Brazil Expecting to Increase Its Exports by 10% in 2006

An estimate by the Higher Economic Council (COSEC) of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) puts Brazilian export growth this year at 9-10%, according to council member, Octavio de Barros.

Following a COSEC meeting on prospects for the country’s balance of payments, he informed that the chances are good that this year’s surplus will attain US$ 18.5 billion.

"Despite the slowdown, growth in the global economy will be very similar to last year, and what determines export performance, much more than the exchange rate, is global demand, which is very vigorous, in both the emerging regions in Asia and the central countries. The outlook is positive for Brazilian exports," the councilor remarked.

Barros explained that the falling exchange rate reduces exporters’ profits, but he stressed that one cannot forget that global demand remains vigorous and that exporters seek to cut costs and increase efficiency to stay competitive on the international market.

"Exports have become very important to companies in Brazil. The weight that exports have in total company revenues is impressive."



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    Let me Help You About Real Facts!!!!
    Brazil’s Foreign Debt Drops, But Still at US$ 169 Billion

    This information is from this site moron, so before saying nonsense, read at list the information of this site!!!!!!!!!! Stupid ass

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    The End of The American Supremacy
    While reading your last post, I kept wondering how stupid a person can be!!! How can you lie so much about facts? I do really wonder if you are from this planet you stupid redneck monkey!!!

    I do not know where to start with!!! I do not know if I should even consider to debate with such a dumbass as you are. Reading your post yesterday I did not know what your intentions were; either to make me laugh or make me cry!!!??????????

    Of course I know that you (USA) will continue to dominate the world for a while. But who said that we would miss you if you just disappeared from this world. Hahahahahaahaha. Just incredibly stupid to say something like that!!!!!!!!!

    Do you wonder that you American are not welcome around the world??????? Even here in Europe your president is not welcome. As you might know, even in the United Kingdom he was not welcome. The UK had to spend €6,000,000 to prevent someone ripping his heart form his body!!! You Americans are welcome nowhere in this planet. Everyone hates you. So do you still wonder why Brazilian policeman do such things with people like you???!!!! Stupid redneck.

    How do you dare to say that Embraer requires permission from you (usa) to sell their airplanes??? Do you really think that a company with 16,500 employees needs your permission to sell airplanes abroad??. Once more: Stupid MULE. What you might talking about is named Alliance. Embraer do have several partners to share the knowledge, technology, etc!! But all large companies do have it.

    What did you invent????? Airplane, car, radio, etc?????? Are you really from this planet imbecile? The person who invented the first real airplane was a Brazilian, Dumont surprise, surprise!!! Your Wright brothers did nothing else than making an asasdeltas in combination which was launched with a catapult!! And who says they did fly on that as there were no witnesses, unlike there were with Dumont’s fly demonstration!! The car was invented by the Germans, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The radio was also invented by Europeans. And do you know who Albert Einstein was. Please do not say he is American too??!! Shithead!!!

    Your role as Americans was similar to the Japanese. Copy, copy and improve things and invent others. You did a good job. There is absolutely no doubt about that. You took the lead in the world and you took profit of your position for many, many years! Congratulations asshole!! Stealing from the poor (South American and African) to invest in your projects!! Good job!! Really impressive! (I mean that)

    What about Brazilian’s 450,000,000,000 external debts. Are you that stupid????? Where did you find that information???? Go to to see where you (America) are going to!!! Do you see now what I mean when I say your supremacy is coming to an end. Take also a look at And say now to me where you are and where we are, loser!!!

    You are right that you (Americans) are the super power of world, having the best weapons. But do not be so stupid to think that other countries like Russia and China can not destroy this planet like you by just pushing some buttons!!! Do you remember when an American (spy)plane crashed in China. Where was Bush with his big mount then?. You were just like a dog with its tail between your legs!!! And do you really think that America is going to attack a peacefully country like Brazil????? Come one, stop sprouting such moronic shit!!!

    Are you surprised that the Islamic world do want to get you down with its terrorist attacks??? Come on!!! Wake up man!!!

    And what are you talking about that America can live without the world. Pal, the engine of the world is called: fuel. USA import almost 60% of its fuel. How can you say that you do not need the world??? You are really unbelievable, just too much stupidity for just one man!!!!

    Of course does Brazil need America at this moment! We are developing our industries to become a rich independent country. Unlike you, we are heading to the good way of prosperity. We have already bought a refinery in the USA to refine our oil of platform P50. Then we will start to export the oil to your country. We will subsequently use the money to invest in our production of biofuel and Ethanol. These products will also be exported to your country!!! Eventually we will use the money to buy shares of American companies. Like Japanese have done in the past and Arabs are doing now. (the 6 ports in the USA for instance)

    So ignorant, stupid guy, please do think a little before stating such ridiculous arguments and lies to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bitch.

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    You must be one of the most ignorant, woefully misinformed people I have ever met. Don’t cry for the USA there pal. I suppose you know the difference between ACCOUNT DEFICIT and DEBT right shithead? Obviously you do not. See you in Brazil have a 450 billion dollar external debt (that is the largest in the developing world). Don’t forget ”“ you are still developing and with 400+ billion debt, you (Brazil), are in no danger of getting ahead anytime soon. Half of your GDP goes to service Debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We use about 6% or our GDP to service debt. That is who you are ”“ that is who we are ”“ don’t ever forget it.

    On the other hand, The United States is one of your debt holders. Furthermore where do you think most of your foreign investment comes from? Who buys 25% of your exports? You have the most simplistic view of economics (for a supposed business major) that I have seen. It is funny that you think you are free from American lordship. I know Lula loves to give the impression that he is free of influence from the “evil empire” but when you look at the facts Brazilian companies like Embraer cannot sell any of their jets without American consent because they use our technology.

    That’s another thing. You have developed Ethanol ”“ wow in 400 years you have invented one thing (even then you didn’t invent it ”“ we discovered it first and you mass produced it). In America all we have done is invent computers, television, radio, automobiles, nuclear technology, and practically every other technology that you enjoy today. Coming from Brazil you have nothing to be that proud of.. Oh and next time one of your friends gets sick and needs some medication try and remember what country developed that medicine.

    ORDEM AND PROGRESSEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have you watched Globo news lately pal? I watched a full scale urban fire fight near Rocinha just yesterday that left plenty of people, including kids, dead!! You have millions of people living in cardboard boxes and you call that Order and Progress eh? You just think about that for a second son. I have never been robbed traveling the world except in Brazil and I know plenty of people who have the same story. I have also never been extorted by a policeman anywhere except Brazil. Yeah real Order and Progress. You better back away from that statement. You still have 2 ongoing CPI’s with Lula’s party and the other one with the Bingo parlors ”“ stealing from Bingo parlors ”“ even your politicians are dumb little pikers!!

    Greatest agricultural producer in many things ”“ wow that is great except that what really makes money is selling finished products and Brazil does very little of that. The Chinese are eating your lunch right now too. Lula is allowing China to dump textiles on your economy. How many Brazilians have lost their jobs in the last year?? Our economy has been standing on its own since before your country was free from Portugal’s influence and it will continue to be. That we can fight a war like that in Iraq and still have greater growth than Brazil says something about the power of the US economy. What does Brazil do except sit back, watch the world fall apart and make allies with terrorist African and Middle Eastern states. He is the world’s bitch!!!

    Don’t ever forget the most important thing of all. Brazil exists because we exist. The minute the US decides to stop consuming like it does Brazil goes into the worst economic decline it has ever known. IF THE US GOES DOWN BRAZIL BECOMES NON-EXISTENT OVERNIGHT!!! You know it and I know it. The world has been getting a free ride on America’s appetite for imports but when we tire of that and decide that we would rather isolate ourselves (and let the rest of the world take care of itself) then we will see what happens to Brazil and it’s beef exports. Maybe Brazil will go and answer the call from the Kuwaitis or Saudis when someone invades their country. OH that’s right your army could barely defend you against Paraguay!!! LOL!!!!!!

    You just keep being America’s little bitch and maybe we won’t invade you next when we decide it suits our interests.

    And last but not least ”“ the law of the gun is still what makes the world go around and the US still has the biggest gun. I know you think that big, bad China is the country to offset our world power but they still have 30 years to catch up with us militarily and by then imagine how powerful we will have become because of our ingenuity and technology!!

    And that oil you are talking about getting ”“ none of you third world monkeys have the technology to get that oil yourselves that is why you rely on us to get it out for you. What happens when we stop allowing you access to our technology?? You should start to worry. Eventually the oil is going to run out around the world and what country do you think is going to lead the way in inventing new technologies? You know who and Brazil will be begging for it like the little bitches you are.

    Furthermore business boy, the Chinese are trapped with the American currency whether they like it or not. They have so much of it in reserves that if they bail out of it they will lose trillions themselves ”“ are you sure you study business?? Let me know when you have actually worked in the real world and don’t just make up theoretical arguments.

    Oh and for your information I am invested in properties in South America (mostly Argentina). Would have picked Brazil but your currency is way overvalued and heading for a crash ”“ AGAIN!! I have no roadblocks in my life and will have a much better life than you by virtue of not being a naÀ¯ve idiot. Good luck!!!

    Are any of the top universities in Brazil? didn’t think so! And scholars from around the world all agree on those rankings dumb-ass. BUt you will never ever get into one (like I did) so good luck.

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    One more thing!!!!
    There are 13 non American universities in the top 50.
    But I do really have doubts about such lists as they are made by Americans!!!!!
    So I would say that they are not the best, but the most known universities around the world!!!!!

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    I Will Keep Trying Till I Die
    You are right about the small chance of getting into a top 50 university in the world, at least at this moment. But you should know that I have acquired traffic learning skills, and I will continue to develop them. And getting into a university like Howard or Cambridge is like the same thing as wanting to be the new Microsoft vice-president. Besides that there are many other traffic universities where I can go to than the best top 50. And on the other hand I believe everybody can get into them as they want (Now I am talking about intelligence, not about the financial aspect).

    But my motto is: it all depends on yourself. It is not an university (degree) that is going to make you prosper. Go and take a look at the top 10 richest persons in the world. You will see that the top 2 richest of them do not have a degree. (ok, Bill Gates did go to Howard, but nevertheless he did not graduate). Please go at and take a look yourself. So what I want to say is that a university is not going to make you a smart person, but only the person itself can do that!!!! I am saying this because your best teacher is yourself!!!! I am not saying that a person should not be open-minded towards others. I am exactly saying the opposite, be open-minded and listen to all kinds of people, putting your prejudices aside. Only in that way you will be able to decide whether something is right or wrong, good or bad. Of course I also know that those universities have great teachers, but if someone wants, he can learn from the most intelligent of the world! The secret??? Read books. Very simple and effective method! And you might learn much more from them than from a teacher at Howard. Good writers are for instance: Tony Buzan, Mortimer J. Adler, Browne Keely and Dominic O’Brien. All of them have done better than any other Howard teacher. So do not forget: all depends on yourself!!!!! If you believe that, you know you are going to fall many times and fail. But for those people this will only be an incentive to stand up, but at this time they will stay longer on their feet!!!!! So my conclusion is as follows: going to a renown university is very nice (I would like to go to one myself) event, but it not them who will make you successful, but yourself!!!!

    About getting a job in the USA, I think you are wrong. I also speak several languages as you said yourself: Portuguese, Dutch, English and French. Besides that I have a reasonable command of the German and Spanish language. Despite your statements, I do believe I can get a white-collar job in the USA. You all American have traffic degrees (no doubt about that), but unlike you, there are relatively just a few people who has a good command of 4 languages and at the same time can communicate reasonably well in other 2, like me or your. Ok, I am not saying that I would easily get a job in the USA, but like I said before: loosing a battle or more is inevitable, but never give up fighting the war. And that is life about. Most of us will loose many battles and will give up sooner or later. But people like me will be defeated in many, many battles, but when they come back, they will come back more powerful and with greater determination. If one day I decide to go to the USA and I loose my balance and subsequently fall, you can be sure then that I will stand up with more power and even more determination.

    So never give up believing in yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where there is a will, there are also many, many ways. (Except for health and a few other things in life. These can be counted in just one hand!!!!).

    And just for curiosity ”“ What are you doing at this moment? Do you have a job at this particular moment? You sound to be a little bitter about life? I am just curious!! You seem to be very smart but at the same time very disappointed with the roadblocks or life!!!????

    Talking about Lula again ”“ I do not know what you have against him. He is making Brazil independent of the world and America. Brazil is one of the NICs and do actually depends on no one. Brazil has been indeed very stupid for 172 years. (between 1822-1994). But I think Brazil is making huge progress. Finally we can now say: ORDEM E PROGRESSO, and mean it too. Unlike the USA, Brazil has become auto-sufficient in almost everything; greatest producer of many agricultural products!!!!! We will start to be a net exporter of oil this year!!!!! And Brazil has also become one of the most industrialized countries of the world.

    Unlike your country who depends on its enemy to keep the economy on its feet. And I also see that there will be a shift in that!! You will need Brazil for your fuel!!! Ethanol and biofuel!!! Do not worry; we will be more than happy to supply your country. But you will have to pay $70 per barrel.

    So the only problem now for Brazil is that they are still recovering from a fall of stupidity and a lack of consensus (high rate inflation and corruption). But you on the other hand should start worrying. Poor countries are starting to control their own products. So the era of countries like the USA, stealing of poor countries are coming to an end. (Venezuela do want to banish American/European oil companies of their soil. Shell is having also problems is Nigeria. I say they will not rest till they get what belongs from them this time!!!!

    Other problem that you should take in consideration is the huge deficit of America!!!! Start worrying about them. In contrast of USA, we are paying our depths, you are not!! Our deficit is something like $400 billions (more or less 56% of our GDP). Your deficit is heading to $9 TRILLION (or 75% of your GDP). And forecasts do not see the end of this gradually increasing problem. So start also worrying about that problem, because when China refuses to finance the USA and Middle East decides to reduce their oil production, where will you be???????!!!!!!!!!!

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    English Universities
    By the way, 8 out of the 10 top universities in the world are in the US and the other 2 in the UK (Cambridge and Oxford) are completely out of reach for someone like you so you keep dreaming tiger. After that I would say the next 50 top universities are in the US so if you want a real education in business think before you hop the channel! You could win the lottery and get a student visa . . .

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    Good Luck
    Well we will see you in America in six months then. You keep trying but don’t expect that you will be getting a job based on a business degree – America is absolutely replete with those!! I mean absolutely overwhelmed with business majors. Get your MBA first (and a good one will cost you about ($80,000) and then you can start thinking about getting into a multi-national. As for the languages – those won’t help you much either because you speak English (which doesn’t mean anything to us) and Portuguese (which is better but we already have plenty of 2nd generation Brazilians who speak English better than you and speak Portuguese as well as you do). Then you may speak Dutch or Vlaams sprijken or whatever they are calling their language these days but you also know that is a dead language. So you better speak Russian, Chinese, Spanish (like a Spaniard) Arabic, Farsi or Japanese otherwise forget it. I speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German and that has done litte for me in the business world as surprising as that sounds.

    Your Portuguese will only help you in Framingham, Mass – Miami or maybe some places in New York and California but those places are overloaded with Brazilians already and you will just be another immigrant trying to make it there. As for your Dutch citizenship, that will allow you to enter but trust me that by no means entitles you to a work visa. IN fact we usually tell people from western Europe that we don’t need their help as there is plenty of work for them in their own part of the world. My French friend has a PH.D. in Climatology and they still kicked him out immediately after he finished his work for the government. You will not automatically be allowed to work. You will just get 3 months like everyone else and maybe another 3 month extension.

    Also considering how your Commie, Pinko president is cozying up with Chavez and Morales he is not making himself very popular with the United States and generally Brazilians are increasingly unwelcome in America for that reason. Lula thinks he is a big star in the world now. Wants a permanent seat on the UN security council and dictates to countries like the US whose boys have fought and died (like my grandfather and his 2 brothers) on the soil you are standing on there in the Netherlands. When Lula learns to shut his fucking mouth and stop stealing from his own people, get unemployment under control and deal with the massive social problems at home instead of touring Africa acting like their saviour while his own peope are illiterate and dying in the favelas, then Brazilians will be more welcome in the United States. You think he is helping you at home but he is not helping your case for getting into America. Do you remember when he started that little visa tit for tat with America and jet after jet started landing in Belo Horizonte full of Brazilians being deported . . . That means you are picking a fight with someone who has the power to make your lives more difficult and Lula is doing exactly that. He thinks we need him as an ally. No Lula needs the US as an ally (we buy 25 percent of your exports – you can afford very few of ours) because when South America’s 2nd little experiment with Communisim fails and Chavez, Kirchner, Lula and Morales are watching their people starve we won’t be there to bail them out. But otherwise good luck getting into America – there is always the option of swimming the Rio Grande and trying to cross the desert before you die of dehydration or starvation. Either way good luck!

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    Magnificent speech
    For the first time I had to agree with your speech concerning the top manager/important employees story, not only in western countries, but also around the whole world. When I was younger, I gave a little taught about this matter, i.e., putting work in front of everything. I do not want be that rich in my live. But I want to have a reasonable to live when I return to Brazil, earning something around R$3000 per month. I want always to put my family in the first place.

    You think that I am lying or hiding something from you to make something clear. But I can assure you that I hardly lie to someone. Everything I say here is truth, i.e., about my life and my friends lives. I have to agree that sometimes I might be misinformed or that my sources are wrong (do you remember that American analysts lied about some figures to prevent a negative impact to the American economy????).

    Concerning my girlfriend ”“ I have a relationship with this girl for 3.5 years now. It started in 2002. I met that girl and fell desperately in love with her. She was studying law at that particular moment and I just wanted to start with my study (International Business and Languages). First I did not want to stay with her (start a long distance relationship). But I agreed to do it in the end. So I returned to Brazil in 2003 and 2004 to see her. And in August 2005 she came to the Netherlands to spend 5 months with me to see if we really belonged to each other. She returned to Brazil just 6 weeks ago.

    I paid for everything!!! ”“ When I came back to the Netherlands, in June 2002, I started working for Nippon Express as a blue-collar worker, earning in the beginning €277 per week. I worked there 3 weeks before going to Brazil. I stayed there in Brazil 3 months. I stayed there so long, because it was the first time I returned to Brazil since 1998. When I returned to the Netherlands, in September 2002, I also returned to Nippon Express. After 2 months I started to go to college in the evening hours (I still do that). (dec.2001)

    But in 2004 Nippon Express said I could not go back because I was staying to long in Brazil every time, i.e., between 2 and 3 months. I did not care, it was time to get a real job, I thought. But this was far too difficult for a foreigner, without a BBA degree and at the same time no relevant experience. So the government started paying me €820 per month. With that amount money I was able to save enough to pay the ticket of my girlfriend in August 2005. When she came here I started working again, earning €1200 per month. But just after 3.5 months I lost the job because I was working in the airport Schiphol. All people require a special pass. They give 3 months the time to obtain the pass. The government did not do that in time, i.e., antecedent’s investigation. This because I did a 10 months work placement in France. As a result I had to stop working at the airport. I received €2000 from them when I stopped, this was in November 2005. That was just about enough to take care for me and my girlfriend till 10 January 2006, the day she returned to Brazil.

    Since then I am borrowing money from my cousins. At this particular time I am waiting for some social security benefits and looking for a suitable job and at the same moment. So as I said before I have some depths. But I am still looking at the bright site!! I will obtain my degree in June 2006, and will hopefully find a good position in a multi-national.

    Problems with those people in France are that they are knocking on the door (for employment) and as those people are foreigner, have a bad reputation and often have no degree; they will therefore encounter much more difficulty than indigenous inhabitants, and for that reason the doors will not open easily. They do not keep knocking on the door in a nice way. (studying to obtain a degree and behaving in a good way). I understand them!! But I can not imagine myself doing that, i.e., burning cars, dealing with drugs and not studying to improve prospects. Because what they should do is to try to be better, to achieve better results than the indigenous people, like I am trying to do now. I know this is not fair, but who said life is fair anyway????? I also know some Muslim people who are achieving results like me or much, much better. So I would say that life is not what it should be, but before you start blaming others, start looking at yourself!!!!

    Of course I was kidding about the apartment in Barra da Tijuca. But my friend and cousin here in the apartment have already bought some properties. Joao has bought a apartment in Salvador, at the time it cost R$30,000 and now he is saving money to set up a business. My other cousin has bought a house, a bar and 2 building lands (not in Barra da Tijuca of course but in the city where we are from, Vitoria da Conquista, in a relatively poor neighborhood) And I know that he has already more than €10,000 in his current account. They both came to this country in the end of 2001. And they have been working here illegally till now.

    And as yourself said, you do not need to be rich or spend a lot of money to be a happy person and have fun. We have a lot of fun together in the apartment. We often buy beer invite friends and have fun. I do not go out to discos as I have this girlfriend in Brazil. The other ones do go out, but do not spend a lot at all, except in special cases.

    Concerning your well-educated friends who can not buy a house – I think they rather do not want to buy a house. My stepfather earned in the Netherlands 10,000 guilders, but went to Brazil with nothing (except the difference of selling the house; he bought the house for 500,000 guilders and sold it for 815,000 guilders). So my conclusion is that when you want to have a good live, you can not save money at all, even when you have a top position at a top company. This is just a matter of choice!!!

    About going to the USA ”“ I think that it can be easy for me to go to the USA as I have a double nationality (Brazilian/Dutch) and a BBA degree in International Business and Languages (this in 4 months). But going to England is also an option for me as I can also work a little on my English language skills. And besides that they also have excellent universities.

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    Your Class vs My Class
    There are many misunderstandings between us. I would like to clear up some of them!!!! We started this discussion about the possibilities that USA offers their inhabitants. Which are great according to me! You disagreed firmly!!

    You are mixing up 2 things. People who live like me and people who live like you (I assume that you must have a good life). Please do not do it any more. If someone would like to have a good live in Europe or USA; less than €3000/$3000 per month will not be enough. I also do know that.

    So if you are referring to that good live, I will have to admit that you are right!!! Unfortunately you seem to have missed my point totally, so I will try to explain it to you what I meant, once more!!!

    I wanted to explain to you that any one in the USA can prosper without being a genius!!! In Brazil people must have a rich famliy or be very lucky in combination with intelligence to prosper!

    In USA or Europe (western countries) all people do have the possibility to prosper. Of course they will not be able to have a life like yours, but they will have to live like me!!! For the most people that is indeed very hard to do, so your wife is probably right about her friend with its €5000 after a few years (stupid friend). I know myself some Brazilians who live here for a while and who have nothing at all.

    I do not blame them, as they are illegal or earn the minimum wage, and have a great desire to go out and have fun paying drinks to various girls!!!

    And I have to admit that I do not have anything myself, but some depths. I am a part-time senior student in the Netherlands and have much additional expenditure, i.e., college fee, going on holiday to Brazil every year, and buying books and gifts for my girlfriend who lives in Brazil. And my girlfriend had been here with me for 5 months. So I spent a lot with the ticket and taking care for her in that time!!!! But I am not talking about people like me (who is studying, and have at the same time other degrees, i.e., Hotel managent degree) or people like you who might have a traffic job.

    I am talking about people like my cousins and many many many other illegal Brazilians. People who are living here and in the USA, i.e., people who want to achieve something in their lives by saving money every month.

    They know that they can not buy drinks for girls in France as the prices are skyhigh in discos. (for instance a drink in Strasbourg in France costs €8!!!!) They also know that they can not eat 400 grams fillet of beef every day. Nor can they rent a home to stay alone on their own. And they know they can or should not rent a furnished apartment in the center of Amsterdam. They know they can not go to French restaurants to eat the famous Foie Gras. Spend money in the most expensive supermarkets around the country where he is living.

    Things that those people with a lot of drive know are: Do eat good, but not as good as the American’s French friend. (Prices for food you can go to: They know that they must have fun with friends. So 24 cans beer are on sale this week for €10. See site! Go looking for a girlfriend is ok, but not searching them at a disco. Go rather meet them at a friend’s house or in the church. (they will have a better chance to find somenone good, i.e. not a slut).

    Now let’s go to the blackboard again: (I pay 250 for a room, but many friends of mine do pay only €150-200 when they agree to share a room with other people.) And here applies: do not go to a special rental agency, you will just make them richer than they already are!!!! Ask friends or go to: Look at woningen, or in USA:

    Now for fun, let’s imagine that this friend wants to be very rich in a very short time with a minimum wage:
    150- Rent
    150 ”“ Groceries (buying cheap chicken and meat, good but cheap, i.e., no fillet of beef) here I added 50 euros more because he is not working in a restaurant this time!!!!
    150 ”“ Other expenditures, i.e., transportation, going to disco 4 times a month (but just buying a few beers and other small things.
    He will spend now 450. Now I will add some €75 for unexpected expenditures. (I am being very generous now!!!!) Total expenditures (maximum) = €525
    He can now easily save 1250-525= 725.

    These are for the people who work legally. For people who don’t have a permit, will find themselves in problems in the beginning, but will earn the same or more eventually. You must know that illegal workers do not know Uncle Sam and therefore they earn here €10 per hour or sometimes even more!!!

    But let’s go back to the scope of this discussion. That legal people in USA have opportunities to prosper easily and that people in Brazil with just one minimum wage do not. Although I am sure that illegal people here and in the USA sometimes do earn much more than legal ones. (Especially those illegal who work in the construction).

    I am sure your wife is laughing at my arguments because her Brazilian friends want to imitate her lifestyle!!! Than I say KEEP LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! But if you now understand what I am really talking about, you will understand that it will be possible to achieve it. Legal worker= 1 house in 15 years) Ilegal worker 9 houses in Brazil.

    So smart Brazilian Aliens do not go to bank but they do send the money to be invested in Brazil rightway. When they go back to Brazil with just €5000, it means that they already have a few apartments in Barra da Tijuca-Rio de Janeiro and they will therefore use the €5000 to enjoy their lifes a little in copa cabana, this after so many years of sufferance and hard work.

    And concerning about a Brazilian vice-president at Microsoft, do not worry you might be talking with him now. I might go to the United States to do my MBA course and after that who knows what might happen………………………………………

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    And just one more thing……….
    Here in the Netherlands we can find good funiture in the streets, this for free!!!!!

  • Guest

    Again Poor Argument
    Again you have shown that you are not really in line with reality whether in Europe or America. You mentioned that you live with 2 cousins and a friend. Your cousin is watching the house for someone? You are already living in an unrealistic situation in which most immigrants and dishwashers or immigrant dishwashers will never find themselves. Oh by the way I spent a year in ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) and have many friends in Europe, including France, Belgium and the Netherlands just to name a few. I have also lived in the Czech Republic so don’t even think about bullshitting me about cost of living in Europe.

    I did a little homework myself and found a few rental adds and your monthly rent of 250 Euros all included is the “I’m living with my cousin who doesn’t pay rent” special for Brazilians who can’t fly on their own yet. . .That is not the reality for most people migrating to Europe or America ”“ you know it and I know it!

    That is just an idea what normal people have to pay for one and two bedroom places. €250 doesn’t even begin to cover the rents these people are asking does it?
    The cheapest search criteria for most 2 bedroom rentals starts at €850 and I can imagine what that looks like and what part of town it is in. And what about furnishings? ”“ do you sleep on the floor without a mattress? Oh that’s right you live with your cousin and pay an artificially low rent unlike what most people would have to pay. You know you have a fortuitous situation with parents in France who I am sure tucked some money in your pocket as you boarded your train. And when you arrived in the Netherlands you already had a place to stay and cousins who would basically help you get on your feet.

    As for your figures I will say flat out that I think you are lying regarding what you spend on food in Europe. I will repeat that ”“ I don’t believe you! I don’t know any human being in Europe who eats on €100 a month. That is a lie and you know it. You may eat your cousins food and you may eat at some restaurant there but I know what prices are like in the Netherlands and what you are saying for minimal caloric intake for a young male (at bare minimum is about 2500 calories per day) is complete bullshit unless you eat bread and rice 3 times a day. Even then you could not do it. Please don’t invent things to try and justify your argument. My wife’s best friend is marrying a Frenchman and he laughed when I mentioned €100 a month for food. He laughed out loud and said you must be a little boy! Interesting you spend more on “other things” than on food ”“ the most important thing of all. With the figures you are generating I would say you are spending most of that “other” money down at the Grasshopper smoking dope!

    Next as you do not live here you haven’t the slightest idea what business is like. Rice and meat to the employees? IS that supposed to be some kind of joke? Do you think companies get rich by giving meat and rice to all their employees? I know they don’t even do that in Europe. What about the people who don’t work in restaurants but still make only $8/hour? Do you think the boss hauls out a Chuck wagon to the construction site every day so his boys can eat? THEY DON’T DO THAT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. GOD YOU ARE CLUELESS!! Again how do you think American businesses get rich? They work their employees as little as possible to maximize profit because labor is the most expensive part of business ”“ that is a law of economics.

    Yes some people do work more than 40 hours but those people are generally salaried people like my family. Since you obviously don’t have much experience in the world I am going to explain how that works. My sister is salaried ”“ she gets paid $55,000 US a year. That means that all regulations regarding how many hours she legally has to work are now out the window. They can work her for 60 hours a week or more if they choose but she doesn’t get paid more. So you can see that most Americans in professional, white collar jobs are salaried and work many more hours than a dishwasher because they have agreed to get paid a higher amount but have to work longer hours. Dishwashers, waiters and construction workers do not work on salary and therefore do not agree to work than 40 hours a week otherwise their employee has to pay them time and a half. EX.. worker makes $8/hour: every hour over 40 the employee has to pay $12 per hour. American wages despite what you may think are extremely low for what an advanced country it is. THAT IS HOW CAPITALISM WORKS ”“ CHEAP LABOR!! So the employee doesn’t want to pay this if he doesn’t have to but if he doesn’t have to. So the CIA fact book figures reflect that and do not really reflect the blue-collar jobs that most immigrants get. I don’t know many Brazilians who come to America with a limited grasp of English and start off as vice-president of Microsoft do you? We are talking about immigrants and dishwashers here bud ”“ Remember?? Oh by the way dishwashers don’t get tips!!! Neither do most manual, cheap laborers. You are thinking of waiters and yes they make tips but they also get paid much less than minimum wage which is ”“ Ready for this: $5.35 an hour. WOW pretty bad eh. Getting paid $8 an hour is often wishful thinking. Most dishwashers actually make minimum wage. I have been generous in all my arguments with you and you still cannot accept that things do not function as unrealistically as you think. Your argument about how many illegal aliens work in America supports my capitalist argument. Why do you think so many illegal aliens work in America? Because they can pay them like shit and they have no legal recourse. And contrary to what you do think (and since you have never actually been in the US except maybe Dulles Airport on layover) most legitimate companies would never hire an illegal as the fines are enormous. And certainly illegals never get good jobs that pay a living wage. OH AND BY THE WAY JUST HOW DOES AN ILLEGAL ALIEN GO INTO A BANK AND ASK FOR A LOAN WITHOUT PROPER U.S. IDENTIFICATION?? HOW DOES HE SIGN THE DEED FOR THE HOME WHEN HE IS NOT EVEN LEGAL??? YOU DO NOT THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE!!!

    The room situation you speak of is bullshit ”“ you have no idea what you are talking about. In America we are in the middle of a housing glut- that means there are more apartments and houses than people to fill them. You will not find a roommate just like that friend ”“ does not work that way. And most rental agencies or home owners require ID to rent a home. Again there is that little snag in your plan eh?

    Another final thing. You have never owned a home as you are staying with mom and dad or your cousin. Those of us in the real world who own homes know that interest works differently than you think partner. Interest rates are floating for the majority of people so they actually can go up over time and your payments can actually increase. Oh by the way the home that you bought for $200,000 only has 2 bedrooms so you can’t pack 4 or 5 people into the place so forget that fantastic idea too (we have laws that regulate how many people you can pack into a home those laws eventually get enforced). Your arguments are so full of holes that it is not worth debating. You have a lot of growing up to do without your cousin’s helping hand. And furthermore until you have lived in America (where girls won’t pay for your drinks or dinner dreamer) then you better stick to what you know ”“ being a little boy who has no idea what you are talking about. And my wife laughed when she heard your comment about buying a house in Brazil after 2 years. She has several friends who came home after several years in Europe with no more than €5000. Where would you buy that house in Brazil ”“ Rocinha?

  • Guest

    i can bet my arse that the person in this last comment is the same i see in other articles…… tell me,why do you allways write negative comments about Brazil??? it’s very clear that they have they problens,like every other country on earth,diferent problems ,but all of them have.
    Well,the botton line is…………… let me guess…hum..hum… lets say ,that you live in a very so call rich country but you ,yourself have nothing??nor a close family ,real friends,or who knows, maybe not even one of those fat white arses wants you…. then again the most likely thing that happened to you was that you fell in love with one of those beautiful brazilian girls and they just don’t want to know about you hein??? and now you are one very bitter man……………with no choise but the fat ugly ones….good luck and try to grow up and be a bit more constructive,because in the end we all eat,shit and die the same…bye for now.

  • Guest

    main mistake last paragraph
    2nd paragraph: I do not know anything about USA (as own experience)

    (I am tired now, going to sleep) I think you will understand the rest!!!

  • Guest

    Reality, Check This!!!!!!!!!!
    I think we are getting somewhere now. For the first time you have mention good arguments and backups!!!!! I can say you making progress!!!!!!

    I will be open now!!! I do not any shit about USA, but that have been in Washington DC for 7 hours!!

    On the other hand I have been in Europe for 16 years now, and I know that the purchasing power parity in Europe is considerably lower than in The USA. Now I want to back up my arguments, so take a look at:

    I know things here in Europe are quite different, but I am quite sure that business in USA are considerably better. At this moment I live in the Netherlands!! Again take a look at previous named site for additional information.

    I have been with my parents till the year 2000. After that period I went to France. I stayed there for 10 months.

    And in the year 2002 I came back to the Netherlands. Since then I have been living with 2 cousins and 1 friend. One of my cousin does monitor the house, for that reason he is living here for free. What a honest world we are living in, don’t you think???????

    Now I will say what I spent on monthly basil:
    In euros:
    Rent 250 (all inclusive)
    Food 100
    Additional things: 150
    Total amout: 500 euros
    Salary after uncle Sam: 1250 euros

    So salary to be saved: 750. And this no science fiction. This is the minimum someone can earn here!!!! In the USA things are better. Once again see site above!!!

    And with the additional money I meant before you can do many things!!!! 24 (0,5ltr) cans of beer costs E11,30. So for the additional money you can get a lot!!!

    So if I compare living standards in the Netherlands and the USA, I was quite right the first time. That is no dream world at all. Besides that I now some Brazilian people who stays in Europe for 2 years, and saves enough money to buy a good house in Brazil. ASK YOUR WIFE!!! I am not lying, nor living in a dream world.

    Back to the Mexican (or in this case, the Brazilian immigrant). I can not believe that the manager will refuse to give rice and a piece of meat to their employees, and I also doubt that an employee in the USA just works 40 hours in a restaurant on the weekly basis. In Europe the law and the reality are not the same! Besides that the European workers clocked in average 1,643 hours, compared by 1,924 for Americans!!! US News & World Report!!!!!

    This shows that Americans work more than European in Average. And do you really think that employers keep to the governments rules????? Please give me a break!!!!!!!! Do you know how many illegal workers work in the USA, and how easy it is to them to get some work? So do not start with regulations or legislation, because the truth is simply quite different!!!!!

    Sorry, let go back to the scope of the subject!!! The Mexican worker in the Chili restaurant! Did I state something about their tips. And do you think those people work “white” for 100%. Forget it friend. Please come back to reality!!!

    And I am sure that in the big cities in the United States rooms are wanted quite badly!! So if someone leave the place, there will be someone else to replace him at the same day!!!!! And that person might also loose his security!!!

    And what are you talking about $400,000. Did you forget that the Mexican’s friends were paying for the interest, and that the Mexican himself was paying off his house?????? So the Mexican will pay less and less interest every year because he is paying off his house with $960. Interests will gradually decrease, and therefore he will pay off his house very quickly.

    And you said something about a woman???!!!! If someone is serious he will start a relationship with a serious woman, i.e., party at home (see price beer in the supermarket above) or at some friends house. Going out just drink 2 glasses of water!!!! But if he is just after fun, he can play smart by letting the women pay for him! Please do not forget emancipation!!!! And $150 is not nothing, pal!!!(as additional expenditure).

    So for the next time you come here, use your calculator well. If you digit the wrong numbers, you will get the wrong answer!!! So please pay attention on that!!!

  • Guest

    Thanks for you reply. I appreciate the thought and effort you put into your posts but I am going to give you a little reality check before you actually start to believe that nonsense you are spouting.

    First of all your assumption that an employee will work 180 hours a month is erroneous. 40 hours a week is standard and employers are VERY hesitant to let someone work more hours than that as they have to pay them overtime. Lets be realistic and say 160 hours per month.

    Second – what happened to State, Federal and other taxes like Social Security, etc?? Uncle Sam does take a bite you know. So let me give you a more realistic figure. 160 hours a week at 8 an hour is: $1280 before taxes. After taxes figure around $1100 per month. You are already at poverty level in the US.

    Third – living with 5 roommates is generally illegal in most cities. The city where I am from prohibits more than 4 unrelated people from living together but let’s assume for the sake of argument that you actually find a place with 5 bedrooms and strangers who are all willing to take you in and share their home with you. Let’s also say for the sake of argument that all of them turn out to be stand-up guys who pay their rent on time and don’t decide to skip out on their rent when they meet a girl or find a better situation. Believe me, I have managed many properties and the majority of these situations end disastrously with someone, or multiple people, bailing out leaving you holding the bag. So assuming you are in the 1% of people who fall into this perfect situation, you will be paying at the very least $300 a month for rent (that is a modest figure). Now let’s calculate your bills. I assume you are going to take showers and actually turn on lights . . . Ok so figure Gas and/or Electric, Water, Trash. These are going to run you at least $65 a month.

    Fourth – your assumption that you are going to eat at the restaurant is patently false. You will either steal it and get fired or you will pay a discounted amount if you are lucky – remember we are not talking about Brazil here. Things work differently in the US. Not to mention that the boss doesn’t want you in the restaurant when you are not working because you are hurting his reputation. Hurts to hear that doesn’t it? Unfortunately you are a Mexican immigrant (or Brazilian as the case may be) and he or she looks at you as a liability to their business. You are good enough to hire but not good enough to be seen eating in the restaurant. If you are allowed to eat in the restaurant you likely pay full price. So that myth has been destroyed. So you are washing dishes in a hot kitchen all day and burning lots of calories. I don’t know about you but when I was younger I could eat upwards of 3000 calories a day – minimum!! Food is much, much more expensive in the US so expect to pay out at least (bare minimum) $150 a month and that is not eating well at all my friend!!

    Fifth ”“ How are you getting to work? I know you aren’t even dreaming of owning a car right? You could never afford the gas, insurance and registration let alone the actual purchase price of the car. Just for fun I will throw out some figures. If you are lucky insurance will run you about $60 a month with perfect driving record and that is just for liability. Add in full coverage for your car and you can expect to pay double that. Gas ”“ just driving to and from work will run you at least $20 per week. Don’t forget the yearly registration fee ”“ let’s say $50 per year for argument’s sake. Don’t forget that I am giving you very modest figures. Almost everything would be more expensive than I am telling you GUARANTEED! Otherwise let’s figure about $35-50 per month for the bus assuming the city you live in actually has one. Subway fare in NYC will run you much more than that. Maybe you are lucky and live within walking distance of your work but the vast majority of Americans do not!

    So up to now lets do some addition genius:
    $300 ”“ rent
    $65 ”“ bills
    $150 ”“ food
    $45 ”“ transportation (bus)
    Grand Total: $560

    Now if you only spent that much per month you would be the thriftiest American I have ever met in my life!!! I know you think you can stick to a budget and just eat and go to work and then spend the rest of your time watching TV at home right? Remember you don’t have Cable TV either. . Now comes the dose of reality. You will without a doubt have expenditures that you did not anticipate. What about clothes, cooking supplies, utensils, soap, shampoo, etc? – I could go on and on. Remember Kiddo you are not living with mommy and daddy anymore ”“ you have to pay for everything!! So lets just add in another $100 per month (and that is extremely modest believe me).

    All of the sudden you are up to almost $700 per month gone! God forbid that you ever have to see a doctor because we don’t have socialized medicine friend. A doctor appointment will run you $75 for 15 minutes of their time. Prescription drugs like anti-biotics?? Forget about it ”“ another $50. Are you starting to get the picture here pal??

    Also let’s assume that you want to go out on a date and have dinner with a woman. That costs money as you well know. Having a social life costs. So you are down to $300-350 a month left over. What happened to $960 saved each month bud? That is long gone and you have actually saved, in a perfect world in 4 years: $14,400. WOW that is a long way from $40,000 eh pal?

    So to make a long story short the bank manager is still laughing at you and not offering you that coffee as that is not even enough for the down payment on a modest home. You have also forgot that the bank doesn’t just give you the money for nothing. In the modern world there is this thing called interest where the $200,000 that you borrowed is actually paid back over about 30 years and adds up to about $400,000.

    Oh and inviting others to live with you when you own the home is a nice idea and all but it never works in the long term as you spend your life looking for new roommates once they begin to move out ”“ and they always move out friend. But in this scenario you would not even be given the loan so you don’t have to worry about it. And remember you have NEVER EVER GOTTEN SICK AND HAD TO PAY A DOCTOR IN 4 YEARS OR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I could go on about medical insurance but that would just scare you even more.

    The point is you are not living in reality. You would fail with that plan in America even though I have given you incredibly optimal scenarios and low costs. Prices in major cities are much, much higher and you are competing with many more people. So look over your calculations again and try coming back down to earth. I can see how you would get into major trouble in America with thinking like that. Better to keep selling mobile phone chargers or juggling at traffic lights ok friend? LOL!!!

  • Guest

    You mean cachaca. (mulsim summit)
    That is another prove that Brazil wants to see everybody happy.

    If I meet someone like you, I will also give a caipirinha, so he will stop doing/saying stupid things.

    The USA should do the same!! Bush and Bin Laden should meet each other and drink some whisky with each other so they will stop messing around!!!

    LULA is the man!!!!!! You Americains can learn something from him!!!!

  • Guest

    Big Teacher
    The only thing that I have to admit is that I am learning something from you. And I am not too proud to admit that. So thank you.

    Your command of the English language is outstanding, but I see you are not able to calculate!!!

    So I want to learn you something too as you are also learning me something. And I will use your information!!!!

    8$ per hour times 180 hours per month =$1440. All right?? And sharing the rent with other 5 persons will reduce the expenditures drastically, i.e., $300 for the rent and $50 to eat (it can be assumed that he will eat in the restaurant where he is works) and $150 dollar for other expenditures. So total expenditure = $500.

    So this dishes washer will save $960 per month. Per year =12×960 = $11520

    So I am sure he will be able to buy a house after 4 years, i.e., 46,080 + loan. I am pretty sure that the bank manager will be very happy to receive him, giving a cup of coffee at the same time!!!!

    Suppose this Dish washer is a smart man. He will then invite other Mexican to live with him. But at this time just 3, not 6.This makes that he will live for free. (The other 3 persons will pay for his mortgage!!!)

    He could save now $1260 per month. But he won’t do that. Now he can spend $300 to enjoy a bit. So he can continue to pay off his house with $960 per month. So he will pay off his house in 10 years!!! (My own estimate)

    Suppose this man is from Brazil!!!!! He can use that money to buy now ($200,000×2.20=R$440,000) 9 houses in Brazil. This in just 15 years time!!!!!!!!!

    It will be hard in the beginning, but not impossible. This is not possible in Brazil. The minimum wage is sth about R$300.

    I also know about the widening wealth gap. And I also believe it is true!! But look at the sum, and you will understand what people can reach in the USA despite this WIDENING WEALTH GAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poverty will not be banished in 4 years in Brazil!!!!! And I did not say that! I will repeat it again for you what I said!!: ‘If people look at them self, poverty will be banished in 4 years in Brazil!! By this I meant that Brazil can get very rich if Brazilians stop blaming their presidents and start thinking for them selves, e.g., do not make 10 children if you can not educate them, etc.

    And the problem in the United States is that people over there want to live like Michael Jackson!!! Then even you, with your incapability to calculate, will not wonder that they get into troubles. Even the man himself has financial problems!!!! READ THE ECONOMIST and you will agree with me.

    And one more thing SMART ASS, do not hesitate to ask me if you require some help to make a simple sum, before saying some SMART ASS BULLSHIT!!!!

  • Guest

    Just one more thing . . .
    If you are talking about Brazilian politicians who use bullshit words that no one understands you must be referring to Lula himself. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s most poorly spoken leaders whose command of Portuguese only just exceeds that of your average 5 year old (which is not surprising given that his level of education is not much greater either). Even I have recognized numerous grammatical errors in his rumbling stumbling speeches. Yes I am talking about the same Lula who brings Cachasa to a Muslim summit. He and my president are equally stupid and inarticulate only neither of them are clever enough to use words that people don’t understand based on their complexity but rather on their poor pronunciation and inappropriate usage . . .

  • Guest

    Man you are out to lunch – not even a wo
    I hardly know where to begin ripping you a new one. By the way I make no apologies for my command of the English language. I regret that my intelligence, and the collective intelligence of others, makes you feel insecure. It is imperative that you get your inferiority complex under control before engaging in further debate, especially when you make it sooo easy to shred your arguments. Just out of curiosity, which part of my post was ambiguous, unclear or not succinct? Unfortunately you, my friend, are the one who cannot stick to one topic and expand upon it.

    It is truly unfortunate that you must be spoken to like a child lest someone set off your insecurity complex and evoke some childish response. In this world no one is going to lower themselves to your level – you must rise to the occasion. Dumbing down my arguments by giving you pre-digested titbits will be of no use to you. It is good that you picked up a dictionary and learned something from reading my post. Bullshit words that nobody understands eh? Which words would those be pray tell? Thank you for your concern over my “capability of communication”. Better hit the books Junior because you are the one without any credibility primarily because you cannot do what you accuse me of doing ”“ not making a succinct, pointed argument.

    By the way if that is your idea of condescension, you better go back to the drawing board because I recognize you for the mental dwarf that you are and I don’t recognize you as someone possessing the intelligence or critical thinking skills that would even allow you to patronize me. You must be pretty young and naive so I would lay off the attitude a little. I doubt you have ever been to America but if you have by all means share your experiences with me. Where have you been? Did you ever hold a job there? I’m going to guess no by the way you make such utterly uninformed comments. I especially appreciated the comment about being able to buy a house just by washing dishes.

    You must be more ignorant than I initially thought. By all means go to the US and get a job washing dishes at Chile’s and then stroll on over to your local bank and proceed to ask them for a $200,000 loan to buy a home and watch the bank manager start rolling on the floor in fits of laughter right before showing you the door. YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!!! My good man, please show me where you found that interesting fact? You say I can look it up – where can I find the one in a million story of the Mexican or Puerto Rican immigrant who managed to buy a home washing dishes??? Please include that information in your next post!! I really must see this! Washing dishes will make you about $8/hour if you are lucky. The majority of those positions are held by immigrants (in the US, where I am from, primarily Mexicans) who have a limited grasp of English at best, have no credit to speak of and share apartments with 6 to 7 other people and even then they just get by. You do the math SMART BOY and tell me how you can make a $1000 mortgage payment while paying car insurance, paying utilities (gas, electric, etc) and medical insurance (most will never have this by the way) buy groceries and pay for other misc. expenses on $8/hour. Yes many immigrants come to America and buy homes, but they generally come from China, Pakistan, India or Korea and have degrees in electrical engineering. It is obvious you have no knowledge of the situation in America. Take it from me – someone is fucking with your head if you believe that nonsense. Oh and by the way I get that nonsense about the widening wealth gap from a little rag called the Economist (ever heard of it?) not to mention the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and New York Post, but I’m sure there are some Brazilian journals that can confirm what I am saying too. You do the research SMART GUY!

    Poverty banished in Brazil in 4 years – you keep dreaming!!!! 400 billion dollar external debt and millions in favelas – HAHAHAHA!!! America has not eliminated poverty in 300 years and we are the most “powerful” country on earth. What makes you think that Brazil with its massive corruption can manage in 4 years what the first world hasn’t in 1000? You are probably one of the most naive, moronic people I have had the pleasure of ripping apart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Guest

    Are you sure you are from Brazil??
    Let me reply to your comment by defending my position while at the same time informing you that at no time did I ever imply that the interest rate figures were correct. Look back and see if you can find the point where I concurred with the first poster’s figures. Can you find it dumb ass??? You are the one who is looking increasingly stupid and that is about 2 paragraphs into your diatribe.

    Also if you have proof that can refute his assertion than you should offer it as well. Why should we trust you – because you’re Brazilian? Have you borrowed to buy a car or house yet? Oh that’s right, only the most desperate or rich even contemplate borrowing money in Brazil. I am not agreeing with his figures by any means but you are no more credible as you offered nothing to refute it. Do some digging yourself genius and come up with some figures instead of attacking his. That is how intellectual debate works.

    In any event I think the term you are looking for is GUEST. A quest is what Lula is on by ramping up social spending (and actually running a deficit even after all those big export proceeds!!) with his populist fervour in order to buy votes in the next election. Yes I think he is a criminal, as I believe my own president is a criminal. I also don’t condone criminal behaviour simply because every country has corrupt leaders. With that line of argument we should all start accepting any number of social ills and prejudices because – shucks – they all exist everywhere in the world anyway. That is a pathetic and defeatist attitude that has not served the Brazilian people well in the past. Corrupt president after president, but you should all just accept it because it exists in every culture.

    As for the trickle down theory you seem to subscribe to wherein the rich get rich first then it reaches the poor eventually . . .Hate to break it to you friend but that assumption has, for all intents and purposes, been debunked. Look at the United States for a lesson in that. The rich are getting ever richer there and the gap is widening as it is around the world. You are dreaming if you think that export money will actually reach the average Brazilian in a meaningful way. Your junior economics badge is loosing its lustre eh pal? In case you haven’t noticed Brazil is already an incredibly wealthy country yet there are millions of people in Rio and Sao Paulo alone who would have to have money poured on them, let alone trickle, for about 10 straight years before they could even contemplate leaving the favela in search of more commodious digs. You are a dreamer friend and that is what I like about Brazilians. They do stay positive despite the desperate plight they are in. In conclusion I have not lied about anything friend. I have simply stated an opinion but by all means refute what I have written. By the way my Brazilian wife, her family and all of her friends agree that Lula is a fucking asshole and horrible for Brazil! I will leave the politics to you since according to you Brazil is already on the road to stardom.

  • Guest

    Are You from Mars. (to previous quest)
    I have been following the Brazilian news for the last few weeks. Besides that I am also a native Brazilian. So I would like to comment something about tha last quest’ s post.

    Hopely that will be no problem as my english level is not that high. However, I do not have his phone number to ask for his permission.

    First I have to aknowledge that this QUEST has a remarkble high level in his own language, and also some knowlede in the world of business. But I wonder how somenone can be so smart and at the same time sooo stupiddd!!!

    First I WISH to know where he got his information from that Brazilians have to pay, ‘anything between 60 to 150 % yearly interets rates’.!!!!

    I recommend him to update his sources of information. If he is talking about 13 years ago, ok it could be true. But according to my sources, interest rates are far under the 100%. So if THIS so smart quest wants to be a little more precise the next time, I will appreciate.

    And what do you have against Lula????? It is true that he might be lying about several things. But lets get real, if you do not lie in this live you do not get any where as a politician. Not in Brazil nor in Switzerland.

    Therefore this quest should observe that Brazil has had several problems, but the country is progressing a lot since the moment that FHC adminstration took the power in the 90s.

    According to me, Lula is continuing with the good job, e.g., the auto-sufficiency of brazil in oil that will be reached this year, and as you self said, the skyhigh exports.

    The quest is right that the poor people will not profit from this positive occurence. At least not in the begining. But that it is a normal matter in the world that rich people are always the ones to profit from the improvements as first. But this quest should also notice that money will be spent in larger quantities, and this will have positive effects on the economy.

    Brazil has always been poor through problems as corruption and the lack of consensus.

    But there is no panacea for Brazil in the short-term. So we will have to be satisfied with the progresses we are having now!! Looking at the bright side of the things.

    Besides that Brazil is not the only corrupt country around the world!! The most rich countries do also deal with such problems. (of course their problems are minor in compared wiht Brasil’s).

    So SMART QUEST, be realistic about Brazil and try not to mix lies with prejudices and some truth. See things as they are!!!!

    PS Maybe you want to become a politican yourself. In that case continue the good job.

  • Guest

    No attention given to corruption . . .
    First let me say that reading your last post was painful. So I will start by giving you some constructive criticism. Think before you just start ……………….hum let me guess…hum….hum ….start spouting off incoherent nonsense that makes no sense to those of us who speak English as our native language. I encourage everyone to write in and many non-English speakers contribute without sounding like f-ing idiots. The vast majority may not have mastered the subtleties of the grammar but have better retorts than we all “eat, shit and die the same”.

    Secondly, I am one of those who calls a beautiful Brazilian girl my wife so I can speak to many of the problems Brazilans know firsthand as I have spent a great deal of time living there. Many of the things the fisrt poster have said are very accurate. Borrowing through normal banking channels in Brazil is entirely out of reach for the majority of Brazilians as a manner of controlling inflation, while to a lesser extent, controlling the entire economy. He is also correct that Lula’s big economic miracle has been nothing less than underwhelming. Yes exports are growing to be sure and that is a good thing for the richest 5%, but the lower 70% won’t see shit from this and the middle class is hanging by a thread. The big Soy boys and ranchers are making out spectacularly while there are ever more kids on the street celling cell phone chargers. The wealth gap is growing in Brazil much like that of the United States, In addition, Brazil is exporting raw materials and unfinished goods primarily. That is widely known as a bad thing. China has gotten into their knichers and won’t relent until they have drained Brazil of many of its precious natural resources then repay the favor by exporting ultra-cheap durable goods that will effectively destroy local industry as it already has begun to do. Lula, loved by so many is nothing more than a fucking criminal!!! He should have been impeached long ago and unfortunately the ignorant lower classes will re-elect that shitball so he can plunder and steal to ensure his retirement on Miami Beach. There is nothing more frightening than the prospect of a lame duck Lula with a purely self-serving agenda. He didn’t know about the mensalao – JESUS DO YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT?

    As long as Brazilans, and to a greater extent, Latin Americans live in this dream world where the hammer and sickle reign supreme then they are doomed!! They continue to buy into this populist nonsense from Chavez, Morales, Lula and Kirchner believing that turning back the clock 30 years and (giggle giggle) “giving back to the people” really makes them more competitive or even compassionate is absurd. I for one am scared to see South America returning to dictatorships as a solution to their problems. Give Chavez another, well I was going to say term, but we all know he is here to stay indefinitely. We will see if Morales does likewise, but I suspect he will. Anyway, getting back to Brazil. Corruption is robbing Brazil of its wealth more than any other factor and everyone is powerless to stop it because the government has made a concerted effort to keep people ignorant and illiterate. I won’t delve too deeply into the currency issue but Brazil made a catastrophic mistake by failing to adjust their currency. Exports will continue to grow in some sectors but look for massive waves of layoffs in other sectors as it becomes more profitable to import (with a strengthening Real) than buy locally produced goods. Oh and those inexpensively produced goods – where do you reckon they will come from? I wish Brazil the best of luck because when the global economy slows because the American housing bubble bursts or Las Vegas is hit by a dirty bomb and the almighty consumer falls China will not be enough to bail their asses out. The poster is right. You cannot sustain your economy simply by exporting your way out of a 400 billion dollar deficit and ignoring the millions of disenfranchised who will tire of watching the rich benefit while they continue to go hungry.

  • Guest

    The weight of your exports….
    …is exactly the point where you are the weakest !

    Brazil is too dependant of external demand because they have no internal demand.
    And there wont be any internal demand as long as corporations must borrow money in Reais with 40 to 60 % in annual interets, and there wont be demand from consumer when they must have to borrow at anything between 60 to 150 % yearly interets rates when there is an inflation of only 5 or 6 % !

    You are just the slaves of the world demand.
    What will happen to you if there is only a simple economic world slowdown, or worse a recession like in 2002 !

    you will be on your knees…..just once more….justas you have been regularly during the past 50 years.
    That is why Brazil has been called a BOOM AND BUST ECONOMY ! This time it was not even a BOOM, because in the last 3 years, under Lula mandate, Brazil grew at an average of only 2.56 % per year. NOT MORE !
    0.5 %, 4.9 %, 2.3% for 2003, 2004 and 2005.
    You are even the last on the 24 countries being in the class of developing countries.



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