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Brazil to Ban Glamour and Sex in Drinking Ads

The Brazilian federal government intends to be tougher with rules on advertising for alcoholic beverages and has a new regulation that is scheduled to go into effect in six months.

The six-month delay in applying the new rules will permit public consultations (during 60 days) and further examination of the issue by authorities.

Some proposed changes are: TV commercials for beverages with a certain alcoholic content can only be shown between 9 pm and 6 am and cannot make claims that drinking improves athletic abilities. The new rules will also prohibit attempts to bond drinking with civil or religious events, driving or sexual conquests.

Minister Jorge Armando Felix, the head of the Office of Institutional Security, puts the problem this way: "We want to disconnect the link that is made in advertising between drinking and social success. After all, it does not exist in reality."

Recently the World Health Organization reported that drinking has increased in Brazil over the last 35 years by over 70%, placing the country on the list of the top 25 countries in alcohol consumation.

Meanwhile, the WHO report shows that neighbors Argentina and Chile are moving in the opposite direction, reducing consumption. There have also been drops in alcohol consumption in the United States and Canada.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Oh, boy…
    You mean that from now on we will NOT be able to see beautifull girls after the 4th scotch?


    You she
    1 scotch fucking ugly as Lula 2 scotch beauty -ugly as Lula
    3 scotch beauty(?) as Lula
    4 scotch as Lula
    5 scotch Lula

    Now !
    It’s your move or you’ll not seize the opportunity.
    Never mind her face. You are piss-drunk anyway so what you see is what you get.

    Have a nice evening

  • Guest

    A view from the UK
    Drinking is part of the ‘British Culture’ and some of the best adverts on TV are advertising alcohol , some winning awards such as Guiness and Heiniken.

    There are already very strict rule governing the advertising of alcohol with a strong ‘code of conduct’, we also have the ‘Advertising Standards Agency’ which strongly regulates this with the ability to order the withdrawal of advertisments and I think levy fines.

    The concern in the UK is with ‘Alco-pops’, very sweet strong alcoholic drinks which are targeted at the lates teens and early twenties. These have ‘encouraged’ under-age drinking and so the industry itself now self regulates the advertising of these drinks.

    In the UK 24/7 drinking as just been introduced amid a lot of worries about binge drinking and possible street violence. In my opinion there is only so much anyone can drink and if they are going to drink too much they will. I do not think there has been an increase with the level of violence and even if this were so when ‘we’ get used to the new ‘culture’ we will enjoy a drink when ever we want and not be told to go home at 11pm like children.

    The Americans and Canadians do go with trends and if the government tell them to stop drinking, they do. In England we tend to resent too much regulation in our lives by the government.

    I have enjoyed a Brazilian carnival drinking Cachaca and Skol, Bramha. Brahma is now exported to the UK with a big advertising campaign with images of Brazil. It is very sensible and my friends have asked me about the beer, I have recommended it. Good for Brazil?

    As with so much in life to have a drink is pleasent and enjoyable, to over indulge is not desirable, and as an experienced drinker I know hang-overs are not much fun.

  • Guest

    but the world champions are……
    France and Russia !!!!


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