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Majority of Brazilians Say No to Lula’s Social Programs

For the first time since taking office in January 2003, an Ibope opinion poll shows that a majority of those interviewed do not approve of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s social programs and activities in the areas of education and health.

In a September poll, 50% of those interviewed said they saw the government’s social programs and educational and health efforts favorably. That number has now fallen to 47%. Those who were unfavorable were 45% in September, now they are 48%.

With regard to the government’s hunger and poverty combat projects, there was an improvement in the approval level, although the majority of those interviewed continue to disapprove of the programs.

In September 52% disapproved of the programs, which fell to 50% in the latest poll. Those who approve were 43%, and are now 46%.

The opinion poll was conducted by Ibope for the National Industrial Confederation (CNI) between December 3 and 7, when 2002 people over the age of 16 were interviewed in 143 municipalities. The poll’s margin of error is give or take 2 percentage points.



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  • Guest

    Re: Guest on 2005-12-15 12:14:25
    This is the case in every country and would be the case regardless of who was the president.

  • Guest

    anyway, what social programs ?
    They are annoucend with much fanfare and high budgets. Later, silently, they are reduced drastically or they dont free the money voted.
    Fiscal and budget austerity, they say, are the reasons.
    So why did they launched them and voted large amounts of money, knowing they wont do them as originally announced ?????

    Simply to make the citizens believe that they care…..while they dont !

    Just to stay high in the polls, is the only true explanation.
    Reality is quite more sad.

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