Paraguay Gets a Hand from Brazil’s Electoral Expertise

Paraguay’s electoral process will enjoy a major boost, thanks to an agreement the Organization of American States (OAS) signed with the government of Brazil yesterday.

Under the agreement, Brazil will provide technical assistance that will enhance electronic voting in Paraguay.

Carlos Middeldorf, Alternate Representative of Brazil to the OAS, signed the agreement for his government, underscoring Brazil’s “vast and very successful experience with electronic voting.”

He said Brazil stands ready to share this experience with other countries so desiring.

He added that “Brazil feels the OAS has the most efficient and most effective mechanisms through which to expand electronic voting processes.”

Meanwhile, signing on behalf of the Organization, John Biehl, Director of the Department of Democratic and Political Affairs, thanked the Brazilian government for its assistance in this initiative, citing the assistance being provided by Brazil as “vital to democratic processes.”

He pointed to the recent experience with electronic voting in Ecuador, stating that the preliminary report by the OAS’ electoral observation mission has underscored the important role played by Brazilian technical assistance.

He went on to note that the report refers to the help from Brazil and its technical team, along with equipment they facilitated, as a major contributor to the success of those [Ecuadorian] elections.”



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