5 Easy Ways to Style a Kimono

A kimono is one of the most effortless garments to style. Depending on the occasion, you can dress it up or down, and having just one in your wardrobe can transform any outfit. A kimono may become the most versatile piece of clothing you own. Check out these 19 easy and stylish ways to wear it.

1. With a Dress

A kimono can be the perfect accessory for a dress or skirt and can completely transform the look into something uniquely you. Imagine your favorite dress with a kimono. 

  • Bodycon dress: A monochrome and form-fitting bodycon dress beneath a boldly styled kimono brings attention to a unique design. You can tone down a bold bodycon with a simpler kimono.
  • Strapless dress: Instead of reaching for a shrug or bolero the next time you step out in a strapless dress, why not try a kimono? 
  • Skirt: A flowy skirt mimics the design of a kimono perfectly. Choose complementary colors for a toned-down look, or make a bold kimono stand out with an understated skirt and top. 

2. With Shorts

Shorts are the perfect summer apparel, and dressing them up with a kimono gives you a new look. Don’t forget your kimono when heading out shopping or to the beach.

  • Booty shorts: A long kimono worn with booty shorts are sure to show off your legs. To make sure of it, choose appropriate wedge sandals and complete the look.
  • Cutoff shorts: There’s nothing more laid back than cutoff shorts, but they are also the perfect canvas for a kimono. You can choose any style of kimono you like for a perfectly relaxed but chic look. 
  • Bermuda shorts: Longer shorts take the attention off your legs and put it on the kimono, making it center stage. Wear something bold with bright colors or intricate patterns.
  • Graphic shorts: Just because your kimono is patterned, who said your shorts couldn’t be too? Graphic shorts with a floral print, stitched design, or metallic embellishments can complement the design of your kimono.

3. With Pants

Wearing pants with a kimono gives you plenty of options, and every one of them will give you a distinct vibe. Choose your style from laid-back, edgy, professional, or sexy. 

  • Blue jeans: Jeans go with everything, and a kimono is no exception. Choosing faded, dark, or black jeans will alter the feel of your outfit and how the kimono fits into it.
  • Distressed jeans: These jeans offer a different look, with an edgier feel that will transfer to the kimono. You may want to choose one with bold colors to match the sass. 
  • Slacks: A kimono can be professional, albeit a casual sort. Pair a shorter kimono with a less busy pattern and solid slacks for an easy and stylish look ready for the office.
  • Culotte trousers: Culottes have a similar fullness and flow about them as a kimono, making them the perfect pairing. 
  • Leather pants: If your kimono style is bold, try going more daring with a pair of leather pants. Like other pant styles, you can take this style anywhere you want.

4. With a Top

Choosing what top to wear under a kimono doesn’t have to be complicated. In most cases, keeping it simple with a basic tank or tee is all you need. 

  • Crop top or tank top: A modest and monochrome tank top or camisole under a kimono allows the pattern and style to shine. Isn’t that the purpose of wearing it? 
  • Basic t-shirt: If you need to remove the kimono at some point, you may want a little more coverage, especially in cooler temperatures. You may want to opt for a basic tee that still complements the outfit.
  • Blouse: Take your blouse to another level with a coordinating kimono. Even a patterned blouse can work well with a kimono that has a similar or less busy one.
  • Beach coverup: Lightweight kimonos are the perfect beach coverup. A long kimono can protect your legs while you stay fashion-forward.

5.With Color

Sometimes it’s less about what you wear with your kimono and more about your chosen colors. You may want to start with the theme of your outfit and work backward to the type of apparel.

  • Monochromatic: Closely matching shades can make just as big of a fashion statement as bold color patterns. Choosing subtle, neutral shades can be very flattering, while bold, on-trend colors can be chic and sexy.
  • Mix and match: A blend of colors and textures is a great way to create a unique look. A bohemian style of bright colors, floral patterns, fabric textures, and accessory types may be the perfect way to represent your distinctive style.
  • Pop of color: By choosing monochromatic shades underneath and then a colorful kimono, you make the kimono the star of the show. A less patterned kimono in a bright color or one with intricate designs is ideal. 

One kimono can completely transform dozens of outfits into something stylish, chich, and distinctly bohemian. If that’s your look and you’re ready to try it for yourself, take a look at the gorgeous kimonos at Johnny Was. Short or long, bold or subtle, Johnny Was has a unique kimono to match your style. 

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