latest report from the Central Bank.

Brazil’ Football Confederation statistics confirm that Brazil is the largest market for overseas clubs looking for promising football stars at relatively cheap prices.

In 2005 a total of 804 Brazilian football players were transferred overseas, a slight drop from 2004 with 857.

Of that number 40 went to Japan; 20 to Germany; 15 to Saudi Arabia; 14 to Venezuela; 12 to the United States; 9 to Iran; 7 to Austria; 6 to Bosnia-Herzegovina; 5 to China; 5 to Hong Kong and 3 to Angola with the rest to other countries in all continents.

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  • Precious

    Dear sir
    Dear sir,
    i will be grateful if i will be given a chance to come and play for a club in brazil to show my skill. Am very good in Mid-field. Am 17 years old. Am from Nigeria. i am visically fit and has stamina to play. i wish to be given a chance to play.
    Email: vintag4reality@yahoo.com

  • emmanuel okereke

    Dear Sir,
    Greeting to you sir, I here by apply to play for your team .I am a born Nigerian, I am 19year old, I sew your email so I decided to mail you. I have played in some clubs in Nigeria. I have played state and interstate leagues. I have also played state and interstate clubs too. I am a very good attacker and midfielder, I am a utility play that can play the roll of a central defender. Some of the clubs I have played for such as; I played for Atak football clubs of Lagos from 2003 to 2005 that year I played the chief of naval staff cup with the team were I obtained a diploma certificate in soccer. I also played for shark football club of Port Harcourt in 2005, I played super league with the team…
    I presently play for mighty amphibious football club of port Harcourt, I played the national male challenge cup with the team were I also obtained my first national male football league license in 2006.I have gone to some clubs within Nigeria for trial ..
    I love traveling and meeting people i make new friends easily. Sir all I am asking is for you to sent me an invitation letter to come over and prove to you the kind of player i am..belive you me, youˢ۪ll ever regret why you have done this. I am not asking you for money ok.All i just want you to do is to send me an invitation letter to back up my traveling document so I can come over to be with the team very soon.
    if I am invited, I promise to be hard working, dedicated to the team, and to make sure that my presents in the team will bring victory and improvement to the clubs. I hope to hear from u soon… (See my profile below and my contact)
    yours sincerely
    Emmanuel Okereke


    SPORT PROFILE NAME: Emmanuel Okereke chijoke


    NATIONALITY: Nigeria

    STATE: River state

    CITY: port Harcourt

    SPORT: Soccer (FOOTBALL)

    POSITION: Attacker and midfielder

    LEVEL: Amateur (D3-D7)

    HEIGHT: 5.ft 6inch

    WEIGHT: 68kg

    SPEED: 11.45secs

    MILE TIME: 5min54secs


    POWER: 9


    AGILITY: 80

    ARE YOU REPRESENTED? Looking for agent

    POSITION PLAYED: Attacker and midfielder

    PRESENT CLUB: mighty amphibious football club of Port Harcourt

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