For Brazilian Government Lula’s Improving Ratings Are Result of Better Life

Brazil’s Minister of Institutional Relations, Jaques Wagner, said, Tuesday, February 14, that positive results in the economy and the government’s social programs are responsible for the growing approval ratings earned by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s Administration.

Among the factors accounting for the better ratings, Wagner identified the decline in unemployment, the announcement of the hike in the minimum wage and the reindexation of income tax brackets.

He also pointed out the record trade surplus in the first month of the year, and the fact that the Brazil risk premium is down to "a level never before witnessed in the country’s history."

He also singled out foreign investments and Brazil’s increasingly respected position in the international "constellation."

According to the minister, the CNT/Sensus poll just released captures a moment showing that President Lula’s ability to bounce back is based on concrete elements.

"These elements are the results we are managing to achieve in the economy. Companies with good balance sheets, improvements in workers’ salaries, the Family Grant program, and the news about education and housing," he remarked.

Wagner claimed that the population is beginning to realize this, distinguishing it from problems involving "deviant behavior, that have to be investigated and punished," and comprehending that "life goes on."

According to the Minister, "life goes on" means improvements in the economy and people’s income. "When this happens, society’s response is a positive one," he concluded.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    In total contradiction…..
    …wth the article just published today on this same site….saying the exact opposite of what the government pretends !

    Who is right ? The government or the majority of brazilians ?????

    Trusting this government is highly dangerous….because for 3 years, day after day, after day….they had only 1 accurate consistency : LIES !!!!!!

  • Guest

    But for the majority….
    …of foreign analysts….this is….vote buying or what is called “re-electioneering, dirty and unhealthy tricks” !

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