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Brazil’s General Death, Just Another Casualty of Haiti’s Chaos

The first round of presidential and parliament elections in Haiti has been rescheduled for February 7, revealed Sunday Chilean diplomat Juan Gabriel Valdes who is the United Nations envoy to the Caribbean country immersed in violent political turmoil.

The elections were scheduled for Sunday, January 8, after having been postponed four times since last November with local authorities claiming preparations were behind schedule. The election process is estimated will cost US$ 73 million and is financed by the international community.

The run off will be held February 15 with the elected president taking office March 29. Municipal and local elections are scheduled for April 30.

Last Friday the UN Security Council urged the interim Haiti government to establish a new time table, with the latest date February 7.

The new electoral program was announced few hours after the officer head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, (MINUSTAH) General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar from Brazil was found dead of a head gunshot wound in his hotel room.

Apparently General Teixeira da Matta Bacellar committed suicide, even though the Brazilian government has been insisting that this is an unlikely version for what happened to the UN forces commander. The interim commander is now Chilean General Eduardo Aldunate Herman.

General Bacellar took over from another Brazilian general, Augusto Heleno Ribeiro last August 31 becoming the Brazilian contingent’s first casualty.

MINUSTAH was sent to Haiti to impose peace between the followers and enemies of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide who was ousted following an armed revolt in February 2004.

With 8.5 million people the Caribbean nation is among the poorest in the world and continues marred by political violence and a wave of kidnapping particularly in Port au Prince in spite of the UN 9.000 peace keeping force under the command of a Brazilian general.

Precisely General Teixeira da Matta Bacellar is believed to have been under intense pressure because of the poor results of the policing actions.

Haiti interim authorities and UN advisors have been working to organize the first presidential elections since the ousting of Aristide, but local authorities have blamed the UN mission and the Organization of American States, OAS, for the delay in setting up the network of polling booths and distribution of electoral IDs among 3.5 million voters.

The Haiti business community has called for a general strike Monday to protest the lack of security in Port au Prince poor neighborhoods, (most of the city) which have been virtually taken over by armed gangs in spite of the UN forces.

MINUSTAH comprises 6,700 troops, 1,622 police officers, 548 international officials, 154 U.N. volunteers and 995 Haitian staff members.

The Haiti peace mission includes troops from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States and Uruguay.

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  • Guest

    O unico sildado morto no Haiti em tempo de paz so poderia ser um general

    Ta tao de saco cheio que o melhor que o cara conseguiu bolar foi dar um teco ma cabeca.


  • Guest

    Nah. What a suicide?
    He ain’t dead.
    the problem is alwaysthe same with the military.
    They shoot themselves in the head and just don’t die.

    The bullet can’t find the goddamn brain, so the bullet keep looking to see if it is a brain is hidden somewhere.

    Did they try shoot themselves in the ass. Chances are the bullet will find some kind of brain tha’s ready to leave their ass.

    They shot

  • Guest

    But every one knows…..
    ….that Jean Charles death was far more important than the General death.
    No doubt there wont be as much front pages news in the future for the death of the General than the weeks and weeks of front pages articles on Jean Charles death.

    Especially if it was a suicide !!!!!! Guess why !
    Hiding the truth will be the goal of the brazilian government ! Guess why too !

  • Guest

    Just another casualty ?
    – how many military deaths so far with the UN force ?
    – how many brazilian generals deaths so far, since the UN force is there ?

    Apparently he was the first casualty, and not just another casualty. Quite a difference.
    And he was not a soldier but a general. Quite a difference too !

    NOOOOOOO it is NOT just another casualty.
    If it would be so, why the FRONT page of all brazilian news ?

    Saying …just another casualty is not respectful to the General !
    Saying…just another casualty explains why very few brazilian criminals go in jail after thousand of killings of innocent Indians and poor farmers and the thousands of unpunished crimes commited by your police. Because who cares ? At least not the Brazilian government. Results are facts, at the end !

    But when there was the Jean Charles tragedy in London….. whoaaaaaaaaaa…… what a difference.
    Then it was no longer just a casualty.

    Ohhh, was Jean Charles, God ?

  • Guest

    Sorry BUT….
    …if it was an accident, it has nothing to do with HaÀ¯ti chaos. Accidents can happen everywhere.

    …if it was a suicide, it has nothing to do with HaÀ¯ti chaos either.

    The question is : if it was a suicide……WHY ?

    Time will tell. Hopefully the truth will be revealed and not hidden !

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