Brazil Favorite to Win World Cup Followed by Argentina

With the draw for the 2006 World Cup taking place today in Leipzig, Germany, has posted its odds on the largest event in the world. Brazil is hands down the number 1 favorite.

The United States, a quarterfinalist last time around, is only a 90-1 long shot to win the title, the same odds as Paraguay and ahead of only 13 other teams in the 32 team field.

Defending champion Brazil is the clear favorite with 3-1 odds followed by their South American arch rivals Argentina at 13-2.
Despite recent success on the global scene, including a strong performance in the 2002 World Cup and a top ten FIFA world ranking, the USA is still considered a small player in world soccer.

The United States felt slighted not to be one of the eight top seeds in the tournament, which would have meant a guarantee that they would not be drawn in the same group as traditional powers like Brazil, France, Argentina or Germany.

Mexico, who the US defeated in the second round in the 2002 World Cup, and who the US finished ahead of in the qualifying tournament for Germany 2006, is one of the top eight seeds.

"The US is a strong team and one that can pull off a rare upset, but it still lacks the pedigree and talent that the European and South American teams bring to the table," said Peter Childs, Odds Maker,

" is proud to be the only online sportsbook in the world focused on American soccer fans. No one else provides such comprehensive odds for the US team," added Childs.

Other favorites for the title include England (7-1), hosts Germany (8-1), Holland (9-1), Italy (9-1) and France (10-1). As for the other CONCACAF qualifiers, Mexico is the pick of the crop at 50-1, while Costa Rica (500-1) and Trinidad and Tobago (1,000-1) bring up the rear.

The Ivory Coast has the top odds among the African contingent at 80-1, while Japan at 150-1 tops the list of Asian contenders. Australia, representing the Oceania region, is a 200-1 bet.

Who will win the 2006 World Cup?
    Brazil                     3-1            Poland                    70-1
    Argentina                 13-2            Paraguay                  90-1
    England                    7-1            USA                       90-1
    Germany                    8-1            Switzerland              100-1
    Holland                    9-1            Japan                    150-1
    Italy                      9-1            Australia                200-1
    France                    10-1            Ecuador                  200-1
    Spain                     16-1            Angola                   250-1
    Portugal                  20-1            Ghana                    250-1
    Czech Republic            25-1            South Korea              250-1
    Sweden                    40-1            Togo                     300-1
    Mexico                    50-1            Tunisia                  350-1
    Ukraine                   50-1            Costa Rica               500-1
    Serbia & Montenegro       60-1            Iran                     500-1
    Croatia                   65-1            Saudi Arabia             750-1
    Ivory Coast               80-1            Trinidad & Tobago      1,000-1 offers numerous products including sports betting, horse racing, poker, casino and virtual games. It is the flagship brand for Sportingbet PLC. Headquartered in London, England, Sportingbet is the world’s largest publicly traded online betting, gambling and gaming company. –


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  • Guest

    How about Ecuador????? They beat us, they put on a show…I think they will beat England, beat Portugal and loose to Brazil…The other side I see Argentina and Australia comming out and Argentina wins final with the powerhouse BRAZIL…Maradonna is chearing on his team GOOOOO Argentina…OLE

  • Guest

    Thanks T&T for the memories. You turned us into a nation of flag wavers, we all very proud of you. Look forward to seeing you again in 2010.

    Congrats to all who made it through to the second round. Spain and Argentina look like the front runners with “everyone’s” (neutrals that is) favourite, Brazil and the host, Germany very close behind. Australia is my underdog from now on.

  • Guest

    AUSTRALIA all the way! We beat Uruguay and don’t think thats the last time we’ll shock the world! KILLD Japan in our first match which was expected. The odds are against us with Brazil – but anything is possible!

  • Guest

    Sorry guys, in my enthusiasm I presed the send button too many times.

    Anyway good luck to all my your respective teams put the best on show and delight us all.

    T&T … we want a goal … but more importantly we’ll show you the love when you get home …

  • Guest

    The momentum is still building. June 15th is the date to watch. I’m also hoping that Brazil bring something special to the game as they did in Spain in 1982. The game is played differently today largely due to the team of Zico, Socrates, Junior, Eder and company (my apologies if I spelt any of the players names incorrectly). T&T will introduce the world to Edwards, Lawrence, Birchal, Whitley as well as reacquainting us with Yorke and Hislop. Coaches will take center stage at this tournament and Leo Beenhakkar will be at the forefront.

    Good luck to all teams – give us your best and enjoy the experience

  • Guest

    Brazilian babe

  • Guest

    Just One
    I liked Germay’s play in yesterday’s game against Costa Rica (Beautiful Counrty). They played like a team and showed great talent. But!!!!!!!

    Didn’t Germany’s Captain say there team for this world cup is very unexperienced and will have many challenges this world cup. I WOULD LISTEN TO THE CAPTAIN.

    As for Germany they are a very good host country and I would love them to see success. But!!!!! theres my But again. NOT THIS YEAR BOY’S, MAYBE NEXT TIME AROUND!!!!

  • Guest

    Jusr One
    I think, Brazil is going to win there sixth world cup, and not only be the leader in world cup dominace, but they will be the first to win back to back cups, twice.

    As for England, they only won today because there opposition scored on themselves. thats not a really victory. I think they played very poorly and are at risk if they don’t get things togeather soon!!!

  • Guest

    The Eponomous One
    Ausssies will do nuffin. NUffin I tells ya !!! This ain’t cricket it’s football. Even Hiddink can’t make a Brazilian silk purse out of a Australian sow’s ear….

  • Guest

    Australia will win the world cup.

  • Guest

    Wot Dave? T & T? Come on! The only reason one Carribean team -Jamaica – got to the World Cup in 98 was all the pot smoke drifting over the field putting off the opposition in the qualifiers when they played at home. But T & T? No way mon…….

  • Guest

    The momentum is building, the Soca Warriors change the course of history, Trinidad & Tobago 1 Brazil 1 in the final and the Cup is sheared (:-)

  • Guest

    I think it is the usual suspects – Brazil, England,Italy, Argentina, Holland, Germany and (maybe) Portugal.
    Yes, England do have a better chance than usual – however with England it is as always a question of whether they can ovecome the fact that their fear of losing is usually greater than their will to win . That and Ericksson’s inferiority complex when playing Brazil (as demonstrated with both Sweden in 94 and England in 02)

    DOn’t think Argentina will win it despite talent. Germany as always will go far despite having being in truly atrocious form and having maybe 2 world class players (they always do in World Cups and this one will be no exception). Holland *could* win it if they can overcome their burgeoning superegos and actually function as a TEAM. Spain will (as always) CHOKE and fail. With Italy you never know what they’ll do (or why). Over-emotionalism and impossible expectations will probably do in Argentina (despite the mega-talents of such as Messi and Riquelme).And Scolari *may* be able to coax Portugal into performing and- if he does Deco & co just might go all the way – especially with the ever dangerous Pauleta lurking. The problem with Portugal is their severely porous defence. If that is improved and they perform then they are an extremely dangerous team. But then again….

    Well, we’ll see. My sneaking suspicion is that England will win it (despite the probable absence of Rooney and a truly offensive over-hyping media). If England can’t win it then I’d like to see the Dutch win. A Dutch win is long overdue.

    Anyone but Brazil for the umpteenth time. That would be a crashing bore.

  • Guest

    usa, usa, usa
    We’re already leaders in everything else, why not soccer now? But seriously, I think Holland has a good shot.

  • Guest

    we will win

  • Guest

    the boy wonder
    i think the powerful Ghanaians have what it takes to win the world cup.YES! they will suprise the world.

  • Guest

    I think that England have a really good chance this year of winning it just as long as Rooney is fully fit. I also think the Netherlands have a very strong team. I saw a game between them and Germany when i was in Holland. They were up 2-0 and then Germany came back to tie 2-2. Great game!

  • Guest

    It\’s Obvious
    I reckon Trinidad & Tobago will win.

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