Brazil Hires Google and YouTube to Help Promote Brazilian Tourism

YouTube's Embratur siteBrazilian tourism agency Embratur and Google have just launched a tool to promote Brazil tourism overseas. An exclusive channel on site YouTube brings videos of several tourist destinations, as well as statements by foreign tourists and national celebrities speaking about the country.

“We want the world, those who visit us, talking about our experience,” said Embratur president Jeanine Pires at a press conference marking the release of the tool in São Paulo.

“We sell experiences, not tangible products,” said Pires, on explaining the decision of associating the videos and images of sites to statements about Brazil made by visitors and famous people.

Among the celebrities participating, for example, is tennis player Gustavo Kuerten and Globo TV presenter Maria Paula.

The videos, narrated in Portuguese or English, are subtitled in 68 languages, including Arabic. Initially, there are already recordings about 88 sites, but the number of tourist destinations promoted abroad by Embratur should reach at least 280.

Another attraction of the tool is its association with Google Maps. While the web user sees the video about a specific destination or Brazilian state, the site shows its position on the country map.

Google took six months to produce this project exclusively for Embratur. Still in the first half of this year, Internet surfers may add their own videos and statements.

According to figures supplied by Embratur, 27.6% of the foreign tourists who traveled to Brazil in 2008 used the Internet as the main source of information for the trip.

Pires did not inform the amount invested in the tool, which she said is part of a greater strategy for promotion of Brazil abroad. “It is the fruit of a something we noticed was missing for those interested in visiting Brazil.”

However, she said that 30% of the Embratur investment in advertising is turned to digital communication.

“This experience is, in the tourist point of view, a global case,” pointed out the Embratur president, adding that other countries have already got in contact with Google to develop a similar tool.

“While other destinations simply have video brand channels, this combination channel designed for Brazil offers innovation and experiential reviews for travelers because of our integration with Google Maps,” said Pires.

“Our goal is to allow travelers to experience Brazil before they arrive. We want the world to know Brazil as a modern destination, one that starts international trends online, as we know many tourists look to these sources. Foreigners may not know Brazil is a continental country and for the first time, we are showing our destinations’ diversity through videos and maps.”

According to Jaderson Alencar, the Marketing manager at Embratur and also the person responsible for the project, there should be “massive promotion” of the site, with its inclusion in all the social networks belonging to Google, for example, and the sending of a list with over 400,000 names of people related to the tourist sector, among other activities.

Also participating in the interview were Alex Dias, the director general of Google Brazil, and Jorge Dib, director of the Tourism area at Google.

Ready to Host the World

As host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is positioned to gain heightened promotion as a global tourism destination before, during and after the events. To help define tourism goals for 2010 and beyond, EMBRATUR has created the Aquarela Plan 2020, setting forth objectives over the next ten years.

Goals of the Aquarela plan include:

–  A 113% increase in international tourism from 2010 to 2020,
bringing 11.1 million foreign visitors to Brazil

–  Increase foreign spending by 304% within Brazil, totaling $17.6 billion.

–  An increase totaling 500,000 tourists in Brazil in 2014 and a 15
percent increase in 2016, the year of the Olympic Games in Rio, in
relation to the previous year.

–  Maintain sustained growth of at least one percentage point above the average growth rate in South America.

–  Consolidate tourism leadership in South America, with 27% share of the tourists on the continent.

Americans are main targets of Brazil’s tourist promotion as the United States is the second largest source of tourists to Brazil behind Argentina.

In 2008, 625,506 American tourists visited Brazil noting sun and beach as the top reason for leisure travelers at 33.7%. Culture was also an important driver at 27.3% and importantly, 94.6% of American visitors noted they intend to return.




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  • Alison McGowan

    Embratur & promotion of Brazil
    John and Paul I agree with you. A small step but an awful lot more to do. Dawn- why do you bother commenting? If you dislike Brazil so much we are happy not to have you here.

  • Paul Barnett

    A Small Step….
    A dread to think what this small step will have cost if it took Google that long to develop, and I wonder if there will be any measurement in terms of return on investment.

    One investment that would cost little and generate massive returns would be a campaign to push for a change in the visa rules which make it diffult for Americans to spend their dollars here – and the main reason many Americans opt for Argentina over Brazil.

    One day common sense may win over egos and the rules will be changed. I hear this may already be on the cards, I guess in time for the Olympics, and that would be one major positive outcome of the Olympics if it happens.

    The problem also is that it´s ok getting tourists here, but still in many parts of Brazil they are simply not going to be well served if they don´t speak Portuguese – which I would guess means the vast majority. In Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, you still can´t get a guide book that tells the history of the place in English, most local guides do not speak English either, and those that do are seem badly informed. This is not just an issue in Olinda it is the same in many places.

    It is a reason I launched a travel blog, that grew into a guide, and is now evolving into a network of guides. See and the site which is currently evolving.

    Whilst the embratur initiative will help, I do feel the same investment directed in other ways would have delivered better results and faster.

  • Dawn Green

    Do you honestly anyone would choose to go to Brazil? Probably the onlt South American country I wouldnt go

  • John Miller

    Progress of a sort
    Well, it is a small step, and to be applauded, but so much much more to do.
    As an operator of a small guesthouse in Rio, I am amazed at how Embratur is so quick to pat itself of the back when it finally gets around to doing even the smallest thing ( and lets be frank here, what has been done with Google and Youtube aint exactly earth shattering). I have quite frankly given up on Embratur ever accomplishing anything meaningful. The number of tourists who visit Brasil is so litte, that even the smallest improvement could be accomplished by blind freddy and his dog.
    Embratur is a terminally ill quase government instituition that should be closed or privayitised and or opened up to competition, too much deasd wood sitting around collecting paycnecks.

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