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Brazil’s Petrobras Has Big Plans and US$ 17 Billion to Spend in 2006

Petrobras – Brazilian Petroleum S.A. – plans to invest US$ 17.4 billion next year on petroleum exploration and production, expansion and modernization of its refineries, and increased oil production in Brazil and abroad.

In a note to the press, the State enterprise affirms that 2006 will be "the year when Brazil will become self-sufficient in petroleum."

Petrobras announces that four new platforms will start up operations, adding 360 thousand barrels in daily petroleum production.

As a result, the company expects to establish a daily average production figure of 1.91 million barrels of petroleum in Brazil, more than what the country consumes, thus achieving self-sufficiency.

According to Petrobras, overall oil and gas production in Brazil and abroad should reach an average of 2.5 million barrels of oil per day.

In its foreign operations, the company expects to produce 317 thousand barrels of oil and gas per day, 16% more than in 2005.



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    Quick Question
    Hi, I’m 15 and I’ve decided to write a report on “Brazil’s Petrobras” and I just wanted to know, How does this company and it’s plans effect Brazil’s economy? Does it make it better? Or worse? How efficient is the company? And how does the Brazilian govenment and people respond to the acts of the company; Petrobras? If you can take the time to answer these questions some time that’d be great but if you can’t, thanks for the help this article gave me for my report.

  • Guest

    This is it. All plans are done with government corrupts managing that US$ 17 Billion.
    I’d say that the corrupts (read government) will take the billion and the 17 goes to charities.

    What about self-sufficiency in oil? Any news on that? Is Brazil exporting oil to the Arab countries?
    Are the Arab countries begging for a better price yet?
    Ooops! My fault the sufficiency bullshit is a couple of lines down the road.

    “Petrobras announces that four new platforms will start up operations, adding 360 thousand barrels in daily petroleum production”. Are the deadlines already set? In what year or century for that matter these platforms are supposed to cranking in?

    As the saying goes: “The plan was PERFECT but the execution was a shit”.

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