Americans Now Believe Easing the Visa Process for Brazilians Will Help Their Economy

Brazilian passport, US visa Brazilians should be the beneficiaries of a less severe policy to allow their entrance in the United Sates. According to an official release, the US Department of State is committed to improving the visa process, decreasing interview wait times in Brazil and increasing the number of visas issued.

“We are excited to take these efforts even further in support of President Barack Obama’s travel and tourism initiatives, opening the door to new jobs and exports. More international visitors to America mean more revenue for our cities and states, and we are making it easier for tourists from other countries to experience all that America has to offer”, pointed out the release.

Demand for visas has increased dramatically in recent years, so the Obama administration has made it a priority to increase capacity while maintaining the US strict security standards.

“By extending interview hours, adding Saturday appointments, hiring additional staff, and opening new facilities, we have reduced visa wait times in countries around the world”.

The announcement means consular officers will now be able to waive interview requirements on a case-by-case basis for many tourists and business travelers who have already spent billions of dollars in the United States.

Likewise this will make it easier for these visitors to return, stay in US hotels, eat in US restaurants, buy American products and enjoy all that America has to offer.

The update to US visa requirements will encourage greater investment in the United States, helping to create jobs and power American growth without compromising the safety and security of the American people, concludes the release.


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  • lila

    Mr. Angry, The U.S. is in a deep shit! Shut your oblivious mouth and thank the Brazilians for coming to “help recule” the U.S. ecomomy by SHOPPING— hahahah what a joke though! Even i know that- I am 14 years old, not American or Brazilian- Brazil is a beautiful place and the ecomomy is GROWING RAPIDLY, not what it used to be-Brazilians has no need to come and stay in “the holly land” eating FAT FOOD- They have organic BBQ parties at their sunshine beautiful beaches, good music while surrounded by hot people who knows how to have fun. Get with the program honey! The coins has fliped – I suggest you to get a Brazilian visa and go chill at one of their beaches as soon as possible! Who knows! If you drop the anger,you may even get laid! But Please, make sure you come back OK. I heard Americans are moving to Brazil to find jobs. hehehe!

  • hojo

    to all the morons saying the brazilians getting visas will just stay here you are clearly delusional. Illegal brazilians and others are leaving the USA in droves to go home or elsewhere. the brazilian economy is the best it has ever been and there is no indication it will stop growing anytime soon. why would they want to stay in a country run by a Marxist sympathizer who could not lead a girl scout troop. Let the brazilians come here. christ knows their girls are WAY facking hotter that the fat pig fast food eatin american chics.

  • Anthony

    Hey there Mr Angry
    Why so angry, babe? It´s not good for you heart. D’ya know that?

    Lighten up babe…You should take one shot [or two] of caipirina and sunbathe in Cancun (I´ve heard your people love Cancun), sweetie. As see you´ve got issues about defending the US against an invasion hahaha.. Well, I would suggest you do something good, if you haven´t done that so far: Why don´t you join the movement “Give the US back to the Indigenous Peoples”. They are the “owners” of your holy land, kid. Who are the invaders??? Sorry? I can´t hear you say…woooot?
    Another suggestion is: have some sexual activity babe…this is what I understand you´ve lacked since you´re born.

    Have fun, babe!!

    Greetings from the land that colonised you 😉

  • usa

    hey anthony are you really as stupid as you sound ..
    canada is a stepping stone for illegal brazilians to cross into the usa ..get it arsehole ..and since when do illegal brazilians in miami pompano beach massachusetts and new york or connecticutt bring anything but counterfeit documents and frauds to america …americans want them sent back to their third world anti-american socialist crime infested dump of a country ..go fk yourself .you lying piece of sh*t ..illegal brazilians in the united states are ignorant and illiterate fence painters and toilet cleaners you can keep them in brazil america don,t need more illegals from latin america .

  • Anthony

    Furious Americans??
    Where do the “furious Americans” hide? I see none [oh, yes, they´re hidden]. I´m not a Brazilian myself but such comments make me laugh. Seriously. Guys, you´re passing the hat, babes. The Brazilians [aka overstayers and the likes according to some ppl here]have got the money, sweetie. When the US Govt see money flowing into your neighbour´s [CAN] account hahaha..they do have to do something. Visa processes are way easier if any Brazilian wants to visit Canada. Are they “infuriated”? Are they complaining? On the opposite, sweetheart, they want their money and that´s all, babe. Your comments are just like the barking dog´s ones. Keep barking and let your great President do something good for you, sweetie. If you are so upset you should go to..Iceland, maybe? Perhaps Greenland hahaha.

  • usa

    americans don,t want the brazilians !!! obama does !!!.. and he will lose his re-election for this arrogance
    well arsehole if you think the united states is not a paradise then why have over 800,000 of your citizens attempted to get a tourist visa to the usa ……you have to face this donkey cart jockey the majority of brazilian nationals in the usa are illegal as in tourist visa overstayers…obama pulled this stupid stunt without congressional approval and it ain,t going to fly amigo.

  • Luiz Andrade da Silva

    USA, don’t be ridiculous! The Brazilian tourists are the second biggest spenders, after the Chinese, in the US. Why in the world do you think that people who have enough money to travel abroad and spend lots of money are going to try to stay illegally in the United States? Do you think the US is paradise? Those days, if they ever existed, are long gone. Opportunities in Brazil are now much better than in the US. That’s reality, you have to face it!

  • usa

    this article is the biggest lie and fraud ….only an idiot would believe these brazilian nationals will go to the usa as a tourist and not go underground as a illegal alien and overstay just like the majority of brazilian nationals that used the tourist visa to enter the usa with no intention of abiding by us laws on illegal presence ….this is a massive fraud and a vehicle for huge criminality to be exported to the usa by brazil …americans are furious at this outrageous plan and will stop this insane idea by obama especially without congressional approval..

  • usa

    the” tourists” that never leave unless they are arrested and deported..
    obama has once again gone against the american people and its congress by suggesting to make it easier for brazilian nationals to get a tourist visa to the usa …brazil is a high violater of us immigration laws and the majority of brazilians in the usa are illegal (tourist visa overstayers)…the american people are furious at this announcement by obama and will bring this issue up in congress immediately .its election time and obama is not going to get elected in fact he,s going down by a landslide .illegal brazilians are facing certain deportation and you can bet on it .the american people will have none of this abuse of the office by obama the radical .

  • Nicholas us_male

    buy American products and enjoy all that America has to offer.

    😉 really? They buy American products made in China, very very cheap like the IPOD/IPAD and US brand clothes made in China/Jordan/Pakistan/Vietnam much much cheaper.

    Yep we need the Brazilians here because we the consumers here in the US have no access anymore to credit what they need, default on their credit card debt, busy paying mortgages or are simply broke.
    Another reason they need the Brazilians ( who also see high prices for the Brazilian made leather shoes than in Brazil) and Chinese (who are buying the products made by their neighbors who are working in those slave camps is they create the jobs in restaurants and hotels what helps the US government to claim “yep, we create jobs ;-)” and further manipulate (oh no, that doesn’t happen here, we’re honest people)the statistics.

    I’m looking forward for the usual trolls with their comments that it’s “false” what I typed.

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