Brazil Favorite to Win World Cup Followed by Argentina

With the draw for the 2006 World Cup taking place today in Leipzig, Germany, has posted its odds on the largest event in the world. Brazil is hands down the number 1 favorite.

The United States, a quarterfinalist last time around, is only a 90-1 long shot to win the title, the same odds as Paraguay and ahead of only 13 other teams in the 32 team field.

Defending champion Brazil is the clear favorite with 3-1 odds followed by their South American arch rivals Argentina at 13-2.
Despite recent success on the global scene, including a strong performance in the 2002 World Cup and a top ten FIFA world ranking, the USA is still considered a small player in world soccer.

The United States felt slighted not to be one of the eight top seeds in the tournament, which would have meant a guarantee that they would not be drawn in the same group as traditional powers like Brazil, France, Argentina or Germany.

Mexico, who the US defeated in the second round in the 2002 World Cup, and who the US finished ahead of in the qualifying tournament for Germany 2006, is one of the top eight seeds.

"The US is a strong team and one that can pull off a rare upset, but it still lacks the pedigree and talent that the European and South American teams bring to the table," said Peter Childs, Odds Maker,

" is proud to be the only online sportsbook in the world focused on American soccer fans. No one else provides such comprehensive odds for the US team," added Childs.

Other favorites for the title include England (7-1), hosts Germany (8-1), Holland (9-1), Italy (9-1) and France (10-1). As for the other CONCACAF qualifiers, Mexico is the pick of the crop at 50-1, while Costa Rica (500-1) and Trinidad and Tobago (1,000-1) bring up the rear.

The Ivory Coast has the top odds among the African contingent at 80-1, while Japan at 150-1 tops the list of Asian contenders. Australia, representing the Oceania region, is a 200-1 bet.

Who will win the 2006 World Cup?
    Brazil                     3-1            Poland                    70-1
    Argentina                 13-2            Paraguay                  90-1
    England                    7-1            USA                       90-1
    Germany                    8-1            Switzerland              100-1
    Holland                    9-1            Japan                    150-1
    Italy                      9-1            Australia                200-1
    France                    10-1            Ecuador                  200-1
    Spain                     16-1            Angola                   250-1
    Portugal                  20-1            Ghana                    250-1
    Czech Republic            25-1            South Korea              250-1
    Sweden                    40-1            Togo                     300-1
    Mexico                    50-1            Tunisia                  350-1
    Ukraine                   50-1            Costa Rica               500-1
    Serbia & Montenegro       60-1            Iran                     500-1
    Croatia                   65-1            Saudi Arabia             750-1
    Ivory Coast               80-1            Trinidad & Tobago      1,000-1 offers numerous products including sports betting, horse racing, poker, casino and virtual games. It is the flagship brand for Sportingbet PLC. Headquartered in London, England, Sportingbet is the world’s largest publicly traded online betting, gambling and gaming company. –


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