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Brazil’s Hunger Minister Says Country Is Winning Fight Against Absolute Poverty

According to Brazil’s Minister of Social Development and Hunger Combat (MDS), Patrus Ananias, the government is on track with its social programs. Ananias said targets had been reached in 2005.

The Brazilian Minister reported that at the moment the Bolsa Famí­lia (Family Voucher) program reaches 8.7 million families permitting them to "eat adequately and maintain family ties." He said his Ministry’s budget for 2005 was US$ 7.1 billion, and that in 2006 it will rise to over US$ 8.8 billion.

"This is the first time in the country’s history we have a cabinet-level ministry dedicated to the specific task of the amelioration of the individual, the family and poor communities. We are winning the fight against hunger and absolute poverty," said the Minister.

According to the MDS, since 2003 the federal government has spent US$ 11.3 billion on programs to combat hunger in Brazil.



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  • Guest

    here is the demonstration !
    Simple demonstration that I was right !

    Today public statement of Lula :

    Presidente Lula entregou em Osasco (SP) cartão que marca a inclusão de 8,7 milhÀµes de famÀ­lias no programa, que já beneficia 35 milhÀµes de pessoas com R$ 6,5 bilhÀµes anuais.

    Shame to both Lula and Ananias.

    Ananias reports the amount of money in US$ instead of Reais ! Quite a difference.
    Lula reports the number of people of 8.7 millions, that is the number expected for next year, not the number of this year.

    Any side you take it, Both deliberately provide wrong numbers.

    How can brazilian citizens and media/press
    accept being betrayed so openly ?

  • Guest

    Dead wrong again !
    US$ 7.1 billions for 8.7 millions families represents US$ 800.- per year, US$ 65.- per month or 160 Reais per month.
    With all due respect, I doubt that every family in the program receive an average of 160 Reais per month.

    NO ?

    Please just read the article in this site dated september 3, 2004.
    The government assistance is US$ 25.- per month per family, or U$ 300.- per year NOT 800.– !!!!!

    I suppose that the the Minister voluntarily is mixing up US$ and Reais, for obvious reasons !!!! It makes the numbers look like far greater than they actually are.

    US$ 300.- represent effectively around 800 Reais due to the fluctuation of exchange rate.

    Or may be the difference, several billions US$, has been directed to the PT party for the corruption and vote buying.

    What is sure is that the numbers given by the government himself are WRONG !

  • Guest

    Starvation ??
    “Brazil’s Hunger Minister…”

    How’s that ?
    Hunger Minister? What the hell is that?
    “Minister of Social Development and Hunger Combat”

    Since when the Goverment declared war against Hunger?

    I bet Hunger is winning?

    Is there a Minister of Corruption too ?

    I just don’t get it.Honest to God.

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