In 15 Days, Brazil Exports US$ 4.4 Bi With 1.7 Bi Surplus

Brazil exported the equivalent to US$ 1.943 billion on the third week of January and imported US$ 1.474 billion, which resulted in a trade surplus of US$ 469 billion.

In the accumulated value for the month of January, with 15 working days, shipments added up to US$ 6.135 billion, external purchases US$ 4.386 billion, resulted in a surplus of 1.749 billion.

The information was released Monday, January 23, by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

The working day average for exports is at US$ 409 million in January, an increase in 15.4% in comparison to January 2005, but a drop in 17.4% in relation to December.

The imports average, in turn, is at 292.4 million, an increase in 16.7% against the same month last year, but a drop in 1.8% in comparison to December.


The Petrochemical hub of Triunfo, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil, is going to receive new investment. The project will take place in two phases. In the first, a new ethylbenzene plant will be built, with a capacity for production of 540,000 tons a year.

In the second phase, a new styrene unit will be built, with a capacity for production of 250,000 tons a year. This information was provided by a spokesperson for the government of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.



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