Brazil’s Plan to Reduce Breast and Uterus Cancer by 30%

A 30% reduction in eight years in deaths caused by breast cancer and a 50% reduction in five years in the incidence of cancer of the uterus – the two forms of cancer responsible for the highest indices of female mortality due to cancer in Brazil.

These are the goals of a group of measures that are part of the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s Oncological Care Policy, launched Monday, November 28, to commemorate National Anti-Cancer Day.

The objective of the new anti-cancer policy, for which US$ 76 million will be allocated in 2006, is to increase the number of early diagnoses by training health professionals in early-stage detection of the disease.

The secretary of Health Care, José Gomes Temporão, informed that a Plan for the Control of Cancer of the Uterus and Breast will be framed and the National Program for the Control of Smoking and other Risk Factors will be reinforced, since lung cancer (which is the second most frequent cause of male deaths in the country) has been increasing among women.

There are also plans to list each state’s activities in connection with the Oncological Care Network on the Internet. This list will serve to monitor what is being done around the country. The service will also transmit clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of the disease.



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    Fast track
    So, 30% less.
    new anti-cancer policy, for which US$ 76 million will be allocated…

    Ladies, sorry but you will continue in the 30% bracket or worst. No sweet dreams here.

    The question here is not the 30%. The question is

    How the politicians and vultures, and ot animals her kind of politcal animals will split evenly the $76 Mil ?
    Answers . I want answers

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