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Brazil Wants Closer Agribusiness Ties with India and South Africa

A greater degree of agribusiness integration between India, South Africa, and Brazil is the topic of discussion at a meeting being held in India’s capital, New Delhi. Government officials from the three countries are participating in the debates.

The Brazilian delegation is headed by the executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply, Luiz Carlos Guedes Pinto.

The delegation plans to proceed from New Delhi to Moscow, where it will converse with Russian officials about relaxing the embargo imposed on Brazilian meat imports after outbreaks of hoof and mouth disease were detected in some Brazilian localities.

With US$ 43.6 billion, Brazilian agribusiness exports set a new record in 2005. The result was 11% higher than that of 2004 (US$ 39.016 billion), according to data released earlier this month by the Secretariat of Agribusiness International Relations (SRI), of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

According to the Secretariat, the products that contributed the most to the increase in exports were sugar and alcohol (49%), coffee (42%), meat (31%), and paper and cellulose (17%).

For the SRI, the main reason for this result was the high growth in the world economy, which caused greater demand for goods and increase in products prices.



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  • Don Altland

    Meat Exportation
    We are a large meat producer in Southern Brasil. We are starting to look for opportunities overseas for our beef. We feel we have the quality, quantity, and price to compete with anyone. We are looking for opportunities. I hope I get a response from this. Let’s talk.
    Don Altland
    Sr. Vice President

  • Guest

    high growth in the world !
    Therefore why your most important agricultural exports products went down ?

    Soya, for example !

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