Car Sales Fall 10% in Brazil. Exports Also Down 7%.

Sales of domestic and foreign vehicles in Brazil fell 9.6% in June in comparison with May, according to the monthly balance released today, July 6, by the National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (ANFAVEA).

148,384 units were sold, as against 164,132 in the previous month. June’s total was nearly the same as in June, 2005, when 148,491 units were sold. This year’s cumulative sales from January to June amounted to 861,225 units, 7.6% more than last year’s total of 800,128 units during the same six-month period.

Total production was also off, 6.7% in relation to May’s figures (225,831 units, as against 241,999), and 1.5% in relation to June, 2005, when 229,342 vehicles were built.

Overall production so far this year was up 4.4% in comparison with the same period last year (1,302,281 units, as against 1,247,753). Production of agricultural machines was down by 6%.

Brazil also exported fewer vehicles in June (72,190 units, as against 77,829 in May), a decrease of 7.2%. The decline was even greater (17.8%) in comparison with June, 2005, when exports totaled 87,808 units.

But Brazilian sales of agricultural machines abroad rose by 11.9%, from 1,856 in May to 2,076 in June. In comparison with June, 2005, when 3,356 units were exported, there was a drop of 38.1%.



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    Ahhhh…Ahhhh…Ahhhh !
    you just said the opposite…the month before !!!!!

    Just read the next article !!!!!!

    Not surpising then that many car manufacturers want to close some plants in Brazil and open new ones in…..Argentina !

    Funny enough, the GDP per capita is far higher in Argentina than in Brazil, their wages are also higher but they can still produce cars cheaper than you do !!!!!

    Simply stated your are no longer competitive !

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