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Government Declares Brazil’s Zero Hunger a Success

2005 was "very positive" for Brazil as far as activities to combat poverty are concerned, in the judgment of Brazilian Minister of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, Patrus Ananias.

"Basically, we fulfilled all our goals and made sure that nearly 100% of our US$ 7.305 billion (17.1 billion reais) budget was executed," he said, Thursday 29.

The Brazilian Minister also commented that next year’s planned budget of more than US$ 8.971 billion (21 billion reais) represents triple what was budgeted for the social area in 2002.

Ananias indicated the Family Grant program, which is part of Zero Hunger, as one of the ministry’s standout performers in 2005. "Through the Family Grant, we are caring for and promoting 8.7 million poor families in Brazil, and this means approximately 40 million people. It is a family benefit that helps ensure the right to food," he affirmed.

The minister also referred to the National Program to Strengthen Family Farming (PRONAF), which operates in the generation of income and employment in rural areas.

"The coming agricultural year will have resources amounting to US$ 3.85 billion (9 billion reais) for small Brazilian farmers," he said. He commented that the Ministry is also consolidating a network to facilitate access to an adequate diet through community kitchens, food banks, and community restaurants.

Ananias affirmed that, in 2006, the Ministry intends to promote the integration of programs. "We shall consolidate our programs and integrate them more and more," he concluded.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    US$ 8.971 billions 2006 budget !
    The amount that would be distributed represents around US$ 1000.- annually
    PER FAMILY entitled to the Bolsa Program.

    The problem is that each family entitled receive only around US 25.- PER MONTH or US$ 300.- PER YEAR.

    Quite a far cry from the US$ 1000.– per family that the government wants to make you believe.

    But voluntary confusion and mix up between US$ and Reais is obviously done ON PURPOSE.

    Constant lies from your leaders is just your/their daily life.


  • Guest

    Nooooooo !!!!!
    the US$ numbers should be in Reais. so there is quite an exageration of the reality.

    The 2006 budget for small family farmers
    (including costs for MST settlements) were annouced recently by Rossetto himself :
    3.5 billions REAIS.

    It is amazing how the brazilian government can so easily declare how good they are/were and not let independant people to give them a note. Let NGO’s or objective International agencies judge if you did well or not. But doing better doesnt mean doing well, from what I know.

    An aptitude certificate cannot be self issued.
    Too easy. Otherwise even corrupted politicians or criminals could issue certificates of excellence to themselves l

    May be they should ! smile….

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