Brazil and Neighbors Planning Own Nato to Face the US

The 6th World Social Forum being held in Caracas, Venezuela, plans to tackle questions like war, imperialism, and militarization around the world.

At this juncture, given the presence of US military bases in nearly all the countries of South America, regional leaders are once again debating the need to bolster coordination among their armed forces.

Outside influence is also revealed in situations such as the recent US veto on sales of Brazilian military aircraft to Venezuela.

At a trilateral meeting held last week in Brasí­lia, capital of Brazil, the presidents of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and Argentina, Néstor Kirchner, discussed the possibility of creating a multilateral organization in the sphere of defense. In Chávez’ view, it could be similar to the Euro-American North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Among the organizers of the Forum, there are various ideas about where civil society should stand regarding this issue. For the Venezuelan social scientist, Edgardo Lander, it won’t be for a long time that the countries of the region can relax their guard against US designs.

In South America, he points out, defending the Amazon is a typical case. "If the Amazon is left without protection and surveillance, it won’t be just prospectors and other threats, but representatives of transnational interests that will occupy and use this territory for their own purposes."

According to the organizing committee, there are over 50,000 people enrolled in the 6th Forum. They represent 2,177 organizations from civil society and governments from all over the world.

So far, also according to the committee, over 3,000 journalists have been accredited to follow the event. Over 2,000 activities are planned over the course of the week.

Agência Brasil


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    to anterior guests
    i think the opinion of the guys over is the major motive to do this south american nato,this stupid guys dont think the money and the natural resources is a properti of the nation and if we need in a rel nesseciti of doing planes and guns to suported a war against invaders we wil develop our army industrie only a stupid guy wil buy guns to the enemy i tink we have need to expand our belicist industry and we have to many to grow on this camp,and for the people wat think we are stupid i have to say we are self suficient in oil electricity and we have too many people to die in war for this region .you not remember vietnam? i see the original film wen te american soldiers fliing in helicopters because the vetnam win the war,or ou think in amazon treath you wil can use pesticides to destroy all the amazon rainforest?poor stupid guys in te midle of the jungle one man is like the are looking too much television,and dont forget wy you think we do wath our capacities?stupid was the empire wath dont see the grow of the new empire.our power is rising.we only need a leader to concentrate our capaciti to do de greatest things and convince our neighbors to figth with us against the empire.about the pipeline only a stupid person tath not now about the real reason of this pipeline,we have need to build a belic industry tha cover all south americans counries for in the case of conflit the empire wil never can attack all south americans .my friends your living in dreams your empire will fall fast and strong remember iraq,afganistan i have to go .the enemy is coming

  • Guest

    Even worse, South American NATO !
    – the talks are just between the 3 junkies, not with the 34 countries or so that South America is composed of.
    – It happens that these 3 guys are in an (re)election year, so every single great ideological idea is great for their….own marketing !
    – If such a plan ever develops, they obviously expect the developed nations to FINANCE them. Even better, offer them FREE all the guns and aircrafts.
    – they would also expect to gain access to aircrafts and guns, not available to them for now.

    Anyway, it is just another plan that will go to garbage right after the elections, the same as the pipeline which simply doesnt make sense economically.

  • Guest

    Poor men\’s NATO is forever….
    So there will be a “poor men’s NATO”

    May I ask, where are they going to purchase the military whole 9 yards?

    Let me guess,Madagascar? Nice place to visit.
    From USA ? This idiot NATO doesn’t hto have enough $$$$ to buy one F-117. The whole poor men’s NATO will go broke in no time.

    By the way, who these 3 Third EWorld countries think they are?

    Hhy Hugo, you’re way too small (and the other two) to start a poor men’s NATO.
    US does NOT have time to deal with idiots like theis NATO and it is shaking in fear.
    Once again, where will they buy the weapons?

    Bunch of cretins.

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