US Goes with Brazil on Labelling Genetically Modified Food

The United States has decided to accept the Brazilian position on international labelling of genetically modified food. Brazil had joined 126 other Cartagena Protocol signatory countries in favor of a label stating:"May Contain Modified Live Organisms."

The majority is opposed to a label stating "Contains Modified Live Organisms," because that would require the adoption of expensive crop detection and tracking procedures and thus, from the Brazilian standpoint, increase the prices of Brazilian agricultural goods on international markets.

The Cartagena Protocol has been in effect since 2003 and deals with possible environmental damage caused by the transport and commerce of genetically modified food. Although the US has not ratified the protocol, it has expressed concern over its effects on global trade in agricultural commodities.

In the talks with the US about the Cartagena Protocol, Brazil expressed its desire to have the headquarters of the Committee on Additives and Contaminants, which is presently located in Holland, transferred to Brazil.

"There is no Codex Alimentarius committee in developing countries. Brazil is interested in coordinating the committee for its importance in determining pesticide use limits, which have a major impact on world food trade," commented Rogério Pereira da Silva, a federal agricultural inspector in the Ministry of Agriculture.



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    typing error….
    should read :

    …more Brazilians go outside Brazil than foreigners go in Brazil.

    ……. the USA is the number 1 destination for Brazilians.

  • Guest

    Nobody is hating Brazil !
    The world loves Brazil and brazilians citizens, but not those politicians who govern your country and cheat you day after day !

    No confusion…..please !

    And sorry but I am european, not american.

    Concerning your foreign tourists visiting your country, no doubt you are not aware, but contrary to what you read, and if you go to the real numbers even published by your government, Brazil has a deficit in their tourism account. Even a large one.
    It means that more Brazilians go outside Brazil and foreigners come into your country !
    Looking further at the numbers, you will see that the USA is the number 12 destination for Brazilian tourists.
    Just read here or there what Brazilians say against Americans and what you just said above could be a question just returned to
    No doubt Brazilians have nothing against the american population but more against the american government and policies.

  • Guest

    simple answer !
    …if you did this …if you did that…. you would not be where you are.
    1 – for the past :
    Developed countries did not need that someone told them something. They just did it and you just did not do it…despite you were told again and again to do it !
    This shows there was never yet a consensus from the people YOU elected to change for the better !

    2) Presently :
    Despite what Lula and his gang is telling you, they failed miserably, lamentably.
    Brazil had the worst economic growth in the last 3 years within the developing countries, and almost last within the poor countries. You did better than the EU and Japan, but not better than the USA but these 3 are not in your same class.
    Lula is telling you that his government reduced the debts ! Wrong and lies….because you reduced your foreign debts only but last year alone your government debts increased by a stunning 21 % in ONE year ! In facts you reduced your foreign debts by issuing more local debts. Where is the reduction ? Even worse, you reduced your foreign debts while your currency was guaranted to increase in view of your world interests rates record. Quite an autogoal or true mismanagement by your Masters in Finances ! Namely…..Lula, Palocci, Meireles and all the other magicians.
    Magicians they are ! they simply make you believe that something disappears when it is just well manipulated and hidden.
    You call yourself the garden of the world, with all your agricultural productions and exports.
    Then why and how can you still have hunger and millions and millions of under nourrished citizens… your own country ! Is it better to export first or nourrish their citizens ?
    The answer is the same for the wealth inequality…..where you are a champion of injustice…as per Interantional agencies reports and rankings !

    3) Future :
    After every economic recovery in the last 50 years, brazilian governments and politicians said……this time is the good one….this time it will be, guaranteed, sustainable.
    The problem is that every time you failed miserably.
    That is even why Brazil has been called a BOOM and BUST economy !

    So my answer to you is : why should you or why will you change something for the better ???? Afterall your wealthy minority has not yet realized that by giving more money and social inclusion to the poors they themselves could be even richer. In fact both would benefit. There is no shame to be wealthy but it is a shame that poverty is not taken care. Quite different !

    Time to wake….time to wake up ! Even the poorest African countries would be more developed than Brazil if they had simply…. MORE RAIN ! Simply RAIN ! they have the land and the sun just as you have !
    Normally we say that before being developed technologically we need to feed the population, give them the knowledge through education and the rest the population will take care.
    Brazil neither feed correctly yet their citizens, nor do they provide education and the possibility for everyone who has the ability to go to university l


  • Guest

    I wonder why?
    So many people that obviously hate Brazil come here? Is it just to spout flames and spew hate. Maybe it’s because they can safely hide behind their keyboards and say things that they would never dare say in person to someone in their own country. Probably that is so. It seems they are mostly arrogant Americans.

    No matter, as the USA continues to fall into decline thanks to the policies of Dictator Bush, they will be too busy hiding from the secret police there to be insulting other countries.

  • Guest

    Because there is so mucn pessimism in Brasil I would like to pose these questions.

    What would all of you say if the situation in Brazil changed for the better? And what would you like to put forward to make sure that positive changes manifest?

    I am just wondering…. that’s all!!!

  • Guest

    ….hiding, lying and cheating is the Brazilian philosophy from those who govern your country !

  • Guest

    Dishonesty …is Brazil rule and policy
    Because then why dont you have accepted yet the GM CORN (not soya) in your own agriculture and in your human and animal feeding ?????????

    GM CORN is still ILLEGAL in Brazil, despite you smuggle GM CORN seeds with total impunity from Argentina, just the same you did when GM SOYA was still illegal in Brazil until you could not stopped the millions and millions of tons harvested…… then you finally legalized it !!!!!!!!

    But dont worry…the world is accustomed of your own contradictions !

    Cheers !

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